Top 10 Summer Moments

Happy Labor Day for those who are in America!

Today is a sad day for teachers. Our fun/relaxing summers are over and it’s time to get back to the grind. I will miss morning runs/workouts, the pool, and having random day adventures! I am of course excited to meet my new class and get the year started. So cheers to all you teachers for a great new year!

I have been thinking a lot about blogging/workout schedules/etc. to start the year and my goal is to blog 2-3 times a week! I think I want to break it up more by workouts, food/recipes/meal prep, and something fun/different.

So today will be a fun post!

My family and I were hanging out after dinner the other night talking about our top 10 summer moments. It will be hard because I had a real blast this summer. So here they are in no particular order!

10.  My Birthday! I started the day with a long run in Central Park with my love, Jen! Then headed to the Boat Basin to enjoy gorgeous views and amazing company with all my friends! The next day I also enjoyed a great brunch with my family!

image_1 image_9


image_15 image_13

9. Arte e Vino Painting class with my two best friends to celebrate our birthdays!



8. The Giant’s Stadium 5K where I PRed and just had an awesome race: running on the field and having my fam there!



7. My weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island. Saw a polo match, had the most gorgeous run ever, spent time with my sister and her bf, drank some damn good iced coffee, and toured some gorgeous mansions!



6. Dinner at El Bandido with my parents. Such an unexpected fun dinner out with the most amazing food!



5. Fun Friday Nights with my friend. I love going to Body Pump and Spin and getting an amazing workout on a Friday night, plus having a friend to do it with makes it even better!

image_2 image_1

4. My two beach trips with my parents. Both gorgeous days laying in the sun and finishing the night off with the best homemade ice cream ever.

photo 4 image_4


3. Speed Work Days. I started incorporating speed work into my routine this summer and it has definitely improved my running, felt amazing, and really changed up my running routine for the better!

IMG_5986 photo 1


2. Free yoga nights on the Pier. Gorgeous views and so necessary for my body.

photo 5


1. Pool Days. Actually getting a chance to enjoy a few books this summer at my favorite summer hang out.

image_3 image_11


Those are my Top 10 Summer Moments! Looking back I really enjoyed my summer a lot. I definitely enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible, ate a ton of great food, and worked out and ran a lot! I think I ran over 100 miles in August (more on that to come ;) ) I am glad I enjoyed and savored summer because when it is 0 degrees in January I can look back on this post and say at least I didn’t waste my summer days.

What are some of your favorite summer moments? 

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Stone Fox Fit Event, Weekend Fun, and more!

Happy Hump Day! Sorry again for the delay- back to school time = crazy busy. I was in school Monday, Tuesday and today and I think I am ready to start next week! My room is all ready, my charts are ready to teach, and everything is labeled and organized! It feels so good to get it all done. I of course still have a big to-do list however a lot of it can be done on the computer.

Ok let’s recap the weekend first!

Friday morning I woke up and baked ALL the cookies for the two “parties” I had over the weekend.

photo 2

These recipes are ones I have made before from Chocolate Covered Katie. Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies with some sprinkles to make it fun!

After that I spent the day doing a lot of school work. Then fueled for my Fun Friday Night of Spin/Body Pump by trying a broiled Quest Cookie Dough. HOLY AMAZINGNESS!!! HOW DID I GO THIS LONG WITHOUT BROILING THEM? It was sooo good! I did feel more “full” which I think was all in my head. I guess because I felt like I ate a decadent dessert.

photo 4

After my fun sweaty Friday night, I headed to my friend’s house for a fun pizza party. She made so many great pizzas- even a brie/pear one! It was so fun to hang and mangia with my friends after a great workout!

photo 5

Selfie before heading out!


I think I loaded my plate like 2 more times ;-) Carbo-loading for Long Run Saturday, right?

The next morning I decided to venture on a different route out towards Jersey City. I had no idea but they have a great path that goes out about 8 miles or so, until you can catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

14 glorious miles.

image_1 image_6 image_2


How gorgeous was the sky with the city skyline? This is why I run. 

My pace was fast for a long run (that even counts a bathroom stop because I reallllly had to pee and picture stops). Typically my pace has been 11:30. I think all this speed work is helping!

Towards the end of the run I started to crave chocolate milk so my run ended right at A&P so I could get some (and some grapes) to have while I stretched. They say chocolate milk is great for recovery so I guess that is why my body was craving it?


Then I cooked up some more fuel/used up some food in my fridge:


After that I got ready to head to my Fantasy Football Draft. I have no clue what I am doing/anything about football, it is more of an excuse to have some fun with my friends! We had a yummy BBQ which was so necessary on a long run day:



Sunday morning I woke up nice and early to grab some things at TJs for the week. I just prepped some veggies and got stuff for breakfast and lunch because I had a couple of meals left over from previous food prep in the freezer. I also have different dinner plans this week so I decided I didn’t need to prep a whole dinner meal.

