WIAW: The party is back!

Happy WIAW! So happy the link-up is back this week! I hope everyone follows protocol and actually writes about what they eat! That is what it is all about! Sharing our love of food, sharing some new recipes/finds, and just talking about what you ate!!

So here is what I have been eating this week!



Post Long Run- Overnight oats in my Peanut Butter & Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl (such good PB) jar! One Fage greek yogurt, milk, half cup TJs rolled oats, and raisins. I enjoyed scraping the leftover PB! Mmmm!

IMG_8539 IMG_8538

Breakfast on my desk at work: a very ripe banana, a Fage Greek Yogurt and the Renola that I finally found at the supermarket!


Post 5k PR Eggy, Banana Oatmeal with some PB on top!


Cocoa, PB, Banana overnight oats.


I decided to switch it up this week and instead of egg muffins I made avocado toast! Two slices of Ezekial Bread, two hard boiled eggs, on top of half of an avocado all smashed up. Served with a banana and cinnamon on the side. Such a delicious and filling breakfast!



Big Ol’ Salad: Lettuce, Carrots, Raisins, Tuna, half a potato, tomatoes, broccoli and blue cheese dressing.


Salads prepped this week: Green beans, beets, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken, avocado and spinach with white potatoes on the side.


Broccoli & Cottage Cheese Omelet, Sweet Potato with almond butter and kale on the side.  (BTW, my orange glow is starting to go away, so I am eating orange more in moderation :-) )


IMG_8567 IMG_8566

Dinner this week: Butternut Squash (it’s been forever!), an onion, mushrooms, ground turkey, kidney beans over rice!


Other meal prep; roasted veggies, eggs, and potatoes.



An orange, a rice cake with cookie butter and a cookie butter shortbread sandwich cookie (I bought these for my sister for her birthday and I wasn’t super impressed). I guess I just like my own cookies ;-)

IMG_8550 IMG_8528

Arctic Zero- a bunch of random flavors that were almost done, my Love Grown Foods O’s, frozen strawberries, choco/pb chips, maybe a frozen banana slice, some almond butter. Just yummy goodness!


Nature’s Candy and the only date in my world (haha I crack myself up) dates with coconut peanut butter- so good, always.


Some fruit salad at work.

That is a wrap-up of my tasty eats this week! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!



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All the Italian Food!

As I was about to work on my WIAW post I realized I really indulged in some very yummy Italian food this week, so why not pay homage to the country that I lived in for a summer and is a big part of my heritage! I will still participate in WIAW but why not take a look at some tasty Italian food on a Monday!

It was my sister’s birthday this past week so my family and I went out to Sanducci’s Trattoria. This place is a classic for us, I have grown up going to this restaurant and it’s just always good, homey, Italian food.

We are cool and go for the Early Bird Special (we got there at like 6:15, that’s not SO early ;-) ) and for $17.95 you get a salad or soup, entree, and dessert with coffee. Awesome deal!

We started with the Fried Calamari. (This I wasn’t impressed with, small portion and expensive, and just “ok”)


My Salad: The house dressing is SO good:


My entree: I got the Chicken Saltimboca, which has peppers, mushrooms, and potatoes and veggies on the side- SOO good!


For dessert: Delicous Tiramisu!!


On Saturday I went out with my sister and a few of her friends to the city to celebrate her birthday part 2. We went to Monte’s Trattoria on Macdougal Street. This was my first time and I def recommend it!! It is like an old school, NY, Italian joint. It has been there since 1918!

For apps we shared a sampler platter and fried zucchini. Nothing major to write home about, but still good!


Since I saw they had homemade pasta, I decided I had to go for it! There were SO many good things on the menu, but I am SO happy that I ordered what I ordered.

I got the Cannelloni, which was a spinach pasta, stuffed with veal, spinach and ricotta, with a Bechemel and tomato sauce and the house salad.

IMG_8577 IMG_8575

OH MY GOD. This was SO GOOD! Like I didn’t want it to end. I savored every bite and must go back for it soon!

I had to head home quickly after so I couldn’t stay for dessert (boo!) but it was just an amazing meal!

