WIAW: Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy WIAW everyone!



Today I am sharing with you some yummy eats from Sunday during Memorial Day Weekend! I had a great weekend hanging out at the pool and eating grilled food with my family! It was so nice to get a taste of summer!



Coffee, water, an apple and some Puffins Cereal

Mid-workout Snack (before spin and after weights):


PB & Chocolate Smart Detour Bar



A giant Green Smoothie: Spinach, Banana, Strawberries, Pineapple, Steel Cut Oats, Chia Seeds, and Fage Greek Yogurt.



A salad, sweet potato, and orange seltzer on the back patio.

Appetizer before Dinner:



Alouette, crackers, and carrots.


I had the fun task of making our burgers! I stuffed them with some leftover cheese we had in the fridge: feta, quattro formaggio and mozzarella.



Burgers on a Big English Muffin, Grilled Corn on the Cobb, Macaroni and Potato Salad and Kale on the side


image2 image1


I love grilling season so much!



A big bowl of watermelon and a S’More!

We had some delicious eats on Memorial Day Weekend! Grilling Season is the best!

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Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing a recipe that I adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie. I used this recipe, Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are featured in her cookbook. The measurements from the link seem to be less than they are in the cookbook.

I was given the mission to bake for some people who have diabetes. Do you know how hard it is to find a recipe that has no sugar in it? I feel so bad for people with diabetes, it must be so hard for them. I decided to use Splenda and Coconut Sugar for this recipe as well as mini chocolate chips to lower the amount of actual sugar.

First I gathered all the ingredients.


It called for 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of sugar so I used 7 splenda packets which is the same equivalent.


Mixed the dry and wet ingredients together:





The batter was super sticky, I have a feeling it could be because of the Splenda.

And Voila:



They were very tasty and the people that I made them for loved them as well! I love baking and cooking for others. :-)

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Weekly Workouts: Planning and Getting Creative

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week! Since I am injured and life is super busy right now, I need to be as creative as possible with my workouts. I can’t just lace up my sneakers and go for a run at whatever time I want. I have to figure out class times, work with my PT schedule, and come up with cardio/strength workouts that won’t make me bored.

Hence this:


Getting out my workout log/calendar, using the internet (do you love my Android Tablet that my Dad got for free and gave to me! I’m obsessed :-) ), using fitness books and printing out workouts from blogs and fitness articles. It takes time but it’s actually kind of fun! I kind of like the challenge to see what I can come up with!

So after doing all this planning, here is what my week look liked:



5am workout: Amazing and Sweaty strength/cardio circuit.

Later that day I went to my first podiatrist appointment. He said I am 100% a candidate for orthotics. I have high arches and my left foot totally curves in and you can see it! Now I see why my left side keeps getting injured. He also made me do downward dog in the office and showed me how tight my muscles are (my hamstrings are VERY tight and I’ve known that). He thinks I need to be doing Sun Saltutations every morning if I want to be healthy for the marathon, so I have been trying!


I found a great low impact cardio circuit which included modified burpees because my PT said no impact exercises allowed. This left me very sweaty and I felt like I got an awesome workout in!

After that I went to PT.


Damn I look exhausted in this picture. 


I had a Doctor’s Appt and I knew that by the time I got home walking all the way to the gym wouldn’t happen. So I did an at home workout!

IMG_9808 IMG_9807

Got in a great stability ball plank workout and a strength workout with my dumbbells.


I was going to try my hand at a TRX workout that I found online but then Jen posted this workout and I knew I had to try it!



Holy back soreness! This was awesome, I was sweaty + sore = great workout!

Then I went to PT and I did some pre-running work!! I ran on a trampoline for 3 minutes!! It was so fun and I felt like I was running! I felt a tiny twinge of pain toward the end of the 3 minutes but nothing unbearable. Looks like my hopes for that UAE 10k on the 30th is not happening. I wish there was a way to get your money back from all these missed races. Homegirl lives paycheck to paycheck over here, can NYRR help a girl out?!



Pump + Spin to kick off my 3 Day Memorial Day weekend! That spin class just makes me feel so damn good about life!


Rest Day- my pump/spin classes were cancelled this morning so I did meal prep/food shopping super early today so I could grab lunch with my best friend in the afternoon!