After that I headed to the Stone Fox Fit event at Pier A in Hoboken!

I have been following Ashley and Nicole on Instagram and saw that they were having a fun Girl’s event. Their website/events promote having fun and being fit at the same time. Both the girls were so sweet and I met a bunch of other girls at the event. It turns out a bunch of us were from surrounding towns and knew a bunch of common people! Such a small world!

The day started with grabbing some fun Stone Fox Fit shades and a bracelet then headed out for a run with Spring Moves.  They have music that goes along to your movement, pace, etc. They played some great songs along the run, I definitely want to meet up with them in Central Park for a run.

On the run led by Ashley, we stopped 3 times to do some boot camp style work. We first did push-ups and tricep dips. The second stop we did planks and bicycle sit-ups. The third stop we did lunges and squat jumps! We ran about two miles and along with the workouts we all worked up a great sweat.

image_1 image

Photo credit: Stone Fox Fit (That is me with my arms up during yoga!)

After our run/workout we did some recovery yoga with Nicole- so necessary after the workout/my long run on Saturday.

Then they handed out our Swag Bags!! Oh my goodness- holy swag!!!

photo 3

I will be sure to give you guys reviews on the products I try out as I use them!

After that I headed to relax by the pool for the rest of the day!

Oh I tried this toothpaste from the swag bag:

photo 4

Eh- didn’t love the texture of this but I guess it is good that it is natural?

Dinner was at my parent’s house. Mozz/tomato, chicken & veggie shish kabobs, and cantaloupe for dessert.

photo 5 image image_1

I am going to miss BBQ and mozz/tomato salad.


I had a full day workshop at school then headed to the gym by work for shoulders, arms, core and the evening Spin class (my legs were DEAD after all the running this weekend). I missed the instructor (he is such a sweet man) so it was good to be back.  I have to start getting back to my afternoon workout sessions/runs. :-(

Between the lifting and spin I decided to try some protein from my swag bag instead of the detour smart bar that I usually have between lifting and spin.



I also had some raisins and almonds to well round out my snack with carbs/fat. This was like a protein juice type thing (strawberry flavor). It wasn’t amazing tasting and I didn’t love the idea that I was getting 15 g of protein from some juice but it did hold me over and helped me work during spin class. I like to get my protein from more natural food sources but it was free so why not! ;-)

After Spin I met up with my friend for dinner at Grand Lux (it is like Cheesecake Factory). Before meeting up I used one of these from the swag bag because I didn’t want to be gross for dinner. This was great and I felt much cleaner after a great sweat session.


At Grand Lux I had the most amazing salad. I got the Manhattan Salad which had beets, peas, lentils, tomatoes, potato, (I asked for no red onion) and then I chose the chicken, avocado & cheese protein option.



SO GOOD! I can’t wait to go back and get this salad again.


I woke up and was sore from Monday’s workout! I decided to increase my weights and I felt it (in a good way!). I still decided to head out for some speed work even though I was feeling sore. Before I head out for speed work I just google ideas online. I realized that I hadn’t done a tempo run in awhile so I went for it!


1 mile warm up. 3 miles tempo run at threshold pace (I got negative splits!) 2.5 miles cool down! The tempo part was harddddd. I was breathing heavy and had to really talk myself through it, but I did and then felt amazing after! Don’t we always feel better after some great speed work?

I then headed to work for the rest of the day to work on my classroom.

This morning I woke up bright and early to head to the gym for leg, core, and back day. I am going to have to make a new lifting plan/routine for the school year because this workout took about 2 1/2 hours, which I do not have time for during the year.


Rocked the booty shorts ;-)

After that was time for some fuel!

I made a PB&J with the bread from my swag bag.


I also made a smoothie with a banana, some of this frozen fruit, a greek yogurt, and chia seeds from my swag bag!

image_8 image_9


What a great and nutritious breakfast. I often find myself eating the same things for breakfast because it is just easier- but it’s good for the soul to change it up! This bread has 14 g of protein which was pretty cool. I was definitely nice and full from it. The texture was kind of chewy but I wonder if that was because I kept it in the fridge. I would consider purchasing this bread, the nutrition facts and ingredients seem pretty good.

Ohhh my winning prize came in the mail:


Will keep you posted when I try this!

I then headed up to my classroom and got everything that I wanted done! Feels awesome!!

Phew!!! What a post! I think I am all caught up now! :-) Lots of great workouts, great food, and fun! Trying to enjoy every minute of summer before it is gone next week. :-(

I will probably catch up with you all this weekend!

What are some of your favorite breakfast foods?

What will you miss most about summer? 




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Negative Splits!