And to cap off my Italian post:


Sunday Dinner at home: really good sausage, homemade sauce, pasta, and of course some Kale on the side. ;-)

What is your favorite Italian Food? Pizza and that Cannelloni and Gnocchi and my Rainbow cookies, AND haha the list could keep going…

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Washington Heights 5K Race Recap: PR today!

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, you read the title correct- a PR!!! After a crappy running week, an amazing long run, this was an awesome way to end the week and begin the month of March!

So let’s recap shall we?

I only had about 6 hours of sleep due to being out the night before (totally worth it though! :-) ). So I got up around 5:45 and did my morning race routine: shower (yes- that is weird but it’s my thang), coffee, Cookies & Cream Quest Bar, Apple and blog reading. Then I bundled up and packed a bag of an assortment of layers because the temps read about 19 but it was rising!

I actually stayed at my parent’s house the night before because it was a quicker commute from their house than from Hoboken. My Dad was SO awesome and drove me in!! He wanted to stay and watch the race but with all the parking issues it really wouldn’t have worked out.

I bumped into some people from my team, grabbed my bib, and we hung out in the Armory to stay warm. That was the nice thing about this race, having a place to wait before it begins.


It’s such a cool place!! I would love to run on this track one day!

Then we met up with the rest of the crew and I got my singlet so I could represent my team: NYInstarunners!!


I NEVER in a million years would have thought I would be on a running team!! So cool to be able to connect and know so many people. I remember going to this race all by my lonesome last year. Now I was able to say hi and cheer on so many people!!

We quickly went to baggage before the start. I took my 4 Gu Chomps then I headed to my corral. Even though it was a 5k, that has been my new little racing thing: having the Gu Chomps before. They give me a little burst of energy and cure that tiny hunger that I get since I had digested my protein bar and apple from earlier that morning.

Layers: one pair of pants, compressions socks, long socks, a tank, a tight long sleeve shirt, a light jacket, and my singlet, one pair of gloves, my ear warmer and hat. Not too many layers- it wasn’t so terrible out!

Before the race some of my teammates and I were questioning if we were gonna race or just run. Sometimes I am sure I want to race and the rest I just say I will see what happens. This was a “I will see what happens race.”

Mile 1- started off at a nice pace and felt great. It’s an out and back race, I was so excited to cheer on the fast runners (especially the ones on my team or the ones I knew)! We also had a big hill right away and I just said my mantra over and over Hills make us stronger. I saw that I ran my first mile at 9:22 and I told myself that I guess I was just running it.

Mile 2- I guess seeing that 9:22 kicked me into shape because I think I started to pick it up here. I started dodging more people and just felt strong. Towards the end of mile 2 I had to take my hat off because I was sweating so much! I then saw that my split was 8:44 and I said okkk now I am racing.

Mile 3- I just went for it. I said hey, maybe I can PR maybe I can’t but let me do this. I felt strong, I passed people and I just kept moving forward. Last split: 8:20

Official Time: 27:34!!! My last PR was 27:53! I also ran this race last year in 32:49! BIG difference!

After the race I met up with the crew for more pictures and decided to head home! I had a ton of stuff to get done and they were getting brunch a good 15 blocks away from where I had to go to grab a bus so I decided to head home.

I cannot believe I PRed! So unexpected! I LOVED repping my team and wearing our awesome singlets! It was such a great day!!


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Weekly Workouts: Stay Present

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday! Just stopping in to do a recap of my weekly workouts! Tomorrow I will have the Washington Heights 5k Race Recap!



5am workout club for the win! 1 hour of full body strength training done in Supersets alternating between strength workouts and stabilization workouts for each body part. Followed by 15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical, great way to start a Monday!


It was cold but I bundled up for my run anyway (group run was cancelled). My garmin was not locating a signal so I finally decided to try my Nike running app and just go. Well my mind was just not right. I was thinking of the billion things I had to get done when I was finished, I couldn’t look at my pace at all because I had my phone in my coat, and all my gear was bothering me. So with all that going on, naturally my form/pace was so out of whack. I kept having to stop because my ankle was killing me and I just felt awful. I managed 2.5 out and and then came back totaling 5 really crappy miles. Afterwards my lower back/hip was killing me which was something I had never felt before. Oh and my phone died halfway through the run! Just a terrible terrible run.



