Recent Eats: Baking, Meal Prep, and Summer Dishes!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Once again I’m not participating in WIAW because I have too many great pictures of food to share, not just one day! But since it’s Wednesday why not share food anyway? :-)


2 lbs. of figs for $4.99 at Trader Joes!! What a great deal! I have been enjoying them for snacks and sliced some and put them in my salads for the week.

IMG_1103 IMG_1102

Back to meal prep since school is back in action this week. Roasted tomatoes and a really yummy marinated chicken (I used garlic olive oil and a bunch of spices) over rice.


A yummy night snack to cure some runger: a peach and graham crackers with nutella a cookie butter.


One of my favorite dishes of summer: mozz & tomatoes.


A random breakfast of Greek yogurt, Kashi Cinnamon Shredded Wheat, Walnuts and a Banana.


A yummy steak (getting that iron in!) with roasted potatoes and squash.


A family favorite: Clams and Shrimp with a light tomato sauce over linguini.


My mom had 4 bananas that needed some baking so I found this recipe that uses 4 bananas for banana bread (I added in chocolate chips too of course).


Cocoa peanut butter chip cookies for the first day for teachers because really any excuse to use my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

That is what I have been eating!

What is your favorite thing to bake?

Are you on the fig bandwagon? 

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Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Certification!

Hello everyone! I promised a recap of my Spinning Certification and here it finally is!

Last Sunday, Jen and I headed to Long Island bright and early to get to the World Gym in Wantaugh for our certification.

We were there super early so we hung out and chatted and took in the views of the gym:


Need a beer, glass of vino after you workout? No worries! World Gym has you covered!! HAHA Jen and I were DYING. You also could buy some jewelry, maybe an engagement ring at the jewelry counter (unpictured). Or purchase some workout clothes and whatnot in the clothing section. Seriously, you could move into World Gym- it has all your needs covered and more! :-)

After hanging around we went to the room where we would be working for most of the day. We met our instructor Maryjo and all of the other participants. Maryjo was awesome. She is extremely knowledgable about indoor cycling as well as physiology.

The first few hours we reviewed everything in our Spinning manual. I had read the manual before attending, but it was SO helpful to go over what everything meant, etc.

We then headed to the cycling studio to review bike set-up and go over the different types of rides that we would be teaching. We were on the bike for about an hour and it was quite a workout. I learned about proper form as well, which really helped. You can easily get sloppy on a bike, especially when you are tired, so it is important to be aware of the correct alignment, etc. especially since as a cycling teacher you are the one who is demonstrating the correct form!

We then took a quick lunch break and then headed back to the classroom. We reviewed more of the manual, how to create a ride and music selection. It was really fun to put together a ride depending upon your goals for the class. I can’t wait to be able to do it for an actual cycling class!!

After that we went back to the studio for our final ride to end the day. It really wasn’t about learning or teaching, it was about feeling accomplished and understanding how awesome it is to become a cycling instructor! She was so motivating and used motivational music and it was just a really awesome ride.

Here we are after our motivational and sweaty ride with Maryjo!


After that Jen and I grabbed a yummy dinner at Hemingways!


A steak sandwich and side salad- gotta get that iron in me! :-)

A couple of days later I went on the Spinning website and took the online exam to complete the certification. It was 50 questions and not bad at all. After you pass, your certificate is ready to go!

All in all I am really happy with the certification process from Mad Dogg. It was thorough and helpful. I left feeling a lot more knowledgeable about teaching indoor cycling. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about becoming a cycling instructor!

I can’t wait to begin teaching some classes, stay tuned….! :-)


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Week 9: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Week 9 is done and I am on to week 10! My training plan is 18 weeks long so we are half way there! I cannot wait! Here is how Week 9 went…


Strength Workout from PB Runner + 4 mile run


My hamstrings were SORE for DAYSSS from this workout.


