WIAW: Long Run Saturday

Happy WIAW everyone! I am joining the party this week! Today I am sharing with you my day of eats from Saturday aka Long Run Saturday when in marathon training. :-)


Pre- Long Run Fuel:

I started my early morning off with coffee, water, two slices of Ezekial toast with almond butter and jelly and an apple. I am working on my fueling options while I am training for the marathon. Two slices of toast and an apple worked well for my 11 miler. I do think that bagels are going to have to start coming into the rotation as I start logging longer miles.


During the Run:

Un-pictured but LOTS of water and a Peanut Butter Gu at 5.5 Miles.


I grabbed a chocolate milk and banana from Whole Foods in Columbus Circle (I ran in Central Park) just to help those muscles with some protein and carbs!



I then headed back to Hoboken and met my friend for Brunch. It was so gorgeous out that we got to eat outside!


Spinach and Mozz Omelet with Potatoes and a Decaf Iced Coffee on the side.

I then headed to the pool for the rest of the day and lounged and recovered.

Once 5:00 hit all of the sudden RUNGER struck me and I needed food immediately. I probably should have brought a snack with me to the pool but I wasn’t thinking since I was full from Brunch.


I came home and had pretzels with PB and some cherries along with some orange seltzer.


I also sampled one of my cookies that I made for my family:



I was home for the night so I went out to dinner with my parents and we sat outside at a local Mexican place.


Guac, chips and salsa to share.


Shredded chicken, spinach, tomato quesadilla in a whole wheat wrap with sour cream, salsa and guac on top. So yummy!


After dinner we ran to the grocery store to pick up a watermelon since we haven’t had watermelon in awhile!


We munched on the watermelon while enjoying the beautiful summer evening in the backyard.

I have to say I had a very successful Saturday of enjoying yummy food and the outdoors all at the same time! I LOVE being outdoors and enjoying the gorgeous weather, so I am soaking it all up as much as I can! :-)

Who ate outside this weekend?

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Tried it Tuesday: Ramsey Farmers Market

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today I am sharing all about my morning at the Ramsey Farmers Market in Ramsey, New Jersey! My best friend had told me about it and suggested we go together. This is not your average Farmers Market (well at least to me anyway). They have SO many stands and samples and it was just an awesome morning of shopping, sampling and hanging with my best friend!

Thanks Lakshore Runner for the link-up!


First up was the Bread section. They had some amazing samples of fresh bread.


We both got these loaves:


Next up we sampled some hummus. They had so many choices so I tried an few and ended up getting the Lemon Basil Hummus:


Then we sampled some frozen pizzas that were made fresh, walked around and saw some more bread stands, herb stands and then we got to a big fruit and veggie stand.


We saw these squash before but they were gigantic and only $2.50 each! They are called cocozella squash?


I ended up buying the squash, an Italian Eggplant, two yellow tomatoes and a cucumber.


They had this awesome Lemonade Stand with all these different flavorings. We got the Mango, Basil, Mint, Agave one! It was SO delicious and refreshing!


They had a gorgeous flower stand. My friend bought some beautiful Hydrangeas there!


Then we sampled some Guacamole and Salsa at another stand. I was so torn between buying Guac or Mango Salsa and I ended up going for the salsa because it was just so different and delicious.


I brought everything home to my family and we enjoyed everything for dinner that evening!

I cut up the cucumber to dip in the hummus and we had chips for the salsa and pretzels and even some pieces of the bread for the hummus! So GOOD!



My Dad grilled up the Italian eggplant and squash.




Then we made panini’s that were SO amazing!


Fresh Bread, yellow tomatoes, mozzarella, grilled eggplant and pesto sauce.

I can’t wait to go back to the Farmers Market!!!

Do you go to a local Farmers Market?

Favorite thing to buy at a Famers Market?

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Week 4 NYC Marathon Training

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great week of workouts! I am already into Week 4 of marathon training, it is going by so fast!


6:15 am Spin Class + Full Body Strength Training + PT = I worked off ALL the treats I had over the weekend ;-)


4 Mile Run with The Casual Tuesdays Group!



Full Body Strength Training


Speed work at the Track


During this run I noticed some ankle soreness and I realized that I am not really activating my left quad when I run. My right quad and my left ankle seem to be doing all the work, which makes sense why it has been injured! I literally can feel that I just don’t use my left quad muscles at all. So bringing it to my attention helped me begin to activate it as I ran. I am going to talk to my PT about this to make sure that this theory even makes sense, but I really think this is where my problem is stemming from. It’s so annoying to always be thinking about my form/ankle but it’s what I have to deal with right now. I do have some runs where I don’t have to think about it, but for the majority of the time I do.


