Weekly Workouts Recap!

Here is a recap of this past week’s workouts!


So glad I rested on Saturday!! I woke up and my legs felt refreshed and ready to run! It was 57 degrees when I left- perfect running weather. I still wore shorts/tank/compression socks but felt great (chilly when the wind blew). My splits were all over the place (one said 8:42 which I don’t believe AT all) but overall I felt great. My legs weren’t tired, the views were beautiful, gorgeous weather and just pure long run happiness.

photo 1


As I mentioned my friend inspired me to add variety to my weight lifting because I have been doing the same thing for a few months now. Over the weekend I did some research on Bodybuilding.com and made workout cards:


At the gym I did Chest & Triceps, took a spin class, the finished with some core work. The chest workout made me sore for a few days, so it goes to show that it was good I switched up my routine! Spin class was fun- he ended the class with having us sing along to the song, “heyyy hey baby, oh ah, I wanna knowwww if you’ll be mah girl.” It was so fun!!


I had a doctor’s appt by my parent’s house so I decided to run in their neighborhood.

2 mile warm up + 2 miles of Fartleks + 2 miles cool down =6 miles

I always dread speed work just a little (mostly because I am tired from a day of work) but while I am doing it and finished I feel awesome!! My cool down and warm up pace was slower than it has been in the summer and I am really equating it to the fact that I am on my feet for 6+ hours a day.

photo 3


I decided to take my Legs, Back, Arm, and Shoulder cards and do a workout from each sheet and continue the rotation. This was so fun and the time flew by because I didn’t have a set plan and didn’t know what was coming up next I just was able to pick when I got to the next card. I really had a great time and it left me sore so something had to work! ;-)

photo 2

I think I have a farmer’s tan from running!


After a stressful work day 8 miles along the beautiful NYC skyline was exactly what I needed. Running truly is my therapy and all felt right with the world when I was done.

photo 4


Body Pump and Spin. I love my Body Pump & Spin teacher- she works us hard but in such an awesome way! I love being a “regular” and knowing the people in my classes. It is just so much fun! It is my happy hour(s) J Next week they are releasing Body Pump 91 and we are all going to wear red and black for the occasion! (PS I realized I do not have any red workout clothes- hmm maybe some shopping this week?!)


I decided my long run needed a change of scenery so I headed to Central Park. My long runs have been super quiet with only passing a few runners. Central Park is FILLED with runners so there is almost a race feeling in the air. You could tell so many people were in marathon training too. With the feeling in the air, my body was speedy. When I was heading to the end of my second loop of Central Park my legs were feeling tired so I decided to take a second gu and keep on going until I hit 15 miles! 10:27 pace! I technically PRed this distance!! I felt great!!

photo 5

Well that is a recap of my weekly workouts! Tomorrow if my legs feels good, I am going to head to yoga and then I have a short walk for Pancreatic Cancer to go to!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What was your favorite workout this week? My 15 miler & Friday night spin!

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Arctic Zero Review!

Hello Readers! I am so excited to announce that Lindsey from the Arctic Zero team reached out to me because of my love for Arctic Zero on my blog. She sent over some new flavors for me to sample and share my thoughts out with all of you! So exciting!

Last Friday afternoon I saw this awesome package at my door:

photo 4

I opened it right up to find 6 pints of Arctic Zero!! Two of each flavor: Sea Salt Caramel, Orange Cream and Coconut. They don’t have them in the stores by me so I was SO excited to try these out!

photo 5

Friday night after I got home from my sweaty night/friend’s birthday I decided to dig into the Sea Salt Caramel for a midnight snack. ;-) I decided to eat it straight from the pint. It was delicious! I am a big fan of anything Sea Salt Caramel and this was an awesome flavor.


The next night I decided to sample both the Orange Dream and Coconut and decide which one I wanted for dessert. Welp, I couldn’t make a choice, I liked them both A LOT! So, just like I do when I go out for fro-yo, I had both flavors.

image_2 image_1

Bottom layer is the Orange Dream with some Semi- Sweet Chocolate Chips, then a layer of the Coconut with some frozen strawberries and a crushed Trader Joe’s Speculoos cookie! Just like a night out for fro-yo but at home.


