Just BE Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the day with your family, friends, and delicious food.

I find that on blogs, social media, etc. you read about Thanksgiving in two different views. One is all about ways to keep Thanksgiving healthy, by “eating one plate” or try this “calorie busting workout.” The other view explains how you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating what you want and “go for the second slice of pie.”

Now that I am reflecting this morning the day after Thanksgiving, this was one of the first Thanksgivings in a long time where I was completely present. I embraced the idea of “BE Thankful” this year. “Just BE.” This wasn’t a conscious decision like “oh I am making sure to stay present this year, blah, blah, blah.” I truly just did it.

I started my morning off at a 5K with my friend from work. Weather was perfect and we enjoyed trotting along!!


I love to run. That was all that was in my mind and I enjoyed the race. I wasn’t thinking about calorie burning, I wasn’t thinking about running a certain time, I wasn’t thinking about how many miles we ran. I just had a fun time running in a race with my friend and all the other Turkey Trotters.

I came home and enjoyed overnight pumpkin oats in my Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter empty jar from Trader Joe’s.


I didn’t eat it and think “good for me eating and not starving myself before Thanksgiving” and I didn’t eat it and think “oh, I shouldn’t be eating this now I have to eat so much later.” I just ate it, enjoyed it while watching the parade and relaxing on my couch.

I ended up relaxing on my couch through the whole dog show and just enjoyed some time hanging out and “just being.” Again, this wasn’t a conscious thought, I just did it.

Later on before our company came, I got the apps ready.


Butternut Squash Dip

(I think I will do a post about all the recipes I used).


Roasted Grapes on toast with ricotta, honey and almonds

There were other apps but I didn’t get a picture. We hung out, ate and just enjoyed talking and eating. We reminisced about the marathon, and I showed off my medal and shared pictures. As I enjoyed our apps I didn’t make a conscious effort about how much to eat, what to eat, etc. Again I was “just being” and ate and hung out. I didn’t think “eat this amount of vegetables” or the other view, “eat guilt free and enjoy.”


I helped my Dad get dinner all set up. Heating up food, making the Pillsbury biscuits (I am the WORST at rolling those up- give me a difficult recipe from scratch to bake, challenge accepted. Give me Pillsbury biscuits to roll up out of the can and bake them, I suck at it). Tangent sorry, and helped with making the gravy, etc.


Cute place setting that my mom made.

We said an awesome prayer and broke bread. Our family friends even said a Jewish prayer for the bread too which was so cool to intermingle our faiths. I truly was present for this part and soaked it all in. In years past my thoughts were on the food: what was I about to eat, how much to eat, etc. Last night, I really thought about the people in this world who don’t have a home and don’t have a place to eat Thanksgiving as we prayed for them.


Everything was so delicious. I didn’t think “be guilt free and eat what you want” and I didn’t think, “half plate vegetables, half plate everything else.” I just ate our food with my family.

After enjoying our meal, hanging, we cleaned up and then watched my favorite movie in the world, Elf to commence Elf Season!! (Now we are allowed to listen to Christmas music!). We chilled on the couch with super full bellies. I didn’t think, “why did you eat so much” and I didn’t think ” good for you, feel guilt free.” I just watched Elf and was full from some amazing food.

I left everyone on the couch to prep the dessert. I made coffee, tea, got everything out on the table. I also made homemade whipped cream in my fabulous Kitchen Aid Mixer.


I am very proud of my desserts this year.


Homemade dessert goodness ::brushes dirt off shoulder:: :-) 

This is the first time in a long time that I was just present and looking back it felt really good. I am such a planner and preparer and to be present and enjoy the moment isn’t something I do often. As children we are present and just go with the flow but then as we reach adulthood its all about planning, preparing, saving, thinking about the future.

Maybe I’m growing up. Maybe I’m changing. Am I throwing out my “to-do lists” and radically saying, “be present.”


I just happened to “just BE” yesterday, and I am THANKFUL for.


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Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?! Life is flying by! I will be sure to recap my awesome Thanksgiving treats and eats but for now let’s see what I have been eating this week.


Post Long Run Overnight oats in an empty Almond Butter Jar with banana and pumpkin pie spice. The only thing I hate about finishing an Almond Butter Jar is having to pay for another Almond Butter.


I treated my sister to lunch at our favorite spot, The Rolling Pin. We both got the salad with roasted shallots and feta and a scoop of chicken salad, and sweet potato cheddar soup. I got their sweet potato salad instead of the scone/biscuit that it comes with.