I also went to free yoga at the Uptown Pier.


Pump + Spin


My teacher cancelled that morning and they had subs for both classes. I kind of wish I knew so I would have stayed in Hoboken and just did my own thing. The spin class was eh, nothing like Melissa’s classes.


I woke up on my own at 5:30 and decided to change it up and head to Central Park for my long run. NYRR was hosting a long run with water stops and misting stations along the park. Although I didn’t pay for it, I did help myself to water because I justified it that I sat out of plenty of races this year and didn’t get my money back, so I was going to drink their water to make up for it! :-)

I NEEDED ALL the water haha. My water bottles on my pack got warm and I had Nuun in them so it was warm and sweet and not good at all in the heat. So cold cups of water from NYRR did the trick. Now if only they set this up every weekend for my long runs haha.


Not gonna lie, this run was HARD. I kept having to work on activating my left quad. My toes started curling up towards the end, I think I may have even gotten a black toenail or the beginning stages of one, and it just was hard. Prior to my injury 11 miles was nothing. My half marathon PR is a minute shorter than the time it took me to run these 11 miles. But I am just telling myself that it’s OK. I am running again and that is what counts. These long runs may be tough, but that is what marathon training is all about, pushing through and working hard. It’s a freaking marathon, not a walk in the park, it’s going to be challenging!! :-)

After my run I made sure to do stretching in the park before I headed home.


I woke up SO sore so I did some Sun Salutations with plenty of Downward Dog when I woke up. My ankle is definitely sore, not painful, just sore, so I need to just keep stretching and be aware of it. Other than that, total rest day filled with Farmer’s Market shopping and a Bridal Shower.

That is wrap up of Week 4! On to Week 5, here we go!

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Back at it (sort of): Meal Prep + Family Meal Prep!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am writing a meal prep post after taking a few weeks of taking off! Between my birthday party, my family getting sick and just busy summer life, my meal prep hasn’t been as organized and thought out like normal. I don’t mind it though- sometimes it’s okay to go with the flow and not be so routined (especially for me, someone who is SO routined). However, meal prep does save me time and money (not spending money going out) so I of course will continue to do so!

Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for the link-up!




Butternut Squash sauteed in coconut oil and cinnamon.


Hard Boiled Eggs


Since I am not working in the summer (hello life of a teacher!) I just prepped some salad ingredients and then I make my salads fresh each day.


I also cut up an avocado the next day. My avocado was super hard and then I put it in a brown paper bag with a banana and overnight it became ripe! My friend taught me that trick and it worked like a charm!!

Dinner + More for the Fam! 

Since my parents are getting their kitchen re-done they have been living off of the microwave, panini maker, grill and toaster oven that they use in the dining room, aka no stove top or oven. It’s been rough but they have been making do, and eating out a lot. :-)

I decided to brainstorm a meal that I could make for them and for me in one shot, and not break my budget of my weekly food shopping. (It’s expensive to cook for 4 versus 1!)

So I decided to make a healthier lasagna, cut it into 8 pieces which would make 5 for me for the week and 3 left over so my parents and sister could have it one night during the week. They aren’t fans of eating the same thing every night, so making one meal for them works out.


I bought ground turkey, ricotta, mozzarella, no boil noodles, sauce and two large eggplants.

First I roasted the eggplants in the oven.


Then I cooked the ground turkey on the stove top.

Once everything was ready I assembled the lasagna. First a layer of sauce, then eggplant, then ricotta then turkey, then lasagna noodles and repeat and put shredded mozzarella on the top.


I baked it at 375 for 40 minutes and then let it cool for awhile before I cut into it.


Once cooled I served it out all ready for myself and my family!


It was so delicious and definitely a healthier twist with the eggplant and ground turkey!

I also prepped them some spinach and egg muffins since they haven’t been able to eat eggs!


For myself I also roasted some Brussels Sprouts:


I also baked them some healthy cookies (I added in chocolate chips with the raisins too) to have a sweet treat during the week (and because I find ANY excuse to use my lovely Kitchen Aid Mixer).

image4 image5


That is a wrap-up of my meal prep! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites!


Favorite Read


Obsessed, such a page turner! It also helps to have a gorgeous view while reading. :-)

Favorite New Beauty Products


I had a gift card to Blue Mercury so I bough this awesome new face wash from Fresh and a lip balm from Kiehl’s.

Favorite Treat Yourself Item


I had a gift card to Athleta and some birthday money so I treated myself to this tank top!

Favorite Link

Can’t wait to make my way through these recipes!

Favorite New Acessory


My new oven mitt from Anthropologie. I received a mug from there that I already had, so I returned it and got this instead!