I have been enjoying making my at home fro-yo this week in a variety of ways. Here are a bunch of tasty and different ways to enjoy Arctic Zero at home:

Sea Salt Caramel, Coconut, Frozen banana, Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips, almond butter and a Speculoos cookie!

photo 1

Here is Orange Dream with Vanilla Maple (I had it in the fridge already), semi-sweet chocolate chips, Speculoos Cookies, and almond butter!

photo 2

Here is Sea Salt Caramel with Cookies & Cream (I also had this in the fridge), semi-sweet chocolate chips, frozen banana slices, and coconut peanut butter!

photo 44

There are a few reasons why I love Arctic Zero. One is that half a cup is only 36 calories/ 150 calories for the whole pint. Now I know that I say I don’t count calories/macros, but it’s nice to know that I can eat it a few days in a row and know that I am still maintaining a healthy balanced diet (ugh I hate the word diet) lifestyle. I think having regular ice cream a few days in a row wouldn’t be so balanced (hello sugar overload) so this is a nice alternative.

Another reason I like Arctic Zero is the ingredients are recognizable. This isn’t “diety” ice cream made with a bunch of chemicals. There is whey protein and natural ingredients. It is also Lactose & Diabetic Friendly and Gluten Free for those folks! ;-)


I also have mentioned my love for fro-yo, especially 16 Handles, and while Arctic Zero doesn’t taste exactly like 16 Handles, it is great for the nights that I want it but don’t want to make the trek uptown. (Yes I can run 15 miles but walking 25-30 minutes for fro-yo is a task, don’t ask me why). ;-) I love being able to put fun and healthy toppings like nut butters, nuts, fresh/frozen fruit, chocolate chips and Speculoos cookies on it! There are endless possibilities to top it with!

Check out their website or stores like Whole Foods, Publix, Shop Rite, and more to try out this great treat!

Have you tried Arctic Zero?

 What is your favorite flavor?

 What are fun toppings you would put on Arctic Zero?



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WIAW: Spiralizer, Granola, and more!

Hello everyone! Happy Hump Day and Happy WIAW! Thanks again to Jenn for hosting the weekly WIAW party!


Here are some things I have been eating this week!

Watermelon & two dates with coconut peanut butter, I had a full blown craving for watermelon after my 8 miler on Thursday, so watermelon it was.

photo 1

Almond Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats. Yummy and different combination!

photo 2

Egg, almonds and raisins for a mid-morning snack.

photo 3

After my sweaty Friday night workout I met up for a friend’s birthday at Reichenbach Hall in the city and got a giant Cobb Salad. It was so good: greens, beets, pickles, bleu cheese, bacon, egg and chicken. Winning big salad combo.

photo 4

On my rest day on Saturday I did hit up Trader Joes for the weekly haul. I was in a Mexican mood for this week so I decided to buy this Corn & Chili Tomato-Less Salsa. I usually but the Cowboy Caviar but decided to change it up.


Here is my meal this week: Ground Turkey, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of black beans, 5 laughing cow swiss chesses, and quinoa. Simple and easy!


Here is the rest of my meal prep: roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, butternut squash, hard boiled eggs and my salads with sweet potatoes for the week. It took me around 2 hours and then I was done! Saves me SOOO much time during the week and I am prepared with healthy options.

image_2 image_3

I also decided to pick up this Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I was in the mood for granola and I think this was a great alternative! I wanted to make my own granola- hopefully one day, it’s just that you need a lot of ingredients for granola which is kinda $$$.


Here I enjoyed it with Fage Greek Yogurt, a banana, and some almonds to add a fat to the meal!

photo 34

I also saw Asian Pears as I walked in and had to buy one! This reminds me of a girl that I met during the days that I struggled with eating/weight. She was such a nice girl and told me about her love of Asian pears and I remembering buying them around that time. Haha so random. Anyway I love Asian Pears but they are also $$.


Post Long Run Fuel on Sunday:


Another prize: empty peanut butter jar overnight oats and a banana.