Hope you all enjoyed my Newport Recap yesterday! Now let’s get back on track with workouts and food aka all I blog about ;-)


Shoulders, arms, core and Spin class. My legs were dead after running 14 miles on Sunday but it still felt so good to get a sweaty workout in. I also think that may have been my last Monday morning Spin class because I will be at school Monday and then after that it’s Labor Day! There is an evening Spin class on Mondays so I will switch back to that. I have been really spoiled all summer with all this time to get great workouts in.

After that I headed to TJs for my weekly haul and meal prep. I also had to stop at my local Asian food market to get soba noodles for the recipe I planned to make.

IMG_5957 IMG_5958 IMG_5959


This recipe is AMAZING! You def should try it!

Cook chicken in the pan then add broccoli, and snap peas. Then add the sauce (mix about 3tbsps of peanut butter, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce in a bowl) to the chicken and veggie mixture. I really just eyeballed on the sauce to a consistency I liked. Then I added the cooked soba noodles and a package of broccoli slaw. Let it all simmer for awhile and Voila! Such a delicious meal! Great balance: protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fat!



I’ve been enjoying this meal with some roasted carrots this week.



After that I enjoyed a big salad and a mozz/fresh garden tomato salad from my sister’s bf’s garden.

IMG_5962 IMG_5963

I then headed to the pool for some relaxation!

I had dinner with my family that night:


Grilled chicken, fresh garden grilled veggies and a grilled potato. I am going to miss grilling season so much!

After that I used a giant zucchini from the garden to try my hand at these zucchini muffins:

IMG_5975 IMG_5977

I added chocolate chips and walnuts to the recipe. They came out awesome. It was my first time eating zucchini bread and I really liked it!


Started the day with an awesome speed workout at the track:


So much fun!! I love speed work and I think it has definitely helped me become faster.


Leg, core and back day at the gym!


I woke up and got ready for a run! I tried my new Brooks Glycerin 11s (in blue) and these awesome socks that I won in my running bag. Loved the shoes and loved the socks! Super comfortable!

photo 1

I went out knowing I would probably run 7 miles because for some reason now I like the number 7 for a weekday run.

Well little did I know I would run negative splits. I kept seeing my pace get faster at each mile marker and kept going with how I felt. I did purposely slow it down for the last mile just to cool down.

photo 2

Like I said- I think all these speed work is helping! I never felt like I was running to fast though, I really felt great the whole time. Tiny bit of ankle pain but for the most part my form was good and my ankle liked it.

After that I headed for a fun day at the Yankee Game with my best friend, her husband and his friend.

photo 3 photo 4

We brought sandwiches to the stadium to save some money:

photo 5

Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and some chips on a whole wheat wrap.

After that we hung out for awhile at local bar. I had such a fun day with them!

Now I am relaxing (and blogging). I am not feeling 100%. Like I feel okay but I kinda am losing my voice and I have this weird cough. I do NOT want to get sick for my last days of summer. I am not letting it happen.

I have a fun filled busy weekend ahead! Looking forward to some great workouts and hopefully some time in the sun!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Newport, Rhode Island weekend recap!

Hello Readers!

Sorry it has taken me a few days to blog. After being away for the weekend and then heading to my classroom and doing everything else part of my busy life, I haven’t had a minute!

This post will be dedicated to a recap of my weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. I am hoping tomorrow I can do a regular workout/yummy eats post!

Ok on to my recap!

I went to Newport with my sister and her boyfriend so we left from her boyfriend’s house early Saturday morning (in Connecticut).

The drive took about 3 hours or so, really not so bad. Once we arrived we headed to my sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s apartment (that is a mouthful). After that we headed straight to the BEST ICED COFFEE place in the world. Ma’s has SO many flavors. I decided to get a Decaf Reese’s Flavor which I don’t believe is used with a sweetener, it tastes like it is brewed that way (they have like 20 amazing flavors, snickers, snicker doodle, toasted almond, banana hazelnut, just to name a few).

IMG_5770 IMG_5771


After that we headed to visit our friend at her job:


She works at a hotel and look at the gorgeous view there!

Then it was time to head home and get ready for the Polo Match aka a glorified picnic ;-)

We had quite a feast, especially since we hadn’t ate since breakfast!


Broccoli, tomato, bacon, cheese salad along with grilled chicken. We also had crackers and cheese and hummus and fruit before!

Here are some pics from the Match:

IMG_5808 IMG_5805

And some selfies in a sweatshirt because I was so cold!

IMG_5800 IMG_5818

After that we visited our friend’s horse named Moonbeam:



Then we headed to the beach to have a bonfire and s’mores:

IMG_5830 IMG_5832

Sorry the s’more pic is dark. 

Saturday was such an amazing experience. From seeing a Polo Match to being able to have a bonfire on the beach, it was such a blast!!

The next day I woke up super early despite a 1am bedtime, so I could go out for a nice Long Run: 14 miles to be exact ;-) This run was so amazing, gorgeous view, I felt great, no music, just pure bliss. These runs are why I continue to run.