This looks un-appealing because I snapped it mid eating. Sorry! I had been CRAVING a bean burrito for like two weeks. It was just black beans with cheese in a whole wheat wrap and I put salsa and sour cream on top. Their burritos come with rice inside but I cannot stand rice inside a burrito, am I weird? So I asked for no rice. Craving- fulfilled! We also split chips and guac for an app!


Chamomile tea in my favorite mug from my best friend, grapes, pumpkin spice almond and chocolate covered pretzels.

image2 image1

Have you seen these yet? BUY them immediately!

On Sunday morning I had a pancake craving so I made these pancakes from Ambitious Kitchen, however I used Apples, Walnut and Cinnamon.


A yummy dinner of pork, apricots, prunes, and mashed potatoes.


Pumpkin eggy oatmeal with a banana and pumpkin spice almonds.


If I don’t check in, I hope everyone has a joyous, fun, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!! 


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Weekly Workouts! Barre, Strength Training & Running!

Happy Monday everyone! I am back again with my Weekly Workouts recap!


4 mile run


I did some hill work for the first 3 miles and did a cool down for the last mile. Weather was awesome- just super dark, thanks for my handy dandy safety vest. ;-)


An oldie but a goodie workout. I grabbed a workout from my Women’s Health Workout Book. Total Body Strength workout that left me sweaty and SORE! I kind of think it was good to let go of the strength training during my taper. Having to regain strength back is actually fun and challenging! Taking breaks are a good thing for many reasons!



3 mile run in Hoboken before I headed into the city for my Cycling class. We did ALL ladder drills. It was super tough to teach because I needed to keep my eye on my stopwatch and remember the timing, etc. I kinda made some mistakes here and there but it’s all a learning experience. One guy walked out and told me that was one of the toughest classes he has taken, so I guess I did something right? :-)


Part 2 of that workout from my book. Sweaty and sore!


Since my fabulous Friday nights aren’t in the cards, I mentioned that I want to try different fitness classes. I decided to try out Pure Barre for the first time and I LOVED it!!! OMG it was SO hard though. I was shaking, sweating and dying haha. I was immediately sore after the class and knew that it was an amazing workout. I def want to go back!

IMG_0533 IMG_0534

The studio was SO pretty. I loved all of their details. Even the bathroom was gorgeous!



Longest run since the marathon!! A Saturday morning 10k. I felt fantastic and glided along. I was dressed perfectly for the crisp weather and just enjoyed the nature and beauty of the park that I run in. I think this is a great place to keep my mileage at this point. I’m not in training for anything and running for about an hour is a great workout. Like I mentioned last week, there is absolutely no need for me to be running half marathons every weekend, I am not looking to get injured again.



For the next two weeks my brain is going to have Body Pump on repeat. I have to learn my two assigned tracks for my training in the beginning of December. I am SO excited and nervous!!


OH- I picked up my medal that had been waiting at the shop to get engraved and the same day I got my pictures that I ordered from the Marathon!


I LOVE my finishing photo. I will never ever forget that moment.

Anyone go through Les Mills training? Any advice? Pretty please!! :-) 

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Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Someone should make a Recent Eats link-up, that would be fun! I think WIAW is over now? I’m not sure what happened with that, but Recent Eats would be a great link-up!


My Boss put post-its on chairs at our staff meeting. The 3 people who had blue post-its on their chair got a “certificate” for her to buy us coffee one morning! It was such a kind and thoughtful treat!


My sister and I had brunch at Delicatessen in the city after our Aerial Yoga class.


I ordered a latte, this was my first time ever having coffee with a heart in it!!! I have always wanted to get a coffee like this!


I got the Burrata omelet with arugula and home fries. The multi-grain toast was really good too. It was a decent brunch, pretty overpriced, but that’s what happens in NYC.

IMG_0488 IMG_0489

I went out to an Asian Fusion restaurant. I’m not sure what it was on the left but it was like a tortilla in a way with a yummy dipping sauce. For my entree I had cashew chicken with brown rice and steamed veggies on the side.


Pumpkin eggy oatmeal with almond butter melted on top.


My mom spotted these at CVS- caramel candy corn. It’s a sham. Tastes like regular candy corn.

Sunday Dinner calls for Pasta of some sorts:


Yummy Fig & Goat cheese Ravioli


With a sage and butter white wine sauce.


My plate, with some broccoli on the side.


You can’t eat this, but I did buy it a Trader Joe’s. It’s a cinnamon stick and it makes your house smell like cinnamon! Only $3.99!