Later on Sushi, a Big Ol’ Salad with this awesome dressing!

photo 12 photo 13 photo 11

After that I helped my Dad make some homemade meatballs and homemade sauce. I also decided to give my spiralizer a try! We didn’t use the zoodles as noodles because I just feel like you need carbs in your life- especially on Sunday, especially with homemade sauce and meatballs. The spiralizer was quite an arm workout! I want to try it out with a sweet potato!

photo 31 photo 32 photo 33 photo-37

So that was a peek into some of my tasty eats this week! Be sure to check out everyone elses WIAW posts!

I am still working on my Arctic Zero Post- will be ready soon! Stay tuned!


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Listening to your Body

Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope you enjoyed my WIAW post, I kind of like breaking it up by food/exercise/fun! Hope you do too :)


1 Hour Hatha Yoga- Great Recovery especially after running 15 on Saturday.


Arms, Shoulders, Core plus 45 minute Spin class. At this point I am able to do 25 lb bicep curls and 40 lb. drag curls! So exciting! The spin class was perfect after a long run and busy weekend. He actually had us do the hard resistance out of the saddle most of the time and then eased up when in the saddle, it was exactly what I needed. A good sweat but nothing too crazy.


I was nervous because the weather seemed iffy but I ended up getting out there for a run!

photo 1

I have been doing speed work on Tuesdays and well…..



I did a 2 mile warm up run, then ran up that hill 8 times at threshold pace and then 2 mile cool down run. My overall pace seemed super slow. My stomach actually was bothering me during this run so that definitely didn’t help and it was kind of muggy out so I think that could be why too. Overall I didn’t feel fabulous after the run, just kind of warn out and blah.


Legs, back and core day at the gym by work. A trainer there showed me how to do a different back/chest exercise so I tried that out while I was there.


September 11th- I wanted to just get out there and run, recap and honor the day. September 11th is a day that is so vivid for all of us especially in NY/NJ. The whole run I really reflected on how the little things shouldn’t bother us. We need to enjoy every moment of our lives and not take any of it for granted. I think running has helped me enjoy and honor my life more.

photo 3 photo 2

I was able to run up to Weehawken and take in the spectacular view of this 9/11 memorial.



photo 4


I did 8 miles at a super slow pace. My legs realllllly felt dead and heavy for most of the run and it just didn’t feel great. I was glad to get out there, see the memorial and reflect on the day though.


Friday Night Fun: Body Pump & Spin!


Throughout the whole day on Friday my ankle (compartment syndrome) was acting up. I wasn’t sure if it was from the Thursday night run, the sandals I was wearing or what but it just was annoying me. I decided to go to Body Pump & Spin anyway because both have no impact. Walking to the Path train was quite miserable though. My legs felts so heavy and dead and my ankle wasn’t happy. I somehow made it through Body Pump and Spin and it actually kinda felt good to “flush my legs out.”


After my sweaty gym sesh on Friday night- I headed to a friend’s birthday party and the walk there and home was kind of a struggle, my legs felt heavy and sore. Since I got home around midnight I decided that with the occurring theme of this week (did you notice how many times I mentioned dead legs) today would be a TOTAL rest day. No yoga, just rest. I love getting a long run in on Saturday but my body was telling me something and I am glad I am listening to it.


I did get a chance to food shop and meal prep but other than that I am going to ice, compression, elevate and foam roll today.

I was talking to Mom and she pointed out that just like I mentioned I may need more fuel because I am back to work, I may need to work on recovering more too because I am literally on my feet for most of the day. Man do I miss summer ;-)

One more thought, I was talking to my friend and I was telling him how I always stick to the same schedule with my exercise routine and he said, “Andrea, variety is the spice of life. Your body gets used to the same thing, change it up.” I definitely think I change things up in terms of adding more weight, speed work, etc. But I have been sticking to the same lifting routines for awhile now (same days) and it is definitely time to switch it up. I know I have been mentioning that I want to do it but my friend really motivated me! So this rainy afternoon will be spent doing some research on Bodybuilding.com.

