Meal Prep Saturday + Kitchen Reveal!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all surviving this cold weather if you live in the Northeast here. For everyone else, if you are in warm weather- I am jealous!


Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for the link-up!

I decided to meal prep at my parent’s house yesterday. Sometimes prepping in my small kitchen with no dishwasher can just be frustrating. I hope to one day have my own apartment with my own kitchen and dishwasher, but until then I can borrow my parent’s beautiful renovated kitchen! Pics will follow the meal prep post!



Hard Boiled eggs, which I completely forgot about and left on for a good 40 minutes. OOPs, I am going to be eating some very overdone eggs this week.



Salads- TJ’s Veggie 8 Mix, Tomatoes, Chickpeas, Cucumber, Grapes, Avocado and TJs grilled chicken.


Sweet Potatoes


On Saturday I have my final super long run (20 miles) so I decided this week would be a great idea to prep what I will eat the same week as the marathon. Simple food with CARBS!


I bought a bag of Brown Rice & Quinoa Pasta.

Cut up 5 tomatoes and drizzled them with Olive Oil and sprinkled Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. I also marinated chicken tenders in Olive Oil and, Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper.

Laid them all out on a baking dish and roasted for about a half hour (until the chicken was cooked and the tomatoes were nice and roasted).


Served over pasta.


I’ve had this meal before and it’s wholesome, good mix of carbs, protein and veggies and it is delicious! They say you are supposed to back off of fiber during marathon week and cut back from the veggies too. I get it, but to be TMI veggies keeps things going if you know what I mean so I don’t want to back off of them too much.

IMG_1453 IMG_1452

I also made some zucchini sauteed with an onion and roasted Brussels sprouts.

That is a wrap of my prep this week! Want to see the new kitchen?


Fridge, coffee/breakfast nook. On the top of the fridge is where we keep cutting boards and baking sheets and racks. We used to keep all that stuff in the oven because there was no room anywhere. Now it has it’s own convenient place!


LOVE the deep deep sink!


Ahhh a microwave that doesn’t shut off every time you use it (our old one kept shorting out).


We plan on hanging a painting and a clock up. Don’t you love the red wall and the nice shutters?

We are in LOVE with our kitchen. My parents have worked so hard all their life for a nice house and nice things and this is a nice celebration of that!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!

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Recent Eats!

Hello everyone! Checking in on this rainy, cold, Thursday night! Not a fan of this weather changing, can we go back to summer??

Anyway, I have some pics of food on my phone so why not do what I do best and share them with you all!


Who else is obsessed with ALL things PUMPKIN? I found these pumpkin chips and delicious Pumpkin English Muffins. YUM!


I made Cinnamon cookies and put the pumpkin chips in them. A very yummy and festive treat.


My first pumpkin coffee of the season from Quick Check. I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I’m not someone who could have pumpkin coffee everyday but on occasion I like to have pumpkin brewed coffee.


A tomato salad.


That went with this awesome mozzarella, parmesan, spinach, homemade tomato sauce bake.


Fresh fruit salad made by yours truly. Grapes are so awesome right now and the right price too!


Tried one of my Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups- sooo yummy! Perfect little treat!


I thought my breakfast looked pretty so I took a picture. Homemade granola, a banana over Greek yogurt.

That is a wrap of some things I have been eating this week!

Best thing you ate this week?

Sweet or savory?


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Week 13: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Last week went by in a flash and I realized I took zero pictures of my workouts except for my Long Run, so sorry for the lack of pictures in this post!!


5 Mile 5 am Run by my parent’s, I decided to stay the night and get an early morning run in! After work I headed to the gym to do upper body lifting plus much needed PT work for my legs and ankles. I see such a difference in my runs and my body when I incorporate PT exercises into my routine once a week.


4 Miles with The Casual Tuesdays. We had an awesome Dance Break at the 2 mile mark this week!


I had off! So I took advantage by cleaning my room ALL morning- such a work out. Then I took a mid-day Body Pump class. They released Body Pump 95 and I LOVED it! I am def going to look into Body Pump certification after the Marathon is over.

Then I headed down to World Trade Center and taught a Spin class at NYSC City Hall. I had 17 people!! The most I have ever had! I used my mic for the first time which felt weird but kind of cool! I also got some great feedback from people. They mentioned they liked my ladder drills and that they had a great workout!! I LOVE teaching spin. It is a time where I can be creative, empower and help people!


5 miles by my parent’s house before Back to School night- what a BUSY day.


Rest Day.