I took a nice and easy pace, especially to stop and take pics along the way. Here are a few I took:

IMG_5878 IMG_5875 IMG_5871 IMG_5866 IMG_5864 IMG_5854 IMG_5850 IMG_5856 IMG_5848 IMG_5841 IMG_5845 IMG_5842 IMG_5839 IMG_5833


Such a GORGEOUS place from the beach views to the mansion views. Amazing!

After my run it was time for fuel. My sister’s bf made us Monte Cristos (and he made me the leftover eggs too because I was HANGRY). I had never had a Monte Cristo before but it was amazing:


Then we needed coffee of course! This was a Iced Salted Caramel:


Then we went and toured the Breaker’s Mansion! You can’t take any pictures inside but I did get a bunch of outside pics:

IMG_5887 IMG_5893 IMG_5898 IMG_5896

Then we grabbed some lunch:


Veggie & Hummus Wrap!

Then we headed to another mansion, the Marble House:

IMG_5909 IMG_5910 IMG_5932 IMG_5924 IMG_5921 IMG_5912 IMG_5931Selfie by the tea house in the back of the mansion.

Then we headed to Thames Street to get some touristy shirts (my sister’s bf bought it for me, SO sweet of him!)

IMG_5942 IMG_5956

Before we left Newport we had to get our last fix of Ma’s (I had to get Reese’s again):

IMG_5947 IMG_5948

My sister got their Cro Donut, I guess a copy of the cronut. I took a bite out of it and it just tasted like a heavy glazed donut to me, not my fav.

All in all I had the most amazing weekend. It was so nice to get away to someplace beautiful, enjoy an amazing long run, and experience different things that I haven’t tried before!




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I don’t want Summer to end!

Happy Friday Readers!! Summer is going by so fast and I do not want it to end. I feel like I am having a great summer and I am really trying to enjoy and do as many fun things as possible!

On to our recap!


Leg, Back and Core Day at the gym! It was rainy so I decided to head to the downtown NYSC. I had a great workout. I love that I now feel like I can go to a gym, do only strength work, no cardio and feel like I really worked out.

I then headed up to my classroom to get some work done.

Later on… dinner this week:

photo 1

These stuffed peppers are amazing! The recipe is in my last post and I highly recommend you making them!


I woke up and decided it was going to be speed work day since my foot was feeling much better (the way the guy tied my new shoes is great). I had stayed up at my parents house from the night before so my plan was to warm up by running to my High School track then do some speed work then run home for a cool down.

I ran to the HS (1 mile warm up) and saw football practice going on so I decided that being at the track wasn’t going to work. SO I did Fartleks (that word will always make me giggle) for the first time! Fartleks are the Swedish word for “speed play” which means you pick different points, run as fast as you can to it, then slow down, once you feel like you are starting to recover, pick a new point and speed up again. I had SUCH a blast doing this. The first few times, my body was like what are you doing to me. But once I got over that, my body was soooo into it! It felt so awesome to really see how fast I could go, recover a little, then do it again. I’m sure having a heart rate monitor would be helpful for this but I just gauged it on how I felt (which I have learned in Spin class!).


1 mile warm up @ easy pace

3 miles of Fartleks

2 miles cool down @ easy pace

Total: 6 Miles! Woot!

photo 3

Part of my re-fuel:

photo 2

Raisin addiction.

Then I headed down for a GORGEOUS day at the Jersey Shore with my family.

photo 4

I even finished my 3rd book of the summer! So exciting, on to #4! I really want to keep this up during the school year, it is just so hard to find the time.

Then we headed to a restaurant called Red’s in Point Pleasant. Have to say, they didn’t have many choices and it was overpriced.

image_2 image_1

Steamers and Clams on the Half Shell for an app.


A pathetic salad for dinner with a few grilled shrimp. Way too over priced for this. My parents got the fish and chips which I sampled and fried clam strips. I felt like this place catered to a ton of fried food and my stomach just doesn’t handle fried food well at all. Even after tasting their food my tummy was unhappy with me.


At least there was a nice view.

Since I had the most pathetic over priced salad I told my parents about an amazing homemade ice cream shop in Spring Lake called Hoffmans.


This made up for the pathetic salad. This is Jersey Monkey (banana ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate) with hot fudge. This is why I run. :-)


I woke up bright and early to pack for my weekend away and day in the city today! This weekend I am heading to Newport, RI with my sister and her boyfriend. I am SOOO excited! Full recap when I get back!

Today in the city I am meeting some friends for lunch, hopefully getting some sun at Central Park, then of course Body Pump and Spin for a fun Friday night!

I also did some baking to bring for the weekend:

image_6 image_7

Before                                               After

I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie but added chocolate chunks in because what is peanut butter without chocolate?