We will see if I can go for a long run tomorrow, maybe a short one, maybe just yoga. We will see how I feel. Rest is part of the program and so is listening to your body.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Stay tuned….. I have an exciting post coming up in regards to Arctic Zero Ice Cream! :-)

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Happy Hump Day! (Now I can say it and mean it since I am back at work ;-) )

As I said I am going to try and get on more of a blogging schedule with being back at school. So here goes a round up of my eats this week! Thanks Jenn for hosting the WIAW party! I chose the “Fall into Good Habits” Link because I would say that is what my post is about. New school year & new routines!

wiaw fall into good habits button


Here is the meal I have been eating this week. Cut up chicken that was sauteed with an onion, then I added roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, three left over laughing cow cheeses, quinoa, and some raisins! This is a great and yummy balanced meal of carbs, protein, fat, and veggies! Also on the side roasted brussel sprouts and kale. 

photo 1

I mentioned I was going to a BBQ on Sunday which was so much fun! I got a chance to hang with my godson plus a bunch of other cute babies. Everyone enjoyed the choco pb mini muffins that I made too!

photo 3

This was my third plate of food after two plates of chips/dip/apps. After running 15 miles the day before I was HANGRY. Everyone loves a good BBQ.

Although I do not count macros or calories or anything like that I do work to maintain a great balance between healthy food that makes me feel good and fuels my body as well as listen to cravings when I have them. Over the summer I think I built a really solid workout routine that is balanced as well. With that being said, since I am trying to keep up with the same mileage/workout routine along with teaching (a job that is quite active ALL day) I think I may need some more daily calories. Over the summer I was working out and then was able to lounge by the pool or the pier but now I am working all day plus doing the same workouts/runs. So I am just experimenting with adding in some more fuel to my night snacks and I am trying to get in a morning snack before lunch at work (although sometimes it can be hard to find the time). I don’t want to lose any weight, just want to continue to grow muscle and the only way to do that is to EAT more! Teachers don’t get to eat whenever they want, everything is so scheduled so we have to kind of train our bodies to adapt to that schedule.

Here are some night snacks I have enjoyed this week:

photo 4

Grapes and two dates with coconut peanut butter (amazing combination- do it!)

photo 5

This tasted like I went out for a bowl of fro-yo. Arctic Zero Cookies & Cream plus Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple, some frozen banana slices, almond butter and a few chocolate chips. OMG this was amazing and I didn’t have to walk all the way uptown to 16 Handles.

On the days that I go to the gym by work I bring a hard boiled egg to have to tie me over during the hour drive home:


I also bought some cottage cheese mixed with almonds and raisins to have as a mid-morning snack:



Oh and just because they came in the mail today…


I am a work in progress. Learning how to listen to my body, fuel properly, workout/run in a way that works for me, all while trying to juggle work and life.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some eats!

Next post: Weekly Workouts!

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Catching up

Hi friends! Happy Sunday!

So sorry I haven’t had a minute to blog at all, with school starting up I have just been SO busy. I’m hoping once I get my routine down I will be back into a blogging routine.

So here is a random mash up of food and workouts! I can’t remember what days I did/ate anything so this will be a fun and random post! Like I said, I am hoping to blog 3 times a week on food, workouts and random/fun!

photo 1 image_1 photo 2

Some Labor Day weekend eats! I will miss BBQ.

photo 3

Pre-yoga selfie. “I run for the T-shirt” headband from Stone Fox Fit event.


Calculated that I ran 115.5 miles in August!


Last week’s meal prep. “Healthy Chicken Pot Pie” I made turkey muffins with carrots, peas and corn mixed in, put it over sweet potatoes mashed and heated it up with a laughing cow cheese. I even made all my salads for the week ahead of time. Boy- does it feel good to be ALL prepped. Makes my busy life during the week that much simpler.


A salad at the pool on closing day. This was awesome- egg, veggies, white potato, avocado. YUM.

photo 5 photo 4 image_4 image_11

Using my prize from Nut Butter Runner! (I gave the berry away to my friend due to my allergy) but I think the cinnamon nut was my fav! I think this granola needs to be in my breakfast rotation. For the cocoa coconut I mixed it with coconut yogurt and a banana. Yum!! The Cinnamon Nut I put over Fage plain yogurt, banana slices and chia seeds.


Sweaty/humid/hot mid-week run with negative splits. I was bold enough to run in just a sports bra. Damn was that empowering.


I. Did. It. I wanted to go out and run 15 and I did. I ran 15 miles. And I felt glorious. I feel great today (gonna recover with some yoga) but wow. I did it! You really can do anything you put your mind to. Just make a plan and do it!