Since I missed out on my Saturday of sweatyness I decided to do it on Sunday. I went to a new to me NYSC in the area by my parents, which was small and nice! I made my own Body Pump class by making a playlist and just doing Body Pump moves for each body part with each track. It lasted about 45 minutes to do a 55 minute class (I guess my music wasn’t as long) but I did feel sore later on, so I must have done something right! I then took a spin class which ended up going past the 45 minute mark. I have taken this woman’s class before and she is pretty good (not as good as Melissa) but I was super sweaty towards the end so I had to be doing something right! They were also Schwinn Bikes so I kept thinking about how Melissa tells us to work our watts and I paid attention to that during the ride. The teacher didn’t mention the monitor once during the class so I just kept an eye on it as we went.

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this past week! Hope you enjoyed your week of workouts too!

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Meal Prep: Brinner!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the longer weekend if you are in the U.S. for Memorial Day!


I’m linking up with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up!

Yesterday I got myself to Trader Joe’s right when they opened at 8am and finished all my meal prep by 11am!



Hard Boiled Eggs (recycled photo).


Butternut Squash- I’m starting to turn orange again so I may need to switch up the breakfast  and sweet potato rotation again! Oops- what can I say, I love orange foods!



Salads- Roman Beans, Cucumber, Tomato, Beets, TJs Veggie 8 mix, Avocado and TJs grilled chicken.


Super large sweet potatoes!


Since it is only a 4 day work week I only had to make 4 meals. I decided to make “Brinner” this week! Breakfast for dinner!


First I sauteed a bag of sliced peppers, half a bag of chopped spinach, and half an onion.


Then I let it cool a little.

Then I mixed it in a bowl with 4 eggs, some shredded mozzarella cheese, and some milk.


Put it in a sprayed pan. I also put in 4 chicken apple sausage links cut in 4 pieces each in the batter. I lined them in a way that would help me know where to cut.


Then let it cook for about a half an hour at 350 and then another half hour at 400.



I also cooked some small baby potatoes as my carb to go along with it.


How cute are they?! I boiled them first, then finished them up in a pan with oil and the other half of the onion.


I was kind of in a rush so I didn’t have time to let it cool so it kinda fell apart as I cut it. What can you do? It still will be delicious! :-)


Also, some roasted broccoli and roasted Brussel sprouts as a side.



Cut up strawberries.

That is my meal prep for this week! Didn’t take too long and it’s something different!

Do you ever have Brinner- Breakfast for Dinner?


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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Memorial Day weekend! So looking forward to the pool opening up!!

Here are some of my favorites from this week!

Favorite “Treat Yo Self” Things:


I had to buy a gift for my Godson’s new baby brother (sooo exciting!) and while I was shopping I decided to take a gander at the workout apparel at Kohl’s. I got the capri’s for 18 and the tank and the sports bra for 12 each!


Fresh Mani/Pedi

Favorite Beverage


Homemade iced coffee with almond milk and cinnamon

Favorite Eats 

I went out to dinner with my sister and her friends Saturday night at On the Border and I got this yummy mango chicken salad that I ate with ALL the tortilla chips ;-)


Favorite Links

Good for this guy!

Can’t wait to try this!


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WIAW: Sunday Dinner!

Happy WIAW everyone!



I decided to document my day of eats from Sunday! I love Sundays because they are my day to hang with my family and enjoy a fun family dinner together.



Water, coffee (not pictured), Ezekial toast with almond butter and jelly and a smoothie made with spinach, pineapple, strawberries, a banana, water and Greek yogurt.



A big salad made with kale (sauteed with olive oil and cinnamon), broccoli, carrots, a diced apple, and two hard boiled eggs mixed with mustard and a side of TJs Sparkling Mandarin Orange. This was such a yummy combo filled with some great veggies!


I cut up some Mangoes and Watermelon for the fam and I. Is anyone able to cut up watermelon/fruit without eating it as you go? I certainly cannot! :-)

IMG_9771 image1


IMG_9769 IMG_9770

MMmmmm, love fresh fruit!


We also had some Allouette and Crackers for some snacks before dinner.


I made Sunday dinner for everyone!


I used an onion, some garlic cloves, tomatoes, frozen shrimp, seasoning, olive oil, white wine, and butter to make a yummy meal!


Super easy to cook!

We also grilled up some yellow and green squash.


Served over pasta!


And voila:


A yummy Sunday night dinner! I am very proud of myself for whipping this up pretty quick! I have become quite the chef over time ;-)


S’mores on the grill and fresh cut up mango and watermelon!

IMG_9788 IMG_9787


What is your favorite summer time treat? Fro-yo and fresh watermelon are my favorites.

What is your favorite seafood? I like shrimp and lobster!