It was my sister’s birthday and it was 39 degrees out so I decided to run by my parent’s house before we went out to dinner. I figured the pain in my hip/back would just go away.

Nope. 3 miles of pain. I should have stopped right away but I was being a stubborn runner not listening to my body.

When I came home I was in SO much pain and the pain actually moved closer to the front/top of my quad. I took Aleve and used a heating pad on it but was in so much pain.


I wanted to go to the gym but the pain wasn’t gone yet so I decided to listen to my body and take a FULL rest day. The only thing I did was this hip flexor massage technique that I googled because I realized the pain that I was experiencing was definitely in my hip flexor. I rested the whole night and kept the heating pad on it too. 


The massage technique, rest, and heat totally helped because I felt a million times better! I even felt great enough to make it to my sweaty Friday night of pump and spin!


We did a summer themed ride and for 45 minutes we sweat like it was summer!!


I was super nervous to go out for a run but I decided I needed to try. If I felt any pain I told myself that I would just go back in. I decided to not look at my watch and just go on how I felt and boy did I feel amazing on this run! I took it nice and steady, took in the views and sun and just enjoyed myself for 12 miles. My mom gave me some advice- she said that I wasn’t present on my run on Tuesday and that is why I was all over the place and ended up hurting myself. I need to remind myself that I get to run, I don’t have to run and that I should be thankful for every opportunity and stay present. 


Staying present and loving life!


Plus necessary recovery.

That is a wrap up of my weekly workouts! Tomorrow is the Washington Heights 5k with my team! Can’t wait! 

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WIAW: Meal prepping, baking and pizza!

Happy WIAW everyone! I don’t believe the link-up is going on today but I am all about keeping up with my WIAW posts! Who doesn’t love looking at food on a Wednesday? ;-)

Let’s switch it up and start with some meal prep pics:



Green cabbage, TJs Chicken Apple Sausage, Mushrooms, an onion, and Red Wine Vinegar all braised together and served over rice for my dinner this week!

IMG_8484 IMG_8483


Salad this week: this chopped veggie mix, tomatoes, purple sweet potato chunks, TJs grilled chicken, beans, and avocado!


IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8477









Other meal prep: roasted eggplant, brussel sprouts and spinach/onion egg muffins

IMG_8482 IMG_8480 IMG_8479


Now onto some other great eats I have been enjoying!

image3 IMG_8481

Big salads for lunch!


Post long run veggie/mozz omelet and hash browns at the Hoboken Bar and Grill for brunch.

image2 IMG_8500

Fig Smoothie and Post Long Run milk/banana/pb/cocoa blended together for breakfast/re-fuel.

IMG_8510 image1

Homemade pizzas for dinner with the fam: Pear/Gorgonzola/Mozz/Walnuts/Caramelized onions/Proscuitto and the right one is the same except with dates.


My Dad and I made this awesome meatball stew for Sunday Dinner! It was SO good!


Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook for dessert.


Dates with coconut peanut butter & an orange for dessert.


I got hungry for a snack on my drive home the other day and I had this KIND bar in my bag- it hit the spot! ;-)

What was your favorite Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert item this week?


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I am a Fit Fluential Ambassador!

Happy Monday everyone! Just popping in quickly to share some great news I received last week!


Thanks to all of my readers, followers, and visitors I am now a FitFluential Ambassador! FitFluential is a great way to connect with other fitness bloggers and social media people. They have opportunities to review fitness products and work to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle! Check out their website to find articles on fitness, healthy eating and motivation!

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Weekly Workouts Recap: Trying some new things!

Happy Sunday everyone! I was supposed to go to yoga for my active rest day but that would require shoveling the driveway and that would require everyone in the family to be up now (I am at my parent’s house) so maybe some at home yoga will happen later.