Post-run re-fuel:


Overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar. I always joke that this is the prize for finishing nut butter- you don’t just throw it away, you get delicousness!!!


Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffin/cupcakes with a peanut butter glaze. Recipe adapted from here: Sally’s Baking Addiction. Made them for a BBQ I have today and for my friend’s birthday that we had last night. They have greek yogurt, honey, brown sugar, whole wheat flour, 1 egg, lots of PB- great, clean and healthy ingredients.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. I am going to yoga then a BBQ today. Hopefully once the beginning of the year calms down a bit I will be able to blog on the regular! :-)




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Top 10 Summer Moments

Happy Labor Day for those who are in America!

Today is a sad day for teachers. Our fun/relaxing summers are over and it’s time to get back to the grind. I will miss morning runs/workouts, the pool, and having random day adventures! I am of course excited to meet my new class and get the year started. So cheers to all you teachers for a great new year!

I have been thinking a lot about blogging/workout schedules/etc. to start the year and my goal is to blog 2-3 times a week! I think I want to break it up more by workouts, food/recipes/meal prep, and something fun/different.

So today will be a fun post!

My family and I were hanging out after dinner the other night talking about our top 10 summer moments. It will be hard because I had a real blast this summer. So here they are in no particular order!

10.  My Birthday! I started the day with a long run in Central Park with my love, Jen! Then headed to the Boat Basin to enjoy gorgeous views and amazing company with all my friends! The next day I also enjoyed a great brunch with my family!

image_1 image_9


image_15 image_13

9. Arte e Vino Painting class with my two best friends to celebrate our birthdays!



8. The Giant’s Stadium 5K where I PRed and just had an awesome race: running on the field and having my fam there!



7. My weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island. Saw a polo match, had the most gorgeous run ever, spent time with my sister and her bf, drank some damn good iced coffee, and toured some gorgeous mansions!



6. Dinner at El Bandido with my parents. Such an unexpected fun dinner out with the most amazing food!



5. Fun Friday Nights with my friend. I love going to Body Pump and Spin and getting an amazing workout on a Friday night, plus having a friend to do it with makes it even better!

image_2 image_1

4. My two beach trips with my parents. Both gorgeous days laying in the sun and finishing the night off with the best homemade ice cream ever.

photo 4 image_4


3. Speed Work Days. I started incorporating speed work into my routine this summer and it has definitely improved my running, felt amazing, and really changed up my running routine for the better!

IMG_5986 photo 1


2. Free yoga nights on the Pier. Gorgeous views and so necessary for my body.

photo 5


1. Pool Days. Actually getting a chance to enjoy a few books this summer at my favorite summer hang out.

image_3 image_11


Those are my Top 10 Summer Moments! Looking back I really enjoyed my summer a lot. I definitely enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible, ate a ton of great food, and worked out and ran a lot! I think I ran over 100 miles in August (more on that to come ;) ) I am glad I enjoyed and savored summer because when it is 0 degrees in January I can look back on this post and say at least I didn’t waste my summer days.

What are some of your favorite summer moments? 

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Stone Fox Fit Event, Weekend Fun, and more!

Happy Hump Day! Sorry again for the delay- back to school time = crazy busy. I was in school Monday, Tuesday and today and I think I am ready to start next week! My room is all ready, my charts are ready to teach, and everything is labeled and organized! It feels so good to get it all done. I of course still have a big to-do list however a lot of it can be done on the computer.

Ok let’s recap the weekend first!

Friday morning I woke up and baked ALL the cookies for the two “parties” I had over the weekend.

photo 2

These recipes are ones I have made before from Chocolate Covered Katie. Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies with some sprinkles to make it fun!

After that I spent the day doing a lot of school work. Then fueled for my Fun Friday Night of Spin/Body Pump by trying a broiled Quest Cookie Dough. HOLY AMAZINGNESS!!! HOW DID I GO THIS LONG WITHOUT BROILING THEM? It was sooo good! I did feel more “full” which I think was all in my head. I guess because I felt like I ate a decadent dessert.

photo 4

After my fun sweaty Friday night, I headed to my friend’s house for a fun pizza party. She made so many great pizzas- even a brie/pear one! It was so fun to hang and mangia with my friends after a great workout!

photo 5

Selfie before heading out!