7 Mile Run- I have like no recollection of this. I do remembering running and I think it was in Hoboken but I think it was uneventful? I remember getting the 7 miles in, instead of doing it Thursday because I knew I was busy on Thursday? Haha it’s been one of those weeks.

I do remember this:


One of the last free outdoor summer yoga classes in Hoboken. Sigh- so sad for it to end!


I had Jury Duty all morning- ugh and can you believe it I have to go back again in September UGH!!! Anyway. I took a Burn class that night, I am LOVING Burn now!!


4 Mile Run + Some PT and Core Work.


I went to the podiatrist about my right foot (which has been feeling much better) but I had the appointment and decided to go anyway. She said it was probably a flukey thing and sometimes these things pop up during training. As Hungry Runner Girl calls them “hot spots.” She suggested to buy a Golf Ball (as did Jen!) and roll my feet just to get out any knots!


I now have golf balls planted everywhere since you can’t buy an individual one haha.



I hadn’t been to a Friday night in awhile and it was as always awesome!

I was super busy that whole day, in and out of the city twice, food shopping, errands and this was my total steps for the day without any running!


Almost 10 miles! Crazy!!



The strongest I felt during a Long Run this whole training! It could have been the weather, it could have been I was just mentally on point, but whatever it was, it was awesome! I took the Jersey City route which is a mistake during the summer because there are no water fountains. I went through all three water bottles on my pouch by mile 10ish so I ran into a Starbucks bought a bottle of water and chugged almost the whole thing! Thank God there will be water stations during the marathon. I also think this is my pace/mileage. My GPS got all weird for some reason and told me I did a 7:53 mile- UM NO, because for me that would be anaerobic (for me) and if you are anaerobic for that long you are dead. HAHA. Anyway, so I ran to where I remembered the 6.5 Mile mark and ran back. My Garmin said I did 13.64 but I think it was just 13. Who knows?!


All Day AFAA Group Exercise Certification! Will write a post about it!

Week 9: Check! Bring it on Week 10!

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Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I began typing this post up during Jury Duty this morning- BORING! I brought a ton of work with me and snacks to keep me occupied and they let us out around noon so it wasn’t horrible. I am finishing up this post now because I was able to get in some pool time and a great Burn class at the gym! Anyway, why not share a BUNCH of recent eats because you know me and my pictures of food!


Over the weekend my family and I ordered Peruvian food and it was delicious!! I only snapped a pic of the appetizers, authentic chicken tamales and beef empanadas. This was my first time having Peruvian food and it won’t be my last, it was awesome!!


A random breakfast of peaches, greek yogurt, Kashi cinnamon cereal and walnuts.


A big salad to use up left overs: Rice, kale, cucumbers, chick peas, chicken, and tomatoes with Italian Dressing.


Spotted this at Target! Coconut Sparkling Water- SO good!

IMG_1035 image1

My parent’s kitchen is almost done! (just some finishing touches and then I will reveal!) So we were able to use the stove! They have gone almost 2 months of no kitchen, it has been tough but they made it work! We enjoyed some fresh mozzarella and tomato as well as pesto sauce and sausage.


Not a good picture but- We also grilled some pineapple for dessert- yummy!! Can summer never end?


I visited my best friend and her gorgeous new baby girl out in PA and she sent us home with some parting gifts, a ton of fresh tomatoes that were SO amazing and butternut squash! We decided to use the tomatoes right away and made a yummy roasted chicken/tomato/onion dish along with roasted potatoes and a fresh yummy tomato salad (oh and some broccoli for me) :-).


Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with “hot fudge” from Van Dyk’s in Ridgewood. It is supposedly is the number one ice cream place in Bergen County but in my opinion Bischoff’s is WAY better. This “hot fudge” was warmed up syrup, the place was dirty and the ice cream didn’t have a lot of flavor. I honestly have become an ice cream snob this summer hahaha!


A Milky Way Almond Milk Latte from Empire in Hoboken- probably my favorite coffee shop ever!


I had two avocados that needed to be used so I made some avocado mousse!