Favorite Beverage


A yummy iced latte from a local coffee shop

Favorite Moment

image3 image2 image1

Yankee Game with my family!

Who is reading/has read The Husband’s Secret?


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TCS NYC Marathon Training Plan (finally) explained!

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to post my Marathon Training plan for a few weeks now!

FullSizeRender (2)

I used Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan. I had considered doing Novice 1 after I became injured, however I was able to get on track to the Long Run mileage before training began so I decided to stick with Novice 2 (with some tweaks).

A lot of training plans have 4-6 days of running and at first I considered following this plan exactly. But after running 3 days in a row the first week, I realized that I needed to tweak my plan and make it work for ME.

Here is my interpretation of how to train for this marathon:

Long Runs: I am following the suggested mileage distance recommended in the Novice 2 plan. I peak at 20 miles and then begin to taper.

Weekly Runs: Since before my injury I only ran 3 days a week and supplemented with strength training and cross training. I decided to continue with this idea every other week.

So the plan is one week run 4 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Long Run on Saturday. The week that I run 4 days will be regular/easy paced during the week.

The following week I will run 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday-Speed Work, and Long Run on Saturday. I decided that in order not to over do it with the mileage/speed, the weeks that I incorporate speed work I will only run 3 days that week.

The plan alternates, 4 days easy, 3 days with a day of speed work and so forth.

Speed Work: Nothing too crazy, just some fun things to change it up: Tempo runs, hill work, Fartleks and Track workouts.

Strength Training: I will be doing strength training three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This will be different strength workouts or Body Pump.

Cross Training: Spin and any other fun classes that I want to try out will be my cross training on Mondays (which I have as optional to include with strength training on the Mondays I don’t run) and Fridays.

Rest: Yoga, foam rolling, stretching, and real RESTING is included for Sundays. I am also making sure to stretch and foam roll every day. During the summer I am going to do my best to take advantage of the free outdoor yoga during the week too. I also have rest days incorporated before the super long runs (17, 18, 19, and 20- aka no pump and spin the night before).

The plan of course can, will and has changed. Life happens and we can’t always follow a plan to the T. But that is why it is a PLAN. I can change and add and do what works for me!

Since this is my first marathon, I am just going along with it and seeing what happens. My goal is to cross that finish line on November 1st with a giant smile on my face, that is it, no time, no expectations.

Can’t wait!!!

Who is running a Fall Marathon?

What plan do you use for marathon training?


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Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am not linking up with WIAW again because I just haven’t documented a day of food, instead I am sharing some random pictures of recent eats that I have enjoyed!

When I was sick, omelets and mashed potatoes were my go-to dinner.


I also couldn’t eat raw food or veggies when I was sick so I peeled an apple, microwaved it for a minute with cinnamon on it. A very yummy dessert!


I also had some salads that I had prepped and couldn’t eat because of the raw veggies, so I picked out some of the veggies/chicken/etc. from it and sauteed them up, so it wouldn’t all go to waste. It ended up being very delicious!


My homemade granola with Greek yogurt and a banana.


Since Yoga on Thursday was all the way uptown and right by my favorite fro-yo place, 16 Handles, I HAD to get fro-yo, duhhhh. I just love that view.


Turkey, Fresh Mozz, Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato on a wrap at the Yankee Game. We went to a local deli and brought food in (way cheaper and healthier than eating at the stadium).


I also made sure to celebrate one of my favorite holidays: National Ice Cream Day.


That is a wrap-up of my Recent Eats!!

Who celebrated National Ice Cream Day, what flavor(s), topping(s)? Mine was chocolate with chocolate chips and hot fudge!

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Tried it Tuesday: 3 Fun Recipes!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am linking up with Lakeshore Runner for Tried it Tuesday!


This past week/weekend I tried out 3 fun recipes that I found while browsing blogs, instagram, etc. I am always finding awesome recipes online and I was so excited that I could try them all out!

First recipe: Honey, Almond, Coconut Granola from PeanutButterRunner.

I had never made my own granola before and now that I have, this won’t be my last time. It was SO easy, so delicious and I love knowing all the ingredients that are in my food.

I mixed all the ingredients together:



Spread it out on a pan:


Baked for 15 minutes:


Let it cool, then broke it apart and stored in air tight glass containers:


So delicious!

Second Recipe: Roasted Grape and Ricotta Toast from PB Fingers:

I had a BBQ to go to on Saturday and I knew this was the perfect recipe to make!

At home I sliced a baguette, sprayed the pieces with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and stuck them in the oven for 5 minutes at 425.





Then I let them cool, then stuck them in an airtight container to bring to the BBQ.