Ohhhh and two exciting things to share!!

photo 5

I will be volunteering at this years NYC Marathon!!! I cannot wait to help and be part of such an incredible experience.

I also woke up this morning and saw that I saw Nut Butter Runner’s Larabar Giveaway! I think I need to play the lotto soon- I have been doing very well ;-)



Okay! Off for a fun filled day and a SUPER exciting weekend!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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Weekend Recap: Food, Running, Sneaks, and other randomness

Happy Tuesday Readers! I have been super busy that I haven’t had a minute to blog!

Let’s recap, shall we?

Friday Night

Body Pump + Spin = Early Bed Time


I cannot sleep late so I decided why not head to TJs before yoga and do my meal prep after yoga.

photo 1

Look what I saw! No- I didn’t buy it because I would eat the whole tub. I think I will buy it next time and bring it to my family.

After yoga I got to meal preppin’! This week is stuffed peppers:

photo 2 photo 3

Before                                                     After Baking

Recipe: Cut the tops off of the peppers. In a pan sautee a chopped onion, ground turkey, half a can of black beans, half a can of chopped tomatoes. Then add in cooked quinoa (I cooked 1/2 cup dry) and 3 laughing cow garlic cheeses. (I plan on baking them in the toaster oven again with another cheese on top).  Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 350.

photo 5

The staples.


photo 4

I then headed to my parents to relax by the pool:


Thanks for the pic Dad ;-)

Oh- my friend dropped off a belated birthday gift for me:


I AM SO EXCITED! A Spiralizer!!! Also a bottle of garlic olive oil, sea salt, and fig balsamic (which I was just saying I wanted to get a bottle of that since the one I had ran out). What a thoughtful gift! She know I love to cook and it was such a great idea!! I can’t wait to use it!! Not sure if she reads this but THANK YOU!!!

After that my parents and I headed to this restaurant in Spring Valley, NY that I had been dying to try!


Once we sat down they brought us a huge bowl of chips and salsa and little quesadillas for each of us:


THEN they brought out another app for free!


These were nachos with cheese/beans/guac

I decided to try something different instead of the typical burrito/taco. So I got these sweet stuffed peppers. The stuffing had beef and some raisins (see I’m obsessed haha) and it was dipped in this sauce and then I guess fried. I didn’t expect it to be fried because it didn’t say it was on the menu, but it didn’t feel super heavy.


It also came with refried beans and rice. It was SO delicious. The restaurant was so fun too because they had a mariachi guy coming around and playing fun songs at all the tables! The whole restaurant was singing! It was such a fun time!!

Before we could even think about ordering dessert they brought out a free one along with a mini liquor shot (that I took a sip of and then gave to my mom haha).

image_4 image_5

The dessert was a tortilla filled with banana and then some ice cream and whipped cream on the side.

If you are ever in the Spring Valley, NY area I totally recommend this place! It was delicious, fun and great service!!


I woke up and enjoyed my morning cup of coffee. I am trying to enjoy these days because soon I will be back to work and having to down my coffee much quicker:


Then I got all ready for Long Run Sunday:


However Long Run Sunday wasn’t so long. I had terrible foot pain most of the run and by 6 miles I knew it was time to stop. I was freaking out that it could be a stress fracture but it really just felt like a sore muscle. I will get to what it is later on…

image_9 image_8

No. Fun. :-(



I then helped my mom with her grocery shopping and we did some fridge cleaning/organizing.



Tuna with a nectarine (from the farmers market) and mustard, sweet potato w/ pb, carrots and brocc.

I then enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool!

Later on it was time for Sunday Dinner:

image_12 image_13 image_14

My dad’s pesto sauce is the best and mozz/tomato salad is such a summer staple.


Shoulder, Arms, Core and a tough hour long Spin class. I don’t know what it is with this class but it is always so tough and sweaty but such an awesome workout!

Relaxed at the pool AGAIN :-)

Then I went out to dinner with some girlfriends:


Dragon Roll and Wasabi Roll. This was my first time getting that Wasabi Roll and OMG I cannot wait to go back!


So back to my foot saga. After tons of googling and worry. I decided that this foot pain only started with my new Brooks Glycerin 12. I read some things about lacing differently so I decided to do some testing. I went out for a run first with my old Brooks Glycerin 11. The foot pain was not there. I did have that weird quad pain which showed me that these are just done but it made me realize that it couldn’t be my foot it had to be my shoes. So then I decided to go for another run following it in my new Brooks 12 with the new lacing. Now I do have to say my compartment syndrome felt better and my quad had no pain and I didn’t feel that weird foot pain, BUT the new lacing just made them feel unstable.