During my 7 mile run yesterday I was brainstorming up my breakfast because don’t all runners think about food while they run? I had some fresh figs that I bought at Trader Joe’s and I dreamed up sauteing them in coconut oil with almonds. I am normally not into French Toast at all but for some reason it sounded like the best combo! So I made French Toast and topped it with the figs & almonds and drizzled honey over it and it was fantastic! I guess I need a little something on my French Toast for me to like it!

That is a wrap of some yummy things I have been eating!

Have you ever made avocado mousse?

French Toast, Waffles or Pancakes? 

Ever try Peruvian food?

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Week 8: TCS NYC Marathon Training + Some fuel ideas!

Happy Monday everyone! I am back in action on the blog! With school starting back up soon I may not be so fabulous with updating for a few weeks. I am def going to do my weekly marathon training updates because I really want to keep a memory of this journey. I just may be in and out with updates until I find my blogging balance again!

Week 8 is looking different than the past few weeks because this week was all about “making it work.” Training plans and workouts need to be flexible because you have to enjoy life and you have to listen to your body (I am still a work in progress on both of these).

This is the original plan: Monday-Lift, Tuesday-Run 4, Wednesday- Lift, Thursday- Run 7, Friday Pump + Spin, Saturday- Run 15, and Sunday- Rest.


7 miles of “speed work” aka running up and down hills at a pace that I felt comfortable with. I didn’t speed up the hills I just ran, just getting my body to experience and feel the hills that I will be experiencing during the marathon.



PT Work, Strength Work, and Core Work. I did two PT exercises, 2 minutes of a strength workout, then 1 minute of a core workout and I did 5 sets of that. At the end I had two PT foot exercises to do so I ended with that along with stretching and foam rolling. I love that my gym has all the equipment I need for my PT exercises!



4 miles at a casual pace plus some core work and stretching. I was so glad I saved the 4 for Wednesday and did the 7 on Monday because I was crunched for time due to being out late the night before and having a dentist appointment and other plans that morning, 4 was all I could fit in!



Since the weather for Friday was looking horrible and I couldn’t do my long run on Saturday I decided to do it Thursday. It felt very strange to wake up on a Thursday and see everyone commuting to work and I was out there for a long run. But you do what you have to do!

15 miles was on deck so I decided that this is the time to start testing out my fuel. I had water, coffee, a and a multi-grain bagel (that I bought from the bagel store) with almond butter and jelly. I was going to buy bagels from Trader Joe’s but honestly, if I’m gonna eat a bagel, I want it to be a good one!


Then I headed out for my run. I had my water belt that had 3 bottles. One with regular water, one with frozen Nuun and another frozen bottle of regular water.

I took my timeeeeee. I ran pretty slow, stopped and stretched at times, refilled my water at a fountain and just ran. At this point I just want to get through the miles, I am not even concerned how fast or slow I go. At mile 12 my right foot started acting up again and I had to get through the last 3 miles. It was really hard but at that point it was all mental.

I also took a Gu at 7.5 miles because I realized that I probably should re-fuel. Although I didn’t feel like I had to, I knew that my body needed it. The bagel was really great fuel, I didn’t feel full at all and it was a perfect amount of carbs to get me going. I am thinking that for the marathon I may do a bagel and eggs when I wake up and bring another bagel for right before we start. It sucks that my start time will probably be at like 10 or 11, I really should do a long run like that and start late, but, I don’t know if that is going to happen.


I came home and I literally hobbled into my apartment, chugged a bottle of water, got out my yoga mat and sprawled out on my floor.


I had NO appetite whatsoever but decided that putting something is my body was very necessary so I had milk and a frozen banana blended together.


I then continued to lay on my floor for probably 45 minutes before I even stretched. HAHA. I was quite a hot mess. I eventually showered and made myself a real breakfast and laid on my couch for awhile.


REST- after that run, that was what I needed. Although I did go and work on my classroom and that walking around is never actual rest. (PS love how the weather was not horrible after all, at least I got to go to the pool :-) )


Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Certification Training with my girl Jen!! A full post will come! But we did two rides that day!