Let’s recap my super long run (19 miles!!!) along with some nutrition! The day/night before I tried to increase my carb intake. They had bagels at work so I took one for Saturday morning and I had a mini one with peanut butter and a pear at work for a mid-morning snack.


This was my night snack on Friday. I love this combo- a rice cake, PB, and dark chocolate chips. Along with some grapes and chamomile tea.

Saturday morning I woke up super early on my own like I am saying 4:45-5am early. I just get really excited to go for my long run that I can’t sleep!

I had coffee, water, a bagel with almond butter and jelly, an apple and two hard boiled eggs. At this point I really want to try and mimic the marathon. My plan is to have this same breakfast that morning and bring a second bagel with almond butter and jelly to the start. I wanted to see how my stomach handled eggs before a long run and I was great! I know that your body doesn’t utilize the protein for energy however, starting my day off with protein will keep me more full and satisfied while I hang out in Staten Island for a few hours waiting for the start.


I also have mentioned that I have had some weird foot cramping. I have been drinking Nuun during my long runs but it hasn’t been working too well. I realized that I am not going to be carrying water bottles with me at the marathon and I plan to drink at the water/gatorade stops. I decided to buy some lemon gatorade since that is what they provide during the race, to see how it worked for me. Well- I am SO glad I did because that foot cramping didn’t happen and I really think it got me through the run.

I also had water with me too. I always make sure to drink water when I have my Gus. I took Gu at Mile 5, 10, and 15. I also put my headphones on at mile 15 to get me through the last 4.

I have to say I felt super strong during this run. Yea there was pains and aches here and there but what do you expect when you are running for 3 hours and 38 minutes (yes that is how long it took me!). I did 3 loops of Central Park plus a little more to get the 19 in.


I refueled at Whole Foods with a Cinnamon Raisin Baguette Sandwich with Ham, Brie and Honey Mustard and my usual side of water and chocolate milk. YUM!


We are only 5 weeks away from the marathon- I am getting SO excited!!!!!!


Rest Day- well I did go to this walk for Pancreatic Cancer, but it was super quick around a parking lot, so it’s still a rest day! :)


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Meal Prep: A twist on Mac and Cheese!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the weekend! I definitely have, got in food shopping/meal prep, my long run, a mani/pedi and went to a housewarming party! It has been busy but great!!

Let’s check out what I prepped Friday night! When I have a super long run on Saturday I skip Pump/Spin for my usual sweaty Friday night. Since I had to do 19 yesterday, I went grocery shopping and cooked Friday night. Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up!




A bunch of hard boiled eggs.



Salads- Black Beans, TJ’s Veggie 8 Mix, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Avocado, Grapes, and TJs Grilled chicken.


Sweet Potatoes (Recycled Photo)


Ever since I saw this Mac and Cheese article I had been brainstorming a way that I could make my own Mac and Cheese with a twist. Mac and Cheese is my comfort food 100%. But sometimes it’s not always the healthiest (yup I have consumed many of those boxed Mac and Cheeses LOL).

I found this interesting Cous Cous at Trader Joes. I have been wanting to switch up the carbs I eat for dinner, it’s usually potatoes, rice or quinoa or quinoa pasta.

IMG_1383 image2

I hadn’t had Cous Cous in SO long and it was $1.99 so I am all about that! Quinoa is $5.99! It also only takes 5 minutes to cook.

I boiled some Cauliflower and let it get really soft.


Then I put it in a blender and added milk, left over mozzarella from last week’s meal and some of this shaved cheese that I bought too. Along with salt and pepper.

image3 FullSizeRender

Then I cooked up some ground turkey and then I added the cauliflower cheese sauce and cous cous, mixed it all together and let it simmer together for a bit.

image6 image7

It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes awesome! A twist on Mac and Cheese!

image4 image1

I also roasted carrots and cooked some zucchini and an onion together for sides.

OH and I have officially embraced the Fall…


Um that Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter tasted like pumpkin pie. It. Is. Amazing.


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What’s in My Gym Bag

If you are like me and you carry your life with you in your gym bag, raise your hands up!

The other day I mentioned how I scored this awesome backpack at Target for $7.48. When I was switching my things over from my old gym bag I decided to snap some pics for a fun “What’s in my Gym Bag” post!


Here is the fabulous and inexpensive backpack!




Flip Flops in case I need to shower, a bathing suit and swim cap for the days I want to swim for my cardio.


Workout gloves for lifting, my Garmin & Heart Rate monitor, my tablet for when I am teaching a spin class.


For teaching/taking Spin: Cycling Shoes, My microphone, a stopwatch, and an adaptor to plug in my music (just in case there isn’t one available).