I also woke up at like 4ish really hungry so I drank some water and fell asleep and had this dream about needing to eat but not being able to get food. So at 5ish I woke up had a a banana and water because I realized that dream was telling me something and then fell back asleep. I must not have ate enough yesterday after my long run! I am usually SO good about that but I think because of my later brunch plans and then I did some baking and cooking, I realized I skipped over lunch! Not good after a long run! So I woke up around 7ish and even before I had my coffee I had my fig smoothie that I made. It’s so amazing how your body speaks to you for what it needs! I ran 13.1 miles and it needed more food!!

Anyway, sorry for that tangent! I just think fueling is so important and interesting!


Full body workout + Spin class. The woman kept coming to my bike telling me to put my resistance down. I guess I’m used to working with heavier resistance from my Friday class, but I don’t know, it’s like let me do my thing lady!



It was super snowy but I woke up very early (even on my day off) and made it to the gym for a Les Mills Body Combat class. This was my first time trying it and I guess really it’s just kickboxing with a different name? It was a great class, I rarely take kickboxing so it was fun to switch it up!


After that I hit the weights for tris, bis, and shoulders. I listened to the playlist my friend made for our running group. Since it wasn’t a good day to meet up for our run she made a “virtual run with a virtual playlist” so everyone could join! It was such a great idea! But since I don’t run on the treadmill, I listened to the songs while lifting!


8 morning miles. I bundled up and got out there. I really wish I could always run in the morning. My legs are more refreshed, my belly isn’t filled with food, and I’m not exhausted from a day of teaching. Oh well, what can you do, we can’t always be on vacation. :-)



I bundled up again and got out there for some speed work! I haven’t been doing much speed work at all so this was tough. I did a 1 mile warm up, followed by 3 miles of Fartleks, and a 1 mile cool down, 5 tough, but well worth it miles.


Thinking about this winter and lack of speed work, my thoughts on a PR in the NYC Half are kind of not there. If I can PR, awesome! But I don’t want to put that pressure on myself and I’m just trying to tell myself to go out there, enjoy a really cool race and be thankful that I had the opportunity to run it! I am very competitive with myself and I can be hard on myself, but I just keep telling myself that with this weather and my fall on my tailbone in January, that I am doing the best that I can to stay in running shape and that is all that matters! :-)

Later on that day I went to the dreaded Soul Cycle class. So glad I worked out in the morning, I think the only reason I sweat was because the heat was blasting and there were candles lit. ::insert laughing crying emoji here::


A great Body Pump and REAL Spin class as always. We did a ladder ride, going down the ladder which meant we started the class with the longest song at 7 and a half minutes and finished the class with a 2 and a half minute song. There was some tabata thrown in there too (literally my favorite)!


I bundled up and headed out there for my long run! I saw 18 degrees and got excited because I thought it was warm- really, is that normal to think 18 degrees is warm? I kept getting hot then cold then hot. Taking off my gloves, putting them on, taking off my neck warmer, putting it on, adjusting everything was kind of annoying. Later on in the day I realized that I even got either a wind burn or frost bite on my cheeks and forehead because I have this rash type thing, ekk!


Other than that the run was great. My legs did feel heavy from pump & spin and I think just the cold weather makes the muscles heavier and harder to move. I took a quick walking break half way through when I had my Gu and then finished out strong. 13.1 miles done!


Rest day and shoveling- boo!

Back to the regular grind tomorrow. I had a really great week enjoying my staycation! Feeling nice and refreshed to get back to the regular routine!

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Friday Randomness

Happy Friday to those who have been working all week! For me, Friday came fast since I have been off all week-. I love that I have been able to post everyday this week! Unfortunately my staycation is coming to a close but I definitely have really enjoyed it. I have been productive and tried some new things! Quite a success!


I finally used a gift card that I had for over a year to get a relaxing spa manicure at The Fountain. This place isn’t your typical nail place, it’s a luxurious spa, so you feel more pampered and relaxed when getting a manicure there!