REST. Two rest days in a week! I am not mad about that at all. I am happy that I am (trying) listening to my body more and sometimes change up the plan!

Week 8 is in the books! Week 9 marks the half way point of my training. I literally can’t stop singing Livin’ on a Prayer when I think about week 9, “ohhhhhh we’re half way thereeeeee.”



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Tuesday Tangents!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just popping in to share some random pictures (mostly of food) from this past week!

I had a strange craving for red meat so I went with it. Blue Cheese and Avocado Burger. I don’t eat red meat that often not because I am opposed to it, I just don’t meal prep red meat for a whole week. But with all my marathon training maybe my body is asking for some iron.



And when a Cookie Butter milkshake is on the menu, you must order it. Haha do people gain weight during marathon training, because with all these cravings I have a feeling I am! Haha :-)




Jersey Shore Dinner: Clams in the half shell, Shrimp with Pasta, and Jersey Monkey with hot fudge. YUM!




Tried out a new manicure place (the place I have been going to for years has new owners and the last time I went they were rude and I got an infection on my nails, so I am totally over them). This place was SO relaxing and the woman gave me the best foot massage!




My friend got married on Saturday night and we had a blast at her wedding. It was so fun to dress up and actually put on makeup. I seriously can count on one hand how many times I wore makeup this summer.


FullSizeRender image1


Those are my tangents. This week I need to get my act in gear with school stuff so blogging may come to the wayside for a minute!

Tell me a tangent from your life this week!

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Week 7 NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s recap Week 7 of Marathon Training!


I went to the gym in Hoboken and did an Upper Body Strength Workout followed by a 4 mile run.



It was raining but I had 4 miles on the plan so I did it anyway! The looks I got from people were funny, I don’t know there is something kind of therapeutic about running in the rain!



I took a mid afternoon Body Pump class in Hoboken. I hadn’t been to a pump class in over a week and it’s crazy to see how quickly it can become tough!


I was up by my parents and had 7 miles on schedule. For some reason randomly my right foot had a crampy feeling the day before but it seemed okay that morning. I had worn my sneakers to work on Tuesday (I went in for the day) and didn’t wear my orthotics because they were wet from the rainy run. I have a feeling that was where the crampy feeling came from. ANYWAY. When I went out, it was gorgeous but my mind wasn’t in it. I was just like thinking how hard it was and my pace was so slow. Then all of the sudden at mile 5 the foot cramp came. I tried to run through it to mile 6 and a halfish and then I just stopped and walked most of the way home until my dad came and got me (he actually got me as I exactly hit 7). I was SO upset and worried that something was seriously wrong. We went to the beach for the day after that and my foot did not feel great at all.


I had dinner plans that night so I decided to take Melissa’s class in the afternoon for Spin and Burn (PS- this is a new favorite class of mine, I am going to try and throw this in the rotation here and there). Well I am SO glad I did because Scott Rappoport from CBS News was there doing a piece about Sharon Stone and her recent photo shoot! So they filmed us and asked our opinions about it!




I was super nervous to go out for my Long Run because of my foot. It wasn’t hurting but I was afraid it would. I went out, did it and it didn’t hurt! I took my time during this run and did what I could. 14 miles was challenging but I did it! I still can’t believe how all winter I was banging out these double digit runs like it was nothing. It’s kind of funny though, the challenge of it all makes it kind of feel more bad ass. Like I am really working towards something, not just banging out 14 miles like whatever.



REST, REST, REST. I had a wedding after that 14 mile run and with the dancing + running, my body needed RESTTTTTT!

And here’s to Week 7 in the books!


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Friday Ramblings!

Happy Friday (to those who work)! For me, it’s just another day that summer is passing by. It makes me SO sad how fast it has gone. I have absolutely been soaking it up but I am definitely not ready to get back to work and routine and all that. I am very good at enjoying summer. :-)

I decided to share some random things on this Friday morning.

