Recent Eats Wednesday


I am a VERY big holiday/season rule follower. No Elf until after the Thanksgiving Meal. No pumpkin until the first day of Fall. So now that my favorite season is over I guess I have to embrace the Fall and all the Fall foods. I will miss the grill and watermelon and ice cream actually that stays in all four seasons in my world.🙂


A white bean chili- recipe from Cooking Light.


Shredded chicken, pepper, baby kale, pecan and butternut squash salad- another Cooking Light recipe.


Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts.


Broccoli/Carrot/Sausage/Quinoa Casserole with spinach on the side.


Don’t worry that salad wasn’t all for me.


Ice Cream for the win.


Use everything in the fridge Breakfast Tacos= SO good.


A delicious espresso made by Jen’s, John.🙂


Really delicious BBQ from Dinosaur BBQ in the city, after my sister did her make-up trial with Jen for her wedding. I got the pulled pork, chicken, carrot raisin salad and really creamy amazing mashed sweet potatoes and corn bread on the side.


A homemade chicken salad with celery, apple, pecans, Greek yogurt and an Apple Cider creamy dressing.


Pumpkin Butter & Almond Butter on an English muffin with Greek yogurt and fruit.

So, it’s time to embrace the pumpkin, the chilly weather and the Fall clothes. Summer- you rocked and I will miss everything about you.

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Weekly Workouts!

How is it going everyone? Hope you had a great weekend! The weather is starting to turn more Fall like here, which makes for some fabulous running weather. I am starting to feel like myself more running wise. I am getting a little faster, feeling stronger, and not having much pain. I think acupuncture and good ol fashioned strength training has really helped. Also- REST, listening to what my body needs and pushing myself only when I can.

Let’s check out my recap of the past week’s workouts. I apologize for the lack of pictures. I feel like I run from one thing to next and I am not on my phone as much as I could be in the summer.


Back + Biceps + HIIT on the elliptical


3 mile run after I trained my client. I was SO tired and didn’t want to do this at all. But I knew I needed to get my stress out and of course I felt great after!


Chest + Triceps + Shoulders + taught my cycling class


3 mile run before Back to School night


Leg Day- I squatted and deadlifted 75lbs!!! Look at those quads baby!


I also did Peanut Butter Runner’s 7 minute Plank Workout– it was so awesome!


Super sweaty awesome cycling class with SORE legs


5 miles with my friend who is training for a marathon, she did 14 and I helped with the last 5! It was gorgeous running weather and I felt so strong!



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Recent Eats Wednesday


Happy Hump Day friends! Hope you are enjoying the week! My family has been so great with my transition back to school. We are still following our shopping list and meal plans and eating great meals each night for dinner. We had a lot of great meals this week with different kinds of protein.


Grilled pork & grilled peaches with goat cheese over romaine.


Greek Pita Pizzas- Skinny Taste Recipe.


Asian Beef Stir Fry


Grilled swordfish over quinoa and roasted asparagus


Dinner from The Little Beet at the Pennsy by Penn Station after my class at Exceed.


Turkey, spinach, brie and fig butter (from TJ’s SO good) panini with a side salad.


Use what you have in the fridge frittata.


Random snack- rice cake with pb & banana/ carrots & hummus


Literally favorite night snack- rice cake, drippy pb and dark chocolate chips.


Sunday Dinner- spaghetti with turkey meatballs and roasted broccoli with a yummy lime dressing.


From my Instagram story- my salads prepped for this week. Peppers & onions, sweet potatoes, chicken, avocado, spinach and tomato.

What was the best thing you ate this week?

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Weekly Workouts!

Happy Happy Monday! Last week was rough. I feel like I have gone from 0 to 60 in no time and my body is adjusting to it. I had some sleep issues during the week and by mid-week I felt like I was drained of energy. Being a teacher/trainer/spin instructor requires a lot of energy and I realized that I probably needed to eat even more than normal. All summer I was able to relax by the pool after a workout and now I have to work out after working all day. Sorry if I sound like I am whining to those who work full year, but this is my blog, so yes, I miss relaxing by the pool, you would too haha. Our bodies tell us what it needs and this week it yelled for more nutrition and more sleep.


I rushed to the gym after an unexpected long meeting and snuck in my back + biceps workout then I subbed a cycling class. The class was filled with energy and one woman literally screamed Oh. My. God. in the middle of the class! It was a great reminder of why I do what I do!🙂


Trained a client then ran 3 miles.



Chest + Tricep + Shoulder workout + taught my cycling class.


Wednesday night I had maybe 4 hours of sleep. I had a really bad day at work. So I trained my client (who always puts me in a better mood!) and then decided it would be a rest day. No point in going for a run on no sleep. They would have been junk miles and not worth it.