I think I loaded my plate like 2 more times ;-) Carbo-loading for Long Run Saturday, right?

The next morning I decided to venture on a different route out towards Jersey City. I had no idea but they have a great path that goes out about 8 miles or so, until you can catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

14 glorious miles.

image_1 image_6 image_2


How gorgeous was the sky with the city skyline? This is why I run. 

My pace was fast for a long run (that even counts a bathroom stop because I reallllly had to pee and picture stops). Typically my pace has been 11:30. I think all this speed work is helping!

Towards the end of the run I started to crave chocolate milk so my run ended right at A&P so I could get some (and some grapes) to have while I stretched. They say chocolate milk is great for recovery so I guess that is why my body was craving it?


Then I cooked up some more fuel/used up some food in my fridge:


After that I got ready to head to my Fantasy Football Draft. I have no clue what I am doing/anything about football, it is more of an excuse to have some fun with my friends! We had a yummy BBQ which was so necessary on a long run day:



Sunday morning I woke up nice and early to grab some things at TJs for the week. I just prepped some veggies and got stuff for breakfast and lunch because I had a couple of meals left over from previous food prep in the freezer. I also have different dinner plans this week so I decided I didn’t need to prep a whole dinner meal.

After that I headed to the Stone Fox Fit event at Pier A in Hoboken!

I have been following Ashley and Nicole on Instagram and saw that they were having a fun Girl’s event. Their website/events promote having fun and being fit at the same time. Both the girls were so sweet and I met a bunch of other girls at the event. It turns out a bunch of us were from surrounding towns and knew a bunch of common people! Such a small world!

The day started with grabbing some fun Stone Fox Fit shades and a bracelet then headed out for a run with Spring Moves.  They have music that goes along to your movement, pace, etc. They played some great songs along the run, I definitely want to meet up with them in Central Park for a run.

On the run led by Ashley, we stopped 3 times to do some boot camp style work. We first did push-ups and tricep dips. The second stop we did planks and bicycle sit-ups. The third stop we did lunges and squat jumps! We ran about two miles and along with the workouts we all worked up a great sweat.

image_1 image

Photo credit: Stone Fox Fit (That is me with my arms up during yoga!)

After our run/workout we did some recovery yoga with Nicole- so necessary after the workout/my long run on Saturday.

Then they handed out our Swag Bags!! Oh my goodness- holy swag!!!

photo 3

I will be sure to give you guys reviews on the products I try out as I use them!

After that I headed to relax by the pool for the rest of the day!

Oh I tried this toothpaste from the swag bag:

photo 4

Eh- didn’t love the texture of this but I guess it is good that it is natural?

Dinner was at my parent’s house. Mozz/tomato, chicken & veggie shish kabobs, and cantaloupe for dessert.

photo 5 image image_1

I am going to miss BBQ and mozz/tomato salad.


I had a full day workshop at school then headed to the gym by work for shoulders, arms, core and the evening Spin class (my legs were DEAD after all the running this weekend). I missed the instructor (he is such a sweet man) so it was good to be back.  I have to start getting back to my afternoon workout sessions/runs. :-(

Between the lifting and spin I decided to try some protein from my swag bag instead of the detour smart bar that I usually have between lifting and spin.



I also had some raisins and almonds to well round out my snack with carbs/fat. This was like a protein juice type thing (strawberry flavor). It wasn’t amazing tasting and I didn’t love the idea that I was getting 15 g of protein from some juice but it did hold me over and helped me work during spin class. I like to get my protein from more natural food sources but it was free so why not! ;-)

After Spin I met up with my friend for dinner at Grand Lux (it is like Cheesecake Factory). Before meeting up I used one of these from the swag bag because I didn’t want to be gross for dinner. This was great and I felt much cleaner after a great sweat session.


At Grand Lux I had the most amazing salad. I got the Manhattan Salad which had beets, peas, lentils, tomatoes, potato, (I asked for no red onion) and then I chose the chicken, avocado & cheese protein option.



SO GOOD! I can’t wait to go back and get this salad again.