IMG_0869 IMG_0870

On Sunday my family and I did some yummy grilling  and made a fire in the fire pit and for dessert we had grilled pineapple and S’Mores (apparently we celebrated National S’Mores Day, a day too early). The only time I have had grilled pineapple is from the Whole Foods bar which isn’t warm. This was warm and sweet and amazing.


No meal prep again this week. Dinner plans and what not made me use what I have. An omelet with chicken sausage, potato fries and roasted veggies. Soon meal prep will be back but I have to say I have been enjoying “going with the flow” this summer, I think it has been great for me.


I went to work on Tuesday because it was rainy so I took advantage of the crappy weather and got a lot done. I brought a ginormous salad with me!

IMG_0895 IMG_0892 IMG_0885 image1 image2

I had a meeting on Monday in the city and got to do some exploring around Brookfield Place, I have never been but I want to go back! It was so cool to see Hoboken and Jersey City from across the river! I walked around “Le Dsitrict” which is the French version of “Eataly.” It’s not as big but it was still pretty cool. I would love to try one of their outdoor restaurants.


I finally made steel cut oats warm (I’ve had them in smoothies) and they were delicious! I just wish they didn’t take a half an hour to cook!


I had gift cards to B&N so I treated myself to this cookbook! Magnolia cupcakes are by far my favorite, I hope I can replicate them!!! I will let you know when I try them out!!

That’s my Friday ramblings! Have a great weekend!! I have a lot going on and I excited to enjoy it all!!

Any fun ramblings on your end? 

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TOL: Macronutrients

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I decided to link-up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday for something that has been on my mind after reading blogs, seeing Instagram, etc.


Last year I would say I definitely had fallen victim to the whole “protein” phenomenon that is going on in our media. Protein Bars, Protein Shakes, Protein, Protein, Protein! I had this understanding that if you want to gain muscle you need to eat PROTEIN! So I ate Quest Bars, tried protein powders and made sure to get in ALL the protein.

Before a long run or workout I fueled with a Quest Bar and an apple. But for some reason I always felt hungry, less energized and constantly just thinking about food. I was always concerned that I wasn’t getting enough protein so I would have hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese or what not, just to always make sure I was getting in my protein. I remember during long runs I would get extremely hungry and NEED Gus to get through them.


Pre-workout fuel that I thought was fuel (well maybe the apple, but not all that protein).

Then one day while studying for my NASM test I got to the Nutrition chapter (this was probably around March/April). I had started to get a better understanding of the macronutrients that our bodies need, how much we need, and what the macronutrients do for our bodies.


Source: What a great representation of what you need! 

While studying I learned that 45-65% of your daily caloric intake should come from carbs (that includes fruits, veggies, and whole grains), 10-35% should come from protein, and 20-35% should come from fats. Now I could get into all of the details of what is recommended, etc. other criteria, but just looking at those percentages I was shocked!! I just assumed with all the protein all over social media and advertising that I needed more when really what I needed more of was carbs!

So I decided to ditch the Quest bars and try out fueling my runs and my workouts with cereal and whole grain breads like toast with peanut butter and jelly. Refueling after a workout with more of a balance of protein and carbs (like the Kashi Almond Flax bars, not loaded with fake protein powder,  just natural from almonds, etc.).


7 g of protein, 19 g of carbs and 5 g of fat- a little more balanced than a bar loaded with 20-30g of protein

As I did this I started to notice a HUGE difference in my workouts and even my feelings (if that makes sense). I stopped feeling so hungry all the time and stopped worrying if I was getting enough protein. My body started to utilize the carbohydrates that I was fueling it with for energy, rather than using the protein (something your body really doesn’t like to use as fuel but it does if it has to).


I have my whole life dealt with dieting, disordered eating patterns, etc. and it is something I will have to deal with the rest of my life. Looking back at last year with my thoughts on needing ALL of the protein, it was kind of a disordered way of thinking and I didn’t even realize it. I do not and never will count calories or macros because that is something I cannot do. I just make sure to have some protein with breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am sure that I probably am meeting my daily requirement.