When I got to the BBQ I roasted the grapes (that I sliced in half before I came) for about half an hour in her oven that she let me use. :-) I shook them with olive oil and salt before roasting them. Then once they were ready, I spread ricotta cheese on the toast, then put the grapes on the toast, then drizzled honey and sliced almonds on top. Everyone enjoyed them, including me! :-)


Third Recipe: Caramel Twix Cookies from Swanky Recipes.


OH MY GOD I NEED TO MAKE THESE AGAIN. Sorry, yes, I’m bragging. They. Are. Amazing.

I made these to also bring to the BBQ. I was bummed because half the batch burnt (I put it on the bottom rack) so there were no leftovers. But for real, I am dreaming about them. Just some modifications I made to the recipe was I used coconut sugar instead of white sugar, and since it called for a cup and a half of butter, I used two sticks of butter and for the half, I used half a cup of applesauce. Also, I melted the chocolate on it’s own by making my own double boiler, so I didn’t melt it in the microwave or with shortening. I also couldn’t find Kraft caramels, so I found these random soft caramel candies and they worked fine. I recommend sticking them in the fridge between the caramel and the chocolate layers.

That is a wrap-up of the 3 recipes I tried out this week!

Any fun new recipes you are looking forward to trying? 

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NYC Marathon Training: Week 3

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I had a wonderful weekend, hence the late post today!

Let’s rewind back to last week, week 3 of marathon training!


I wasn’t feeling so fabulous so I decided to do an at home strength training workout and then did my scheduled 3 mile run. I made it through the workout and surprisingly felt okay!


Later that evening, the food poisoning that struck the family, struck me! :-(


Rest Day, went on antibiotics, skipped the Hoboken Party with a Purpose 5k and just slept all day.


By Wednesday night I was starting to feel a little better so I took an evening yoga class at the gym. Came outside to a gorgeous sunset:



I woke up feeling a million times better and the weather was GORGEOUS! I enjoyed every minute of my run!



That night I also took a free yoga class outside at the Uptown Pier. What an amazing view and night to do yoga.



Finally back to Pump and Spin after two weeks off!




My “long run” was scheduled for 6 miles, which made me very lucky because 10 minutes after I got in, it started thundering and down pouring!



Rest Day- Yankee Game with my family!

That is a wrap up of week 3, despite getting sick, I was able to get back on track by the end of the week. So far I have really been enjoying my marathon training!


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TOL: Hills Make Us Stronger

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


I think I am getting my blogging mojo back! I am starting to feel better and have some energy in me to write. I have to admit I have been a slacker on the picture taking front since last week. I wanted to do a Recent Eats post- but I got nothing! It shows how when your mind is somewhere else (ie- taking care of family) some things just go to the way side. Which is important! Hopefully I can get back to my energetic, picture taking, happy runner self soon, once this food poisoning has left me and my family for good!

On my long run on Saturday, I naturally was thinking about this illness that knocked my whole family for a loop. On Wednesday morning, life was great and by Thursday my life was turned upside down, having to be the care taker of my very ill parents and end up spending my night/weekend in the hospital with my dad. It had me start to think about how calmly I reacted to the whole situation and how I just made total adjustments to my life to be there for my family.

I am a SUPER rigid, planned, Type A girl, but this “wrench thrown in the plan” didn’t cause me to become anxious as I think I would have even just a few months ago. I of course was concerned about my family, but I just dealt with it, took charge and went with everything as it came to me. I started to think about how my tendinitis injury really changed me and actually helped me in some strange way. Before my injury, I think I was becoming super routined and overly rigid (I’m always going to be a planner- that’s my personality) and becoming very anxious when things got in the way of my “plan.” Once I had my running injury, I really didn’t know what to expect. The whole “long run Saturday” was gone, I had to be creative with planning fun workouts, and I had to take everything week by week. This “wrench in my plan” helped me become a little less rigid and not feel so anxious when things don’t go as planned.

I kind of think things happen for a reason and we are put in people’s lives for a reason. Well, I think that my tendinitis injury really helped me and helped me react and help my family during this difficult time. It’s okay to have a plan, but when things don’t go your way, you need to be okay with that too, accept, deal and move forward. Hence, my little saying that gets me up hills: “Hills Make Us Stronger,” it applies to running and life. These bumps in the road only make you learn, move forward and become a stronger person.


This “hill” in my summer is not going to get me down (I will be honest, yesterday I did not have this upbeat attitude)! It sucked, we learned, we got (are getting) over the hill and will move on.

Cheers to fun for the rest of this summer! I have so many fun plans coming up and I can’t wait to enjoy them! :)

Thanks for reading my rambling for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

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