Those are some things I have been eating and drinking this week!

Have you ever had an “art latte?”

Favorite Brunch Spots? 


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Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been two weeks since the marathon and I am definitely recovered and feeling great! I am back to lifting weights and balancing it out with running and feeling awesome.


3 miles + subbed a Cycling class in Hoboken. The crowd was a ton of fun and they even sang along to some of my songs (well before I made them work in the anaerobic zone ;) ).


I did an Total Body Strength Routine from Peanut Butter Runner and most of the core routine from Mommy Run Fast! 

IMG_0449 IMG_0450

It felt so great to be lifting weights again and working on my core (definitely dropped that during my taper- oops haha). I was sore the next day too!


3 mile run in Hoboken with the most gorgeous views of Manhattan during sunset (no pictures because I just wanted to take it all in). Then I taught my cycling class in the city.


Total Body Workout from Muncher Cruncher. I follow her on Instagram and she always posts amazing videos of different workouts. Her Instagram is such an awesome resource to use. This workout left me sweaty and sore!



I no longer can sign up for classes at NYSC so my favorite Friday night keeps filling up and I don’t want to schlep into the city to see if I can squeeze in a spot, which as an employee you have to let the others go first (she literally sometimes has a line to get into her class). It makes me sad but I have a feeling my favorite Friday nights are coming or have come to an end. So I decided to go out for a run instead at a local park.


5 miles! My longest run post-marathon and it felt fantastic!! My legs just sored and I just ran off some stress that I am dealing with.

On my run I started to think about maybe making Fridays a day to try out new fitness classes. There are so many boutique places, yoga studios, cycling studios in the NY/NJ areas, maybe it’s time to switch up my routine anyway. It’s always good to try new things and while I love my Friday nights in Union Square, it just doesn’t seem like it’s happening. Gotta embrace change!


My sister and I took an Aerial Yoga class at Om Factory in Union Square.


My only issue with the class was the instructor was kind of rude and pushy. She was yelling at people before it started about where to go and was not nice about people coming in right before the class started (the people on the phone tell you to come 10 minutes before- maybe they should say 20 instead). Also during the hanging inversion I was afraid to put my arms down and when I had taken aerial yoga before, the instructor helped me out. I was to afraid to say anything to this instructor so I just held on during the inversion.

IMG_0474 IMG_0472

Then we grabbed brunch in SoHo! It was SUCH a fun day!!


Rest day!!

It was a great week of workouts! I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately on my marathon training, workouts prior, and the evolution of my fitness. I have to say, I think I am in a really awesome place right now. Last year at this time,  I thought I needed to run 25-30 miles a week and lift in the gym for over an hour and lift the heaviest weights. Since being educated through NASM and getting injured in the Spring, I have really evolved. Working out is a stress reliever and over-working out can cause stress and injury. Looking back last year, I definitely had a lot more anxiety attacks and was irritable more. My diet also consisted of a lot more protein (hello, Quest bar addiction) and not as many carbs.

I think we are always changing and learning and yes, last year at this time I thought I was super healthy and had a really healthy balanced mindset. Now looking back, I think I am healthier now and have a better mindset. Next year when I look back I may think something different.

I really don’t feel like I need to run 8 miles on a Tuesday night and a half marathon every Saturday. Last year I probably would have run 10 miles before I took that yoga class because I always felt like I needed to keep my mileage high. I feel like I have changed and realized as long as I get my body moving and grooving :-) in some sort of way, every single day then that is what matters.

We are always a work in progress and I like where I am at now. I have a TON of stress in my life right now and I really feel like I am handling it very well because right now exercise is a total stress reliever and not a stress inducer because I am not over-doing it.

Post-Marathon Life is great right now! I definitely want to run some races next year (and I think one on Thanksgiving and maybe NYE with Jen?! :-) ) but I have no pressure at all about anything. I love running, lifting, and cycling and I am hoping to try some new things.

That is my rambling, just needed to get that off my chest. :-)



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Sunday Meal Prep!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am coming at you a little later than normal. I was busy with some stuff right after I meal prepped today and now I finally have a moment to relax and blog! :)

Thanks Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for the weekly link-up!


Lunch: Salad made with TJs chicken, TJs Veggie 8 Mix, Black Beans, Grapes, Cucumber, Avocado and Tomatoes. Served with purple sweet potatoes this week!

IMG_0494 IMG_0501

Last week I was scrolling on Instagram someone posted a picture of polenta with tomatoes sauce on it that they had for dinner. I have seen polenta at Trader Joe’s but never thought to try it. I decided to go for it this week!