I woke up and was sore from Monday’s workout! I decided to increase my weights and I felt it (in a good way!). I still decided to head out for some speed work even though I was feeling sore. Before I head out for speed work I just google ideas online. I realized that I hadn’t done a tempo run in awhile so I went for it!


1 mile warm up. 3 miles tempo run at threshold pace (I got negative splits!) 2.5 miles cool down! The tempo part was harddddd. I was breathing heavy and had to really talk myself through it, but I did and then felt amazing after! Don’t we always feel better after some great speed work?

I then headed to work for the rest of the day to work on my classroom.

This morning I woke up bright and early to head to the gym for leg, core, and back day. I am going to have to make a new lifting plan/routine for the school year because this workout took about 2 1/2 hours, which I do not have time for during the year.


Rocked the booty shorts ;-)

After that was time for some fuel!

I made a PB&J with the bread from my swag bag.


I also made a smoothie with a banana, some of this frozen fruit, a greek yogurt, and chia seeds from my swag bag!

image_8 image_9


What a great and nutritious breakfast. I often find myself eating the same things for breakfast because it is just easier- but it’s good for the soul to change it up! This bread has 14 g of protein which was pretty cool. I was definitely nice and full from it. The texture was kind of chewy but I wonder if that was because I kept it in the fridge. I would consider purchasing this bread, the nutrition facts and ingredients seem pretty good.

Ohhh my winning prize came in the mail:


Will keep you posted when I try this!

I then headed up to my classroom and got everything that I wanted done! Feels awesome!!

Phew!!! What a post! I think I am all caught up now! :-) Lots of great workouts, great food, and fun! Trying to enjoy every minute of summer before it is gone next week. :-(

I will probably catch up with you all this weekend!

What are some of your favorite breakfast foods?

What will you miss most about summer? 




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Negative Splits!

Hope you all enjoyed my Newport Recap yesterday! Now let’s get back on track with workouts and food aka all I blog about ;-)


Shoulders, arms, core and Spin class. My legs were dead after running 14 miles on Sunday but it still felt so good to get a sweaty workout in. I also think that may have been my last Monday morning Spin class because I will be at school Monday and then after that it’s Labor Day! There is an evening Spin class on Mondays so I will switch back to that. I have been really spoiled all summer with all this time to get great workouts in.

After that I headed to TJs for my weekly haul and meal prep. I also had to stop at my local Asian food market to get soba noodles for the recipe I planned to make.

IMG_5957 IMG_5958 IMG_5959


This recipe is AMAZING! You def should try it!

Cook chicken in the pan then add broccoli, and snap peas. Then add the sauce (mix about 3tbsps of peanut butter, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce in a bowl) to the chicken and veggie mixture. I really just eyeballed on the sauce to a consistency I liked. Then I added the cooked soba noodles and a package of broccoli slaw. Let it all simmer for awhile and Voila! Such a delicious meal! Great balance: protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fat!



I’ve been enjoying this meal with some roasted carrots this week.



After that I enjoyed a big salad and a mozz/fresh garden tomato salad from my sister’s bf’s garden.

IMG_5962 IMG_5963

I then headed to the pool for some relaxation!

I had dinner with my family that night:


Grilled chicken, fresh garden grilled veggies and a grilled potato. I am going to miss grilling season so much!

After that I used a giant zucchini from the garden to try my hand at these zucchini muffins:

IMG_5975 IMG_5977

I added chocolate chips and walnuts to the recipe. They came out awesome. It was my first time eating zucchini bread and I really liked it!


Started the day with an awesome speed workout at the track:


So much fun!! I love speed work and I think it has definitely helped me become faster.


Leg, core and back day at the gym!


I woke up and got ready for a run! I tried my new Brooks Glycerin 11s (in blue) and these awesome socks that I won in my running bag. Loved the shoes and loved the socks! Super comfortable!

photo 1

I went out knowing I would probably run 7 miles because for some reason now I like the number 7 for a weekday run.

Well little did I know I would run negative splits. I kept seeing my pace get faster at each mile marker and kept going with how I felt. I did purposely slow it down for the last mile just to cool down.

photo 2

Like I said- I think all these speed work is helping! I never felt like I was running to fast though, I really felt great the whole time. Tiny bit of ankle pain but for the most part my form was good and my ankle liked it.