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week! 

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New Breakfast Idea: Baked Oatmeal

After seeing Meredith’s post about having Baked Oatmeal on Mother’s Day, all I could think about was having baked oatmeal. I’ve never tried it before and decided to do some googling.

I came across a bunch of Single Serving Baked Oatmeal Recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie.

I decided to make this one: Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal

I got all the ingredients together:


I followed the recipe exactly except I used 1 tsp of sugar instead of 1 tbsp.


Made the dry and wet ingredients separate


Mixed together


Baked for 20 minutes and threw it in the broiler for about 2 minutes to get that brown crust (be sure to watch it or it will burn)! Served with a Greek yogurt, banana (I used the rest of the banana from the recipe), and cinnamon smoothie.

I’m sure this isn’t as good as Diner baked oatmeal (dying to find a diner near me that serves it, I have never seen it on a menu before!) but it was a delicious, comforting and yummy relaxing breakfast!



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Weekly Workouts!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed the week! He is  a recap of my workouts this past week!



5am workout club, awesome Full Body Strength Circuit! Plus PT that afternoon.


I did a plank workout and then this 10 to 6 workout from Peanut Butter Runner! The jumping jacks and burpees were not the best decision for the ankle but I need fun and different workouts to get in cardio aside from sitting on the elliptical.


Then I headed to PT.


My legs were feeling pretty sore from my workouts plus the PT sessions so I decided to do a 30 minute Upper Body Strength Session plus a plank workout and a 30 minute swim.



I made my own variation of the “10 to 6″ workout with different excercises except I went from 10 to 1! It was so fun doing a “reverse pyramid” workout. Then headed to another PT session. Trying to get strong!


Pump + Spin


Wet ponytail status



Round 2 of Pump and Spin for a Saturday morning win!


Total Rest Day! I went out on Saturday night and got home kinda late, so sleeping in and taking a rest day was in order!

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Meal Prep for the win!

Happy Sunday Readers! I am linking up with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers again this week!


I got my meal prep done at my parent’s house this week. I love having a bigger kitchen to spread out and take over! ;-)



Hard Boiled Eggs


Butternut Squash Sauteed Cooked in Coconut Oil and Cinnamon



Salads: Beans, Beets, TJs Veggie 8 Mix, Cucumber, Avocado, and TJs Grilled Chicken. I think I need to spice it up next time and try adding some fruit for a fun springy salad!


Large Sweet Potatoes- gotta get my money’s worth ;-) $0.49 each baby!


IMG_9725 IMG_9728

Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley. Cooking it in chicken broth gives it so much great flavor!

For my main meal I decided to make Turkey Meatballs which I haven’t had in awhile!



Ingredients: Fresh Spinach and half an onion sauteed together. Then combine it with a pound of ground turkey, an egg, some bread crumbs and some milk.


And bake for about a half an hour at 425 (I am so bad about remembering how long I cook things for).


I also cut up some zucchini and sauteed it with the other half of the onion.


Here is my meal:


I also roasted some veggies for sides:





They had the 2 pound strawberries back!

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Friday Favs!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Last week I decided to share some favorites from the past week so I decided why not do it again!

Favorite Finds from this week:


Mandarin Orange flavored sparkling water!


A new almond butter from Trader Joe’s. This one is made with raw almonds instead of roasted! I haven’t tried it yet because I am finishing up my old jar, but I will let you know how it is once I try it!



I was doing some googling to try and find cereals that were most healthy and low in sugar. Cereals often contain way too much sugar and actually aren’t as great for you as you think. I don’t really eat cereal for breakfast but it’s a yummy snack, great to top on a smoothie and great for a pre/post workout snack! This cereal only had 5g of sugar and it’s delicious!

Favorite foods from this week:


This egg concoction that I made. Two sunny side up eggs over half a baked potato topped with guacamole and greek yogurt. Such a yummy and random lunch!


I went out to dinner at this yummy farm to table restaurant and tried Falafel for this first time! It is so good, I didn’t know what I was missing! It came with a yummy tahini sauce for dipping too.


I also had this really awesome salad there. It has a bunch of roasted veggies: beets, butternut squash, onions, tomatoes, and a few other things. It also comes with crostini with goat cheese and I asked for grilled chicken and the carrot ginger dressing. So good!!


I love that it is ice cream season. Chocolate and vanilla swirl with hot fudge!

Favorite Links:

20 Cereals that are Actually Healthy

50 Awesome Pre and Post Workout Snacks


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