By some miracle (thanks to Jen and her subway knowledge- haha I always just take cabs in NYC!) I made it to the NYC FitWeek event at Exceed Physical Culture. It was a tough and awesome workout. Basically the workout is broken up into different rounds with 4 exercises per round and you go through each round twice. Timing wise, it was all Tabata rounds, 20 on 10 off to switch to the next station. We used the TRX, Kettlebells, the BOSU, boxes (for jumps or in my case step-ups), medicine balls and rowing machines. It was very cool to utilize equipment that I don’t typically use at the gym.


I subbed another cycling class in Ridgewood that I normally like to attend. I couldn’t do any more than teach a class and although it wasn’t like taking a full cycling class, I definitely always get my sweat on while teaching. I got really great feedback from the participants and had 20 people! I loved their energy.



I went to a Pancreatic Cancer walk in honor of my best friend’s father who passed away from it many years ago. It was fun to see my godson and his brother and hang out with my friends and support a great cause.

What a week! First full week of work, personal training, subbed three classes- phew! It was exhausting! I really feel like over the past few years of my fitness journey, I am learning to become more flexible in fitting in workouts and listening to my body. On Thursday, rest was all I needed so I did. On Wednesday, I was so hungry so I ate more than normal (thank goodness for packing extra snacks). I think I am getting to that balance of planning and flexibility. We are all a work in progress and that is what makes the world go round.🙂

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Recent Eats Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone! While I am back to work, summer eats are still on the menu!


img_4807 img_4809

Labor Day BBQ. That corn- a lime/mayo/chile sauce- SO good!


Back to school white chocolate coconut cookies.


Water and a cookie from my Principal- so sweet!




Veggie & beef stuffed baked potato.


Farro/chickpea/pepper/chicken salad.


Mushroom/Spinach/Tomato “pizzas”


Clean out the fridge frittata and fruit salad.


Tuscan panzella salad with sausage.


Back to meal prep! I decided that each week I want to try a different salad. This is a take on Greek salads.


Dinner out in Ridgewood with my sister! Salad with sweet potato fries: balance!

Such a delicious week of eats! Oh and there was some ice cream in the mix too- just unpictured!😉

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Wanderlust Brooklyn

On Sunday, my friend and I headed into Brooklyn for the Wanderlust Festival. A “triathlon” of a 5k, yoga and meditation.

img_4842 img_4843

We found parking by Prospect Park and then headed to where the festival was located. It was about a mile long walk but totally worth it for just $10 parking!

After that we set up our yoga mats and checked our bags.


Then we walked around the booths and got a lot of free swag and did some shopping!

img_4851 img_4847img_4848

We bought $10 sweat pants from Spritual Gangster- such a good deal!


After that we headed to the 5k- which was actually 3.6 miles.


The run was hot but my legs/hip felt great. I haven’t run with a friend at all since my injury, so it was fun to catch up and run with a friend.


Starting Line


Post 5k Selfie

Then we grabbed our lunches that we ordered from Wanderlust. Next year I will just bring PB&J to save the $20.

img_4856 img_4857

Then we walked around a bit more and bought tanks and got some more free samples.


How cute?!

After we headed back to our mats for the yoga practice.

img_4863 img_4862

It was such a great practice and felt good after the 5k.

Afterwards they had the third part of the triathlon- meditation. While meditating, a protestor came walking through, which I have to admit was kind of scary. She was screaming about capitalism and as she was shouting, the woman leading the meditation asked us to send love her way and stay positive.

Meditating is super hard. It is hard to stay mindful and be present, but I would love to keep trying it. Even if its for a couple of minutes, I just felt like it brought me to such a great place.

fullsizerender_1 img_4871

It was a really fun day: running, yoga, meditating, free swag and shopping! What more could you ask for!


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Weekly Workouts + NYC Fitweek

Happy Monday everyone! What a week it has been! Back to work= super, super busy. I barely have a minute to check email let alone any social media! I feel so lost from the world. The beginning is always hard to settle into, but once I get over a few big things and get a routine going, I’ll be back in the swing of things. With my new routine, I am back to afternoon workouts. It takes A TON of effort to get myself to workout after a long work day, but I am doing it!

Let’s check out last week’s workouts!


Back + Biceps + HIIT Day on the Elliptical


3 mile run after a full day back to work and 3 hours of sleep.


Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Day + Taught my cycling class


Did a spin ride at the gym on my own- this took EVERY effort to get there.



Leg Day- I squatted 65 lbs!!!


I woke up to go to a cycling class and then I realized that I hadn’t taken a rest day in over a week, so rest day it was!


Wanderlust in Brooklyn- a 5k, yoga and meditation! Full recap to come soon! It was an awesome day!

img_4865 img_4862

This week starts NYC FITweek!


If you live in the NYC area, go and take a class! Proceeds support Education via She’s the First and!


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Closter 5k Race Recap!

I haven’t run a race in a long time! My last race was on Thanksgiving, post marathon, so still easing back into running. While I am still injured, I listen to my body and run when I can and decided that I was able to do a 5k.

On Sunday morning I saw the weather and decided it was perfect race conditions. They had predicted rain and wind and that was not the case. So I decided I am going to do it! The nice thing about this 5k is they have same day registration.