PT Bands, Nuun, a Golf Ball, Sunglasses, Gum, Headphones and my iPod shuffle, bandaids, tampons, a toothbrush, chapstick, deodorant, arnicare (for those tight muscles), hand sanitizer, and my lock.


My training journal.


My Spin binder with the rides I have planned.

Not pictured but usually in there: Gym Clothes, socks, a granola bar, sneakers, and water.

What are your essentials for your Gym Bag?

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Friday Favorites!

Happy Happy Friday everyone!! I am back to being one of those people who can’t wait for Friday since I’m back to work!

Favorite Salad:


OK- so I meant to put this on my Recent Eats post but life got away with me and I forgot. So here is an awesome salad I made! Kale sauteed in olive oil, cinnamon and raisins, shredded carrots, tomatoes, leftover grilled zucchini, turkey breast and these amazing honey roasted almonds- SO good!

Favorite Dinner:


Sunday Dinner with the fam: spaghetti, homemade sauce and brasoila.

Favorite Target Finds:


Buttery Caramel K-Cups, 85% Dark Chocolate, a Justin’s Dark PB cup for only $1 (I can’t wait to try them- always way too expensive to buy), and La Croix Pineapple and Strawberry! I LOVE Target oh so much.

Favorite Target Deal:


I have been saying I need to start using a backpack for the gym for quite sometime now. I am always lugging around so many things, spin shoes, water bottles, etc. and it is so heavy for one side of my body. I was taking a look at some of the backpacks that were all $30-$50. I was bummed because I was hoping for a $20 backpack. I picked up this one, looked at the price tag: $7.48!!!!!! Holla!!! I was shocked and SO excited! I am going to do a “What’s in my Gym Bag” post for fun soon!

Favorite Links:


Mac N’ Cheese is my ultimate comfort food!

Favorite Moment:


Getting my own official Spin class!!! If you live in NYC or are around NYC come take my class at 23rd and 8th every Wednesday at 6:15pm!!

That is a wrap of my Friday Favs!

What is your favorite thing this week (food, moment, website, find, etc.)

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Peach and Plum Galette Recipe

I have a very exciting recipe to share with you today! On Sunday, I was in this total mood to bake. I had been perusing this blog I found this recipe for a tomato galette. To be honest I had never heard of a galette before, however when I decided I wanted to bake I thought about taking this savory recipe and making it sweet!

Recipe for the dough from Cooking with Cakes:

  • DOUGH:
  • 1/2 cup Salted Butter
  • 1 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour, sifted
  • pinch of Salt
  • pinch of Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Cold Water – approx. (I actually used more than 1/3, I kept putting in a tablespoon at a time until it was a consistency I liked.)
  • Two hard peaches and two hard plums
  • 2 tablespoons of canola oil (plus more to brush the crust)
  • 1 tablespoons of sugar (plus more to sprinkle on crust)
  • A few big sprinkles of cinnamon

IMG_1345 IMG_1346

Some of this recipe is from Cooking with Cakes- I give her all the credit for the dough! 


  1. Begin by preparing the dough. Using a handheld cheese grater grate butter into a small bowl, then freeze for 10 minutes. While butter freezes, combine flour, salt, and sugar in large mixing bowl.
  2. When ready, whisk cold grated butter into flour mixture until a mealy texture takes hold, then slowly begin adding water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until dough takes shape. Next, gather dough in a ball and transfer to lightly floured surface before shaping into a flattened round.  Tightly wrap in plastic wrap, then refrigerate for 45 minutes until dough is firm and cold.
  3. While dough chills, make your filling. Slice the peaches and plums. Put them in a bowl. Toss them with 2 tablespoons of canola oil, 1 tablespoon of sugar and a few big  sprinkles of cinnamon.


4. Preheat oven to 375F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper, sprinkling the top with a touch of flour. With a floured rolling-pin roll out the chilled dough into a 1/8″ thick sheet, then transfer to parchment-lined baking sheet.


5. Fill the middle of the rounded dough with the peach and plum filling. Roll up the sides of the galette, giving about a 1-2 inch border.


6. Brush the dough with canola oil and sprinkle sugar over it.

7. Bake for an hour but be sure to check on it at the 45 minute mark.

8. Enjoy! (We didn’t have any vanilla ice cream but I bet it would be awesome on top!!!)





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Recent Eats and a Painting!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is going great! I have completely fallen off the WIAW bandwagon. To be honest, I couldn’t keep up with who was hosting the link-up and documenting a whole day of food is kind of annoying. So I just like to share some yummy things I have been eating lately!