So I decided to head to the Running Store. The guy tried another lacing for me that may not affect that area. I will see when I test them out on Thursday. But I decided to see if they had another pair of the 11s because I do like them. The guy said they didn’t have many left but he would check if they had them in my size. When he came back he said it was the last pair that was my size. I think it was meant to be ;-) So I bought them and since I had store credit I got them for $70!! (Originally $150 when I bought my first pair!)


So now I have two pairs of sneakers to alternate. I think that works! If for some reason I am not feeling the 12s I am going to back and return them though (or at least get a store credit for them).

I will be sure to keep you posted on my sneaker/foot saga.

Here is a pic of the pretty salad I had today:


The rest of the day has been very productive. I did a bunch of things to get ready for school and since tomorrow is supposed to be rainy too I think I will bring everything over to my classroom!

I hope everyone has a great week! I am trying to savor and live up these last weeks of summer!



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Fun Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!! It is only 3pm and I have had a VERY fun filled day! Let’s catch up, shall we… :-)


photo 1

Post 7 mile run. The top of my right foot hurt most of this run. Should I have stopped. Yeaa probably but I am a stubborn runner. Now my foot still is bothering me, so my long run is up in the air this weekend. I am planning for a Sunday run but if it hurts, I’m not gonna do it. I have a feeling it’s sore tendons or I’m curious if it is my new shoes. I also may have changed my gait up because my quad was bothering me? Blah, all these aches and pains may just be a sign of a little rest needed from running. I hate taking time off but  I know that little aches and pains can be a sign from my body saying to take a little break so I need to listen. (It’s SO hard to listen though!)

photo 2

So the other day I ate a banana then ate my overnight oats. While I was eating the oats I realized I had mixed a banana in my oats already! Two bananas in one day, oops lol I was nervous that would hurt my tummy but it was all good. However that screwed up my grocery shopping because I always buy 7 bananas at a time. So I got crafty and used half a banana and strawberries to make these overnight oats and the other half with strawberries to make a smoothie. You do what ya gotta do. Yes, I know you were dying to hear this story.

photo 3

Tried flavoring my water with a peach. Take note: it didn’t flavor the water.

photo 4


Strawberries, Mint Choc Chip and Speculoos Cookiess. Mmmmmm.

Fun Filled Friday!

This morning I woke up bright and early to head to the city to pick up my new glasses!

I didn’t realize that Warby Parker was open at 10, so I had some time to explore and have fun.

photo 5 image

Cool view by the WTC Path.


View of WTC from Soho.


The Dutch (I’ve heard this is a good restaurant)


The Cronut Bakery (I saw the people on line).


I then stopped at Aroma for a yummy iced coffee and the free chocolate that they give you:



This was really good coffee. It was fun to relax with a book in a NYC coffee shop.

Finally it was time to pick up these beauties at Warby Parker:


I am in love with them!! Nerdy and chic and fun!

Later on my friend and I partook in Hudson Restaurant Week. We went to Molos Greek Restaurant in Weehawken for a $20 lunch! I have been on quite the Greek kick this week!


They gave you sour dough bread with a red pepper and fava bean dip to start. We shared appetizers: Tatziki with Pitas and a Rubik’s Cube Salad of watermelon, cucumber and feta. For my lunch I got the Mediterranean Bass with Veggies and for dessert my friend had Greek Coffee Ice Cream and I got the Greek Yogurt with honey and almonds and walnuts. All super fresh, delicious and healthy for a great price and a great view!

So as I said it is only around 3pm and I have had a fun filled busy day!! Tonight is Body Pump and Spin- love my Friday nights! ;-)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed this foot feels okay to run on Sunday!

Have a great weekend everyone!

What fun weekend plans are you looking forward to? 


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WIAW and some other things!



Happy What I ate Wednesday again! I woke up this morning and decided I would do my best to document all my Wednesday eats. So let’s do some back tracking first then I will do my WIAW eats!


photo 1

I had an awesome/tiring/tough/hurting run on Tuesday. I was up by my parents so I decided I would do some hill work for Speed Work Tuesday. I ran a mile to warm up at easy pace then found a hill to get my work done. 5 sprints uphill at threshold pace, easy run downhill- this was about 2 miles. Then I did a 3 mile recovery run at easy pace. My right quad was bothering me a ton again and I kept having to stop and stretch it. I really think it’s been my lack of hip flexor/glute work. And cue PT exercises back into my routine a few times a week.

After that I headed to my friend’s lake for the day. We munched on good food, enjoyed the sun, and caught up on our summers!

photo 2 photo 3

We had quite the spread! I brought a salad to go with our pizza! The pic on the left is a yummy corn, bean, tomato salsa dip that my friend made. I am going to have to try this!

Later on I headed home and decided to go to free yoga at the pier with my friend. We were hanging out for awhile and realized that it was past 7pm. There were a good 30 people there and then we all pulled out our phones to google and see if yoga was scheduled and then we realized that it wasn’t. womp. womp. So we all got in a circle and did some yoga poses together for about 20 minutes. It was so fun! I love how nice and community oriented Hoboken is!!

photo 4



I woke up had coffee and my pre-workout snack:

photo 5

Then headed to the uptown gym for Legs (including some PT work), core and back day!