After I finished I was kind of hungry (that 3-4 hunger hour) and planned to get a latte and a granola bar at Barnes & Noble, but as I was walking over to B&N I spotted an Orange Leaf Fro-Yo. I had never tried Orange Leaf and I hadn’t had fro-yo in so long so I treated myself!


Vanilla & PB fro-yo with strawberries, kiwi, granola, chocolate covered raisins and a PB sauce. It was delicious (not like my fav 16 Handles), a little pricey, and they didn’t have any reese’s PB cup crumbles, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


I have a TON of gift cards to B&N (hello, great teacher gift ;-) ) so I decided to explore and have some fun! I bought Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe book, I love her website so I decided this was a must! I found this Yoga book on sale for $10, so why not, and I got the latest copy of Runner’s World Magazine. I also used my Educator discount, so I got a great deal on my purchase! Hopefully I can try some at home yoga with my new book and I definitely want to try a recipe this weekend!


Post-run layout all the wet clothes. I had 5 layers on top yesterday!! Where is spring?


Towards the end of my speed work session I had this strange craving for chocolate milk. I think that when you are having a craving, you need to honor it because it’s your body’s way of telling you it needs something. I had this right when I got home while stretching: 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, frozen strawberries, and some drizzle of honey and agave nectar. So good and exactly what my body was craving (helps repair those muscles after a speed work session)!


I needed a case of water at Shop Rite so I naturally spent $20 on random things. I found Larabar’s Renola! I had won this over the summer and really liked it, but never found them in a store! Can’t wait to add them to some Greek Yogurt. Some tuna cans, tea, and onion, and oddly shaped purple sweet potato and a free sample of a mini Larabar that the RD at Shop Rite had in a basket. I have to admit, I have never tried a Larabar before- I will let you know how I like it!


I’ve been enjoying random meals this week since I had the time! Half an onion, ground turkey, some beans, and half a potato all sauteed together, with kale and roasted veggies on the side.


This morning (since it is 1 degree out) I wanted something warm but just oatmeal alone isn’t filling enough and I wasn’t in the mood for eggy oatmeal. So I decided to cook warm oatmeal and mix in greek yogurt, chia seeds, PB and a banana sliced. I really liked the combination! Creamy and filling and yummy!

Other than that I have been busy cleaning, getting some reading in, and enjoying my days off! Today I have Body Pump and Spin at night so no workouts this AM for me. I am going to get my food shopping and maybe even do my meal prep today since I have the time.

Tomorrow is a long solo run (in the cold) followed by brunch with a friend! Other than that another quiet weekend. I think it’s just too cold to do anything. That’s okay though because my March weekends are jammed packed with two races coming up, a wedding, and my make up class with my sister and my cooking class with my dad. So many great things to look forward to!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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True Life: I went to Soul Cycle and didn’t like it

A friend of mine sent me an email to take a free Soul Cycle class and since I had off this week I figured why not. I wore my new capris for the occasion!


I headed to the Union Square studio, located in a pretty trendy area of Manhattan on 18th a little past 5th Ave.



As I walked in I was greeted with big hellos from all the girls at the front desk. I signed a “first time rider” release and was taken to the “locker room” by one of the girls. They kept asking if I needed to rent shoes and buy water, but I brought my own.


The locker room was in a very narrow hallway and the lockers have digital locks on them that you choose a code to use. (When I got out of my class, this hallway was super crowded with all the people for the next class, not easy to get to my locker).

The bathrooms/showers were nice and they had deodorant, face wash, hair ties, tampons, etc. available to use.

I then went back upstairs and waited for the studio to open. Once it did, I found my bike (they assign you a bike ahead of time) and adjusted the bike. There were plenty of assistants in there to help you with your bike as well as a body guard for some reason. (I swear he was watching me when I tried to sneak pictures haha).


Pre-ride selfie. 

The ride began and the room was totally dark, except for some candles and lights to illuminate the instructor’s face.


NOT that I am judging but I am stating a fact that the teacher wore a Lululemon one piece jumper. Not judging. Just saying…

Anyway. We started off immediately in 3 (where most of the ride was) and she had us put on a ton of resistance right away. Then all of the sudden she was doing these push-ups on the bike. Then there was bouncing side to side. Back to the push-ups. Then some bouncing back and forth. This continued for most of the class. Like I said, a ton of work in 3, not a lot in the saddle.