After that I headed for a fun day at the Yankee Game with my best friend, her husband and his friend.

photo 3 photo 4

We brought sandwiches to the stadium to save some money:

photo 5

Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and some chips on a whole wheat wrap.

After that we hung out for awhile at local bar. I had such a fun day with them!

Now I am relaxing (and blogging). I am not feeling 100%. Like I feel okay but I kinda am losing my voice and I have this weird cough. I do NOT want to get sick for my last days of summer. I am not letting it happen.

I have a fun filled busy weekend ahead! Looking forward to some great workouts and hopefully some time in the sun!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Newport, Rhode Island weekend recap!

Hello Readers!

Sorry it has taken me a few days to blog. After being away for the weekend and then heading to my classroom and doing everything else part of my busy life, I haven’t had a minute!

This post will be dedicated to a recap of my weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. I am hoping tomorrow I can do a regular workout/yummy eats post!

Ok on to my recap!

I went to Newport with my sister and her boyfriend so we left from her boyfriend’s house early Saturday morning (in Connecticut).

The drive took about 3 hours or so, really not so bad. Once we arrived we headed to my sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s apartment (that is a mouthful). After that we headed straight to the BEST ICED COFFEE place in the world. Ma’s has SO many flavors. I decided to get a Decaf Reese’s Flavor which I don’t believe is used with a sweetener, it tastes like it is brewed that way (they have like 20 amazing flavors, snickers, snicker doodle, toasted almond, banana hazelnut, just to name a few).

IMG_5770 IMG_5771


After that we headed to visit our friend at her job:


She works at a hotel and look at the gorgeous view there!

Then it was time to head home and get ready for the Polo Match aka a glorified picnic ;-)

We had quite a feast, especially since we hadn’t ate since breakfast!


Broccoli, tomato, bacon, cheese salad along with grilled chicken. We also had crackers and cheese and hummus and fruit before!

Here are some pics from the Match:

IMG_5808 IMG_5805

And some selfies in a sweatshirt because I was so cold!

IMG_5800 IMG_5818

After that we visited our friend’s horse named Moonbeam:



Then we headed to the beach to have a bonfire and s’mores:

IMG_5830 IMG_5832

Sorry the s’more pic is dark. 

Saturday was such an amazing experience. From seeing a Polo Match to being able to have a bonfire on the beach, it was such a blast!!

The next day I woke up super early despite a 1am bedtime, so I could go out for a nice Long Run: 14 miles to be exact ;-) This run was so amazing, gorgeous view, I felt great, no music, just pure bliss. These runs are why I continue to run.


I took a nice and easy pace, especially to stop and take pics along the way. Here are a few I took:

IMG_5878 IMG_5875 IMG_5871 IMG_5866 IMG_5864 IMG_5854 IMG_5850 IMG_5856 IMG_5848 IMG_5841 IMG_5845 IMG_5842 IMG_5839 IMG_5833


Such a GORGEOUS place from the beach views to the mansion views. Amazing!

After my run it was time for fuel. My sister’s bf made us Monte Cristos (and he made me the leftover eggs too because I was HANGRY). I had never had a Monte Cristo before but it was amazing:


Then we needed coffee of course! This was a Iced Salted Caramel:


Then we went and toured the Breaker’s Mansion! You can’t take any pictures inside but I did get a bunch of outside pics:

IMG_5887 IMG_5893 IMG_5898 IMG_5896

Then we grabbed some lunch:


Veggie & Hummus Wrap!

Then we headed to another mansion, the Marble House:

IMG_5909 IMG_5910 IMG_5932 IMG_5924 IMG_5921 IMG_5912 IMG_5931Selfie by the tea house in the back of the mansion.

Then we headed to Thames Street to get some touristy shirts (my sister’s bf bought it for me, SO sweet of him!)

IMG_5942 IMG_5956

Before we left Newport we had to get our last fix of Ma’s (I had to get Reese’s again):

IMG_5947 IMG_5948

My sister got their Cro Donut, I guess a copy of the cronut. I took a bite out of it and it just tasted like a heavy glazed donut to me, not my fav.

All in all I had the most amazing weekend. It was so nice to get away to someplace beautiful, enjoy an amazing long run, and experience different things that I haven’t tried before!




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