My education becoming a NASM CPT has been so valuable to me both personally (and hopefully soon professionally). We are always a work in progress and we are always constantly changing and learning. Will I ever be completely balanced in my eating, exercising or life for that matter? Probably not. Maybe somedays I eat too many carbs or calories and maybe somedays I don’t. Some days I eat more “real food” some days my food comes from a restaurant or a package. The lack of balance on the day to day creates a balance in your life. One day I have the large ice cream with hot fudge and the next day I have the kale salad. Some days my brain may beat me up for eating something and some days I may not think twice about what I am eating. That imbalance makes me balanced.


So cheers to eating food that I enjoy, fueling and refueling my workouts with food that makes me feel good, ditching the chemical crap, and indulging in ice cream when I want it!

I am a work in progress and I am enjoying every minute of this ride. :-)

***Please note I am not a Registered Dietician or a Certified Nutritionist. The numbers and information provided were found through research online and in books, I am not a professional. Please consult your physician or a professional about what works for you. I also am not here judging you if you count macros, eat more protein, or even eat protein bars or drink protein shakes.  I am sharing what works for ME, this is a no judgement zone whatsoever! :-) 


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Treat Yourself Tuesday: Garmin Vivoactive Review + Fun Fitness Finds!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am linking up Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday to share some of my “Fun Fitness Finds.”


I have mentioned that I treated myself to the Garmin Vivoactive and I wanted to share with you my thoughts about it finally!


The Garmin Vivoactive is $300 with a heart rate monitor which I highly recommend getting with it. I had a gift card so I treated myself to it! I also had $20 off at the running store so that basically took care of the tax on it.


The watch can be used for running, swimming, golfing, cycling, indoor cycling, and other indoor workouts. It provide information about Max and Avg HR if you wear the Heart Rate Monitor, shares distances, etc.


I have even worn it during Body Pump and Spin on a Friday night.


I recently wore it for swimming and it was awesome! I felt so weird at first putting it in the pool, but it was totally fine!

The watch also connects to your phone so you can see texts, phone calls, Instagram messages, etc. on it. It also counts your steps and you can wear it to sleep and have it track your sleep. The GPS picks up very quickly too. The battery life on it is awesome, I don’t wear it all day every day so I can go a week to two weeks without even having to charge it.

It is an awesome investment if you are into multi-sports! I am very happy with my purchase!

Some other fun fitness finds lately:


I got these Brooks Ghost 7s for about $50! They were on sale and I had money off at the running store. I am alternating them between my Glycerins and I am really liking them. They say that you should run in different shoes to help your body adapt and use different muscles, etc. so I am happy to put these in the running rotation.


I also added two new pairs of Glycerin 11s to my collection. Haha the other two pairs are dead now so I needed more. I found two pairs for around $150 on Nordstrom (they are normally $150 each) with free shipping so it was totally worth it!!


I had a “mystery gift card” to Fleet Feet in Hoboken from this 5k that I didn’t run because I was sick. However I decided to take my mystery gift card to the store to see how much was on it. I ended up getting $10 on it so I bought some Nuun and Gu Chomps!


When I was buying my Ghost 7s my friend who works at the Hoboken Running Store showed me this “yoga” shirt for only $10. I love a good deal so I bought it! I figure it can be used in the Fall/Winter (ugh gross do not want to think about Fall and Winter).


Last nut not least I had something that I wanted to return at TJ Maxx so I got a gift card after I returned it. I found an awesome fuel belt with 3 bottles for those longer runs, workout gloves for Body Pump and strength training and some socks! The fuel belt is great however I do have to wear my Spi Belt along with it because that little pouch doesn’t fit my phone and Gus.

That is a wrap-up of all my fun fitness finds!

What is a fun fitness purchase that you have treated yourself to lately?

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