Love when I get the studio to myself.

On the walk home I had some almonds and raisins. (Forgot to take a pic!) I literally eat raisins like 30 times a day. It’s an addiction.

Then I had some post-workout breakfast:


I’m now in the part of my cinnamon raisin jar where I found some raisins in it! (See I said I had an addiction).

I decided to work on my classroom for a little bit today so I brought my lunch with me. I remember the past few years never being prepared with lunch and going the whole day working on my room and then being starving when I got home or resorting to the vending machine. I still keep thinking back to Meredith’s  post about being prepared with your food is a form of self-esteem and shows care for yourself. I definitely care/feel proud/love myself a lot more now than I have in the past few years.


Salad: arugula, tomatoes, carrots, grilled chicken, chickpeas, and zucchini with a sweet potato on the side.


Carrots on the car ride home.


Dinner this week!



A nectarine from the Farmer’s Market, Vanilla Maple Arctic Zero and some Cinnamon on top!

What was the best thing you ate today?


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14 Miles!!

Hello Readers!! I love how many people from all over the world that you can connect with via blogging, I saw that I have had some readers in Africa- so cool!! Don’t be afraid to comment and say hello! :)

So after my busy day of meal prepping and yoga on Saturday I relaxed the rest of the night to prep for my long run the next day. Did some at home fro-yo-ing:

photo 1 photo 2

This was my first time trying Vanilla Maple and I realllllly liked this flavor. It tasted like actual fro-yo. I mixed it with crushed speculoos cookies (TJs) and strawberries. DO IT.


I woke up to rainy day but got dressed and headed to Central Park anyway for a long run with Jen!!

Before I met up with her I went to the bathroom in the Columbus Circle mall, such a fancy place to pee ;-) and did my dynamic stretching in the mall. I then had these chomps that I got in the swag bag that I won and I have to say, they were tasty, good gummy candy type texture and gave me some awesome energy for the first hour and a half of my run.

photo 3


photo 4photo 5

I took a am I crazy for running in the rain selfie. Then saw all the other runners and sucked it up and went for it. It actually felt refreshing to run in the rain.

Jen and I met about 5 miles into each of our runs and continued to 14 miles, aka my longest run ever!! The rain went away and the humidity started to creep in half way through our run. We also got to watch NYC Triathletes doing the run part of their Tri. It was so fun to cheer them on as we were running! We finished our run outside of the park and on the city streets which was a nice change of scenery too!



During the run I fueled with:


I liked both flavors!! The chocolate was just delicious and the Vanilla Bean tasted like cake batter. I have to say I am very lucky that I enjoy the texture of these things. I know that they skeeve a lot of people out but I do feel such a difference while I run when I take them.

SO necessary after run fuel: (although the GUs def made me not feel famished- super important to get those carbs in while running!)


Sweet potato pancakes with different nut butters because why choose one when you can have many and a zucchini /feta/three egg omelette.

Later that day I headed to my parents for Sunday Dinner. I had really wanted to try making this watermelon, feta, basil, cucumber and olive oil salad, so I did, and it was delicious!


We then had some yummy chicken shish kabobs. The chicken was cooked and marinated perfectly! (Thanks Daddy!)

image_4 image_3

After dinner I headed back home and had at home fro-yo again except this time with strawberries and cut up cherries. YUM!



I woke up super hungry for some reason! So I decided to add some almond butter to my pre-workout snack. So good:



I then headed to that Gym that I won two free weeks at. It’s about a good half hour drive and when I got there the woman told me that I needed to come at 9 where there was a manager (thanks for explaining that when I called). I was so annoyed so I ended up driving up to the gym by work and made it there by 8am so I could do arms, shoulders core and take the 9:30 Spin class. It all worked out but it was just annoying that I couldn’t try out that new gym. At this point I may forget about it but we will see.

I then spent the day laying out in the gorgeous weather on the pier. Spotted a cruise ship come by:


Came home and had my awesome Greek Meal:


The turkey meatballs are kinda dry though, I realized I forgot to put milk in them or maybe I overcooked them? I may google a way of how to salvage them? :-/ Everything else was really good though!!

After dinner my friend and I traveled uptown for some 16 Handles. photo-35

They have these new dividers for the cups! Game changer! I got this amazing vanilla soy and pistachio on the other side. Plus that gorgeous view. What a great night!


I have to head to a dr. appt. early so I’m going to do my speed work/hill work afterwards. I then have plans to hang out at a friend’s lake for the day!

Enjoy the week everyone!