Post long run- eggy cinnamon oatmeal (just add two eggs and cinnamon to rolled oat when they are almost done cooking, turn the heat up and swirl them in) with banana, strawberries, almonds and a splash of milk.

IMG_1332 IMG_1333

I ordered food Saturday night from a place in Hoboken- Mr. Wraps that I haven’t had in AGES! A side salad with this delicious sherry vinaigrette and their Tuna melt wrap (tuna, swiss cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomato) on a whole wheat wrap. SO good!


An oldie but a goodie smoothie that I haven’t had in so long. It’s like a milk shake: Greek yogurt, a banana, water, peanut butter and cocoa powder all blended together and topped with some of my peanut butter granola.


This has nothing to do with food but I wanted to share anyway, my friend and I took a painting class Saturday night to celebrate her birthday and we did Van Gogh’s a starry night. SO hard but so fun and relaxing to just hang out and paint for a few hours!

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Week 12: TCS NYC Marathon Training + Spin!!

Happy Monday everyone! Today is my first Monday at work since the past two have been holidays. Hope no one has a case of the Mondays! :-)

Before I recap Week 12, I have some exciting news! I am now teaching Spin (indoor cycling) for NYSC!! I am currently on their sub list but I am so excited to be subbing and getting my foot in the fitness door world. I think subbing is great for me right now since I am in marathon training and have a full time job. When the marathon is over hopefully I can get more into subbing or try and audition to teach other group exercise classes!


I headed to the gym by my parent’s house and practiced a ride that I created for my class that I was subbing that night. I wanted to make sure my cues were on point and that it all made sense. I left very sweaty so that made me feel like it was good! I then did about a half hour of strength training because that was about all I was in the mood for after doing my practice ride.


That night I headed into the city and taught my first class! I had 4 people which was perfect for a first class. Everyone stayed the whole time and they looked like they were sweaty and working hard so I think I did a good job! I had such a blast and just felt SO empowered to be teaching and making people work hard and feel good.


I was so elated! 


4 miles with the Casual Tuesdays!



I had about 45 minutes to workout at the gym so I put on my “homemade Body Pump” playlist and did my own version of pump. I have taken the class so many times that I feel like I have an idea of some of the cues, moves, etc. I was sore the next day so I must have done something right! :-)

Then I headed into the city to sub another class!!! This time I had 8 people!


I think I will do a post sharing some of my rides/music selection, I would love feedback on how I am doing!



My training plan said 8 miles with speed work but my mind and body was in the mood to zone out for 8 miles. It’s not that I couldn’t run, I just couldn’t put in that hard work that speed work needs. This marathon training has taught me to listen to my body and not always push it so hard. I want to cross that line on November 1st and the way I am going to do that is by listening to my body.


I hadn’t been to a sweaty Friday night in over two weeks due to resting the night before my long runs.


I was SO happy to be back and take Melissa’s awesome spin class. I hope to be an amazing teacher like her one day!



A run filled with gratitude. I just felt so happy to be able to train for the marathon. Yes- my body aches and things hurt here and there but this training is making me even stronger mentally and it’s showing me how powerful both my mind and body are.


Rest Day! I was thinking about yoga, but doing nothing was more appealing :)

What a week of workouts! A LOT of spin and a good amount of running with some strength training thrown in! Just the way I like it! :)

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Sunday Meal Prep: Rice Ball Fail!

Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up. I am back in full action with meal prepping and it as always saves my life with my crazy busy schedule and long commute.




Hard Boiled Eggs. The only ripe avocados at TJs were a bag of 4 small ones, so I put two in my salads and kept two to make avocado toast this week with the eggs.



Chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, TJs Veggie 8 Mix, avocado, TJs grilled chicken and grapes.


Sweet Potatoes on the side.


image2 image3

Roasted veggies for sides.

OK- so while running I brainstormed this dish. Healthier rice balls, rather than the fried ones you get at Italian festivals. I decided I could bake them in the oven!

So I cooked rice:


Cooked an onion, a can of diced tomatoes and ground turkey.


Then put them in muffin tins and sprinkled mozzarella on them.


Baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes.


When I went to put them in the dishes, they all came apart.


SO, next time. I definitely need to mix the rice and the meat/tomato mixture together. I need the rice to be less wet. I think I need to bind the mixture together with maybe panko breadcrumbs and an egg. This is what cooking is all about, trial and error. The dish will still be tasty but it’s just not as pretty as I expected! :)

That is my meal prep for this week!


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