I bought two packages of the polenta because it said that 1/5th is a serving size but it’s like 60 calories! I figured that wouldn’t be filling enough so I decided two servings would be better.

To make the sauce I bought the pre-chopped Mirepoix mix from Trader Joe’s. It just makes life easier sometimes. I cooked it along with ground turkey then added a big can of diced tomatoes and let it simmer away to make a sauce.


I cut the polenta up.


Then cooked it on the stove top with olive oil until it kind of browned.


Then I portioned it out and served it with the sauce on top!


I also roasted some Brussels sprouts as a side.


That is wrap up of my meal prep this week! I am looking forward to enjoying some yummy polenta!

Have you ever tried polenta?

Are you prepping for Thanksgiving yet?

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Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Hope you all have been enjoying some yummy food this week! Here are some yummy things I have been eating this week!


Ezekial Toast with PB&J with a Banana, Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon Smoothie.


I met my friend for brunch at The Hamilton Inn in Jersey City. We split a salad and I got a Veggie Burger with Goat cheese and a side of Sweet Potatoes. SO good! I love veggie burgers!


A twist on a Cuban Sandwich. Ezekial Toast with Turkey, Swiss, Mustard and Pickles cooked on a pan with a side of veggies.


We had some leftover Reese’s from Halloween and while I could eat Reese’s plain every night, why not make these instead. Reese’s Blondies. SO good!

Favorite leftover Halloween Candy?



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Cycle for Survival

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I am participating in Cycle for Survival on March 12th!


Cycle for Survival is a 4 hour Indoor Cycling Ride where people on a team take turns riding the bike during that time block. In order to have a bike you need to raise at least $1,000 for the bike. You can have up to 4 people per bike, in which each person rides the bike for an hour. I am on a team with three friends: Team JCAP! 100% of the money raised goes to Memorial Sloan Kettering rare cancer research. Our goal is to raise $1,000!! I have a link on my side bar or you can click here to donate! No amount is too small!! If you can help out that would be very much appreciated!!!

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Weekly Workouts: Post Marathon!

Yes, I can’t stop beaming and talking about the marathon. #sorryimnotsorry :-)

Anywayyyyy. I still want to keep posting my weekly workouts, they just won’t be numbered in training weeks!


REST. I took the day off of work and pretty much laid around all day. I could barely walk up and down the stairs it even hurt to bend down to sit on the toilet!!

I did have to go into work that night for Parent/Teacher Conferences. I proudly wore my medal and I also walked into a surprise finish line!



REST again. Listen to your body folks.


I taught my cycling class at night but that was about it. I taught off the bike for most of it because I will still pretty sore. It was an awesome class though! Everyone WORKED it!!

Also, that afternoon as I left work I was greeted to a surprise left by my parents on my car!


They are so awesome! :-)


I finally started to feel a little less sore so I went for a 3 mile walk!



I was feeling ready to get back into some weight lifting. It had been about a month since I stopped lifting during my taper. I did an upper body/core work and used lighter weights than normal. After that I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. (Yes my upper body was sore the next morning!)



I was planning to take a Cycling class but it was so warm out and I just wanted to run. So I decided to test it out! My pace was SUPER slow, which may have meant I wasn’t fully recovered. My quads were also yelling at me a bit. At the same time, it felt great to get out there. I did 3 miles and that was all I needed!


Rocked my “Marathoner” shirt!

I came home to an awesome surprise from my best friend Kristen that afternoon too!!


I have the best friends.


I took a yoga class. The atmosphere of the class seems more just like a stretching class rather than actual yoga. My body needed to stretch so it felt awesome!!


How do you recover after a race?

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Sunday Meal Prep!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am sharing the meal prep I did this morning! Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up!


I am back to salads this week! Last week I wasn’t in the mood so I had made roasted veggies, potatoes and chicken. Sometimes you need to switch it up!


Chickpeas, TJs Veggie 8 Mix, tomatoes, avocado, grapes and TJs grilled chicken.


Sweet Potatoes.


I found a GINORMOUS eggplant so that inspired my dinner this week.


I roasted the eggplant (and some Brussels sprouts).


Cooked some ground turkey, an onion and a can of diced tomatoes.

I also cooked up some wild rice.


Layered eggplant, rice and the turkey/tomato. I also bought shredded mozzarella to melt over it when I reheat it.

Super easy and only took me about an hour! Feels great to be prepped and ready for the week!


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