The race was at 9:30 so about two hours before I had a light breakfast.


Apple with whole wheat English muffin, almond butter and two strawberries.

Then I got in my usual race attire! Shorts, a tank, compression socks and my two braids. It felt so good to be ready to race!

I headed to Closter which is about a 15-20 minute drive from my house. Found a great parking spot and then headed to registration. It was so simple and I was all signed up.

At around 9ish they had a warm-up led by Retro Fitness which was so awesome. I try to warm up before a race but not as extensive as this. They even had us do burpees!

Then I headed to the start, put on my 5k playlist I made on Spotify and the race started. (Remember when I could run 20 miles without any music- yea, I am not there yet haha).

I started off nice and slow around 11 minute pace, to warm up and ease into. By Mile 2 I was feeling great and a fun song came on do I decided to do sprints to the music like we do in cycling classes, almost like Fartleks but to music. So thats I did for Mile 2 and most of Mile 3. I was hitting 8:50 paces! I did get a little exhausted by the end of Mile 3 so I slowed down a bit and waited to sprint the finish line.


Final Time: 31:49! Not bad for not racing for a long time and an injury!


It felt so good to race again! I really would love to try and find a Fall 10k and get back to that distance. Racing is so much fun and I believe that it helps improve you as a runner. It gives you something to work towards and feel accomplished when you have met your goals.

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Recent Eats Wednesday!


Happy Hump Day! Now that I am back to work I can officially say things like hump day, TGIF, etc. When you are not working all summer you don’t really need to look forward to a day of the week because everyday is like Saturday! Haha! Anyway- let’s see some things I have been eating lately.


Broccoli, onion and feta galette. This was so delicious and very easy. I could see trying this with different variations.

IMG_4699 FullSizeRender

I had to go out for a midweek lunch on my last week off. So Rolling Pin date with my mama! That soup is a chilled peach and watermelon soup- amazing. Graham cracker iced coffee to go!


Cheeseburger Salad- recipe from Skinny Taste. This was DELICIOUS and will be back in rotation. If you don’t eat red meat you could easily swap for turkey burgers instead.


Packed some chicken salad for lunch down the shore- chicken, mustard, figs and a tiny bit of mayo.

IMG_4739 IMG_4749

Dinner and dessert down the shore. Fish tacos and my favorite ice cream.


Sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes. Always a quick and easy meal. TJ’s sells a bag of already cut frozen peppers for $1.99- you cannot beat that.


A Cooking Light Recipe- a ground turkey (we used that instead of shredded chicken) Mexican enchilada lasagna.

IMG_4764 IMG_4781

Ice Cream 3 times in one week again. ::Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here::


Picnic at the pool for dinner with my family one night. Savored every moment of summer.


An extremely disappointing dinner at Defiant Brewery in Pearl River, NY. Never going back- food was cold and the brisket was dry, the BBQ sauce was probably Kraft and the service sucked. BYE!

IMG_4795 IMG_4796

We started the summer with Cuban food (for my birthday party) and decided to end it with Cuban food. So delicious!

That is what I have been eating lately!

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Summer Bucket List Recap!

In case you missed it, at the beginning of Summer I made a “Summer Bucket List.” 

  1. Go down the shore
  2. Eat a Levain Bakery Cookie
  3. Eat good Ice cream
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Take a fun workout class in NYC
  6. Take an outdoor workout class
  7. Run a 5k race
  8. Enjoy the outdoors in different ways
  9. Read books for pleasure
  10. Have fun!

So let’s see what I did this summer!

  1. Go Down the Shore

I went down 3 times this summer- once by myself, once with my mama and once with my friend!


2.Eat a Levain Bakery Cookie

Although I never made it to the bakery (which I need to do soon), Jen bought me once for my birthday and it was incredible!

IMG_3882 IMG_3883

3. Eat Good Ice Cream

Well, I can’t say I didn’t do that this summer!


4. Go on a hike

This was so much fun and challenging, such a great experience!


5. Take a fun workout class in NYC- this one I did not accomplish, it’s all good, I had plenty of awesome workouts.

6. Take an outdoor workout class.

I did this twice- two outdoor yoga classes! One in Ridgewood and one in Hoboken.


7. Run a 5k race.

I ran the Closter 5k in 31:49!


8. Enjoy the outdoors in different ways.

I absolutely did this, from celebrating my 30th surprise party, to pool days, teaching boot camp, to outdoor runs/workouts, hiking, etc. I soaked up the outdoors ALL summer!


9. Read books for pleasure.

I read 4 books this summer and I am on book number 5. Determined to keep up reading for pleasure (book wise, I do read a lot of blogs) during the school year.IMG_4792

10. Have fun!

Oh did I have fun! Ice Cream, pool days, Mystic, Binghamton, NYC, the beach, workouts, my 30th surprise party. Everything was amazing! Summer is so sacred and goes so fast. I am so happy that I soaked it all up and accomplished almost everything on my Summer Bucket List!!

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