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It’s Greek to Me, I’m a Winner, and other randomness

Phew! What a title! Before I write a blog post I always go through my pics on my phone and email them to myself- well I emailed myself 31 pics, here goes a fun picture filled post with updates since Wednesday!


Woke up and in my head I decided I wanted to run 7 miles. Not sure why 7, but that’s what I wanted. Fueled with a Quest Bar and look at this nasty apple:

photo 1

I was SO mad, had to get another one.

7 miles with a total of 96 miles for July. Holla!

photo 3

During this run my right quad hurt which has never happened and so did some other things so I realized that these sneaks are ready for retirement. (more to that in a few)

I went to the gym to stretch and foam roll. I used this stretch area for the first time and I am glad I did:

photo 2

My quad really bothered me after that run so this helped (along with ice and a ton of foam rolling the next day).

After that I had a fun adventure in Brooklyn and Manhattan with my friend!

First we headed to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to go to this Doughnut shop called “Dough.”

photo 4


My friend really wanted to try them so I figured why not. I am not a huge doughnut person because they make my tummy hurt but I decided to YOLO:

image_1 photo 5

I got the Salted Chocolate Caramel and ate the whole thing, hello being RUNgry haha. It totally took me back to the days when my dad would get bagels for the fam on Saturdays and Sundays from the bakery and I always got a chocolate doughnut instead. :-) I do have to say although it was good, my stomach literally hurt til bedtime. Fried heavy foods just don’t sit well with me. :-/

After that we headed to the restaurant my friend works at because she needed to pick something up. Since we brought doughnuts to the crew there, we got a free salad!


Kale with almond slivers, quinoa and mango, with guacamole. Perfect and light lunch after devouring a giant doughnut.

We then headed back into Manhattan and went to Soho.

image_3 image_4

I took some touristy pics haha.

The reason we went to Soho was so I could head to Warby Parker for new glasses! Stay tuned for a pic of what they look like! They were only $95, I was so excited- the last time I got new classes was 5 years ago and I think they were like $300.


We had a great adventure that day! It is fun to be a tourist in NYC!


I was very excited to find out that I won an Instagram contest through Fleet Feet in Hoboken so I headed there to pick up my prize!!!



A polar swag bag filled with a Mizuno Shirt, Running Socks, Foot Massager, Sports Tape, Gus and Chomps! I will be sure to give you an update on the taste/work of all the different fuels as I try them!

I also baked for my friend’s birthday. I made these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. I used whole wheat flour and I think that’s why they tasted more on the healthy side. But it was the thought that counts, right?

Step 1:



Step 2:




I then headed to the city to celebrate my friend’s birthday by going to Body Pump and Spin!


I increased my squat weight and felt that walking home and this morning! Woot!

After Body Pump and Spin we had a delicious homemade Italian dinner cooked by his boyfriend!


Garlic Bread


Caprese Skewers


Stuffed/baked clams- yes he stuffed them himself.


Homemade Bolognese with wide rigatoni that he bought at Eataly. SO FREAKING GOOD!

It was so fun to mangia after a fun sweaty night of exercise!


Snapped a pic on the walk home :-)


Since I am doing my Long Run tomorrow with Jen (such a good plan- legs need a rest) I headed to yoga at the uptown gym and it was awesome- so necessary once a week. I had never taken yoga uptown and the studio they have in the gym is sooo nice. I wanted to take a picture haha but it didn’t happen.


I did get a locker room selfie in my new Mizuno shirt :)

After yoga I stumbled upon a Farmer’s Market!

image_17 image_18

I got a green squash, cucumber and some nectarines. I had a nectarine for a snack this afternoon and it was sooo fresh and delicious.

For lunch I had this left over “unstuffed cabbage” that my friend gave me to try that was sitting in my freezer and needed to be eaten soon.


Plus a side salad and some squash. I love veggies :-)

I then decided since it was a cloudy day why not try my hand at doing my weekly meal prep here in my apartment. I went to the TJs that’s about 20 minutes away and then came home and got to work. I had envisioned a Greek menu for this week and was super excited to cook it!

image_20 image_21

I made a homemade Tatziki Sauce (on the left) with the cucumber from the Farmer’s Market, a Fage Greek Yogurt, Dill, some salt and pepper, and some lemon juice. I then mixed it in with TJs broccoli slaw and threw in some raisins for a yummy salad this week!


Greek Meatballs- just ground turkey, cinnamon, dill, mint, salt and pepper with an egg and almond flour.


Cold Quinoa Salad- with sliced black olives, feta cheese and some olive oil.

I thought up this whole meal in my head! I am looking forward to enjoying it this week!!

After my meal prep I headed to the running store to invest in new sneaks:


Brooks Glycerin 12s, cannot wait to run in them tomorrow!

PHEW! What a post! No wonder I am planning to relax on my couch on a Saturday night. It has been a busy but awesome few days!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of this weekend!


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