Then for a song we picked up these 1 lb. weights and did some bicep, tricep, shoulder and then some moves that I think weren’t working any muscle. Yes, 1 lb. weights. I should have picked up my water bottles, they would have been heavier.

Then we rode with our hands behind our backs.

Back to that side to side bouncing.

More push-ups.


I wish I was the genius that invented this place. If you can tell New Yorkers it’s trendy, they will be sold (and pay $35 a class).

Indoor cycling is a way to mimic outdoor cycling. You work on endurance, speed, power, and strength throughout the ride. I’ve never seen an outdoor cyclist do push-ups or ride with their hands behind their back.

Not to mention, are you really working your chest/shoulders when doing this on a bike? I’m not a professional, but isn’t a push-up meant to use your body weight and help work on core stabilization. I kind of think the push-up on a bike isn’t doing a thing, except making everyone look like an idiot?

So all in all, I hated Soul Cycle. Sorry I’m not trendy, sorry I don’t wear make-up to the gym, and sorry I do my push-ups on the ground.

If any New Yorker’s want a real cycling class take Melissa Morin’s classes at NYSC. There won’t be push-ups but you will great a real workout.

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WIAW: Week Off Eats!

Happy WIAW everyone!


I have the week off from school so I am changing things up this week with more meals out, leftovers, and ingredient prep rather than meal prep, since I have more time to be a little creative!



Post Long Freezing Run, eggy-banana-pb-oatmeal.


Post Yoga Banana PB Cocoa Smoothie

image7 image8

I found these awesome frozen whole green figs at Trader Joe’s so I made a smoothie! 3 frozen figs, 1/2 cup rolled oats, almond butter, chia seed, Fage Greek Yogurt and milk topped with some crunchy Kashi Go Lean! SO delicious!

IMG_8435 FullSizeRender_1

I spotted these Protein Kodiak Cakes at Target yesterday and decided to try them out! They have 14 g of protein but when you add milk and an egg you get 21g of protein! I decided to make them after my 8 miler this morning with milk, an egg and a banana and drizzled them with agave nectar and almond butter. They were SO good and I am full! I never eat pancakes because I feel like I eat them and I am hungry two seconds later. These are going to be a new staple for me (well probably on the weekends, too much work during the week)! Mmmm I could do banana and chocolate chips, or walnuts, or strawberry, mmm the possibilities are endless!



Broccoli, Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Two Hard Boiled eggs with balsamic dressing and a sweet potato with almond butter on the side.


Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Raisins, Potato, Tuna and an Mandarin Orange Dressing.


Lunch out with mom at my favorite spot: The Rolling Pin

Butternut Squash Soup, Mesclun Salad with Roasted Shallots, Goat Cheese and a Sherry Vinaigrette, with a scoop of herb roasted chicken salad. The soup comes with a biscuit but I asked for their amazing sweet potato salad instead! SO good!


Salad: Spinach, Tomato, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Avocado (that is not ripe-ugh), ground turkey with TJs Champagne Vinaigrette with a baked potato on the side.



Before 50 Shades (on the left my meal) Kale, Raisin, Chicken, Quinoa Salad along with some sweet potato fries.


This was my meal prep (ground turkey) along with roasted veggies, so I can be a little creative in the kitchen this week!


Here is a sneak at some of my “creativity” Loaded Baked Potato topped with ground turkey, tomatoes and black beans. With a side of kale and roasted veggies.

image4 IMG_8366

Just a sample of some of the amazing Spanish food I had at Casa Vasca with my family!



Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


Snow Peas, Cottage Cheese with Raisins and Almonds.

image5 image6

Dessert at Casa Vasca- orange cake, flan, ice cream, and fruit!

FullSizeRender image1

Love Grown Power O’s (new find at Target!) with a banana and milk.

Hope you are all staying warm if you are here in the Northeast! It’s 24 degrees right now and that feels warm!!

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