Recent Eats!


Happy Hump Day everyone! How are you enjoying your week? This past week was filled with some great meals inspired by recipes in the new Cooking Light magazine issue. Sometimes we make adaptations to the recipes but it is a great resource for new, healthy and delicious meal ideas. I also ate out two nights, which is actually uncommon for me, but so fun and delicious!


A take on the Caesar Salad with hard boiled eggs.

IMG_4480 IMG_4481

Beach Lunch with my mama

IMG_4488 IMG_4489

Dinner down the shore= seafood.


Can’t leave the shore without my favorite ice cream.


Breakfast one morning, scrambled eggs, banana with almond butter, and melon.

IMG_4516 IMG_4519

Dinner down in Hoboken at my fav place- Elysian Cafe. I got the Mussels and French Fries with a Frisse Salad on the side. All about the seafood this week!


Going to miss weekday omelets with my parents once school starts again.


Mexican stuffed baked potato from Cooking Light.

IMG_4541 IMG_4542

Figs are back at Trader Joe’s!


Greek Turkey Meatballs with Tzatiki in a pita with a tomato and cucumber salad, inspired by a recipe in Cooking Light.


Um I had ice cream 3 times this week, not mad about it.🙂


Carbing up for a hike, eggy oatmeal with figs and almond butter.


Classic PB&J during our hike.


Avocado Carbonara with roasted Cauliflower.

Seriously, I LOVE all the variety of our meals each week. I always make sure to have a plan before grocery shopping each week and follow the list. Having an idea of what we are eating for dinner each night helps saves money, time, and brings variety to our meals!

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Hiking in Beacon, NY

On Sunday, my sister, her bf and I headed up to Beacon, NY for a 5 mile hike.

You start off my climbing a good set of stairs.

IMG_4558 IMG_4555

From there, it is a vertical and rocky hike.


It rained for like two minutes twice and then the weather was perfect for hiking. We took some stops along the way because it is a tough hike!


After about a mile and a half you get to the middle point, where you can turn around or keep on going.

IMG_4570 IMG_4569

We decided to fuel up on some lunch before the second part of the hike.

IMG_4579 IMG_4578

Such a gorgeous view.

IMG_4573 IMG_4583

Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose.🙂

After lunch we continued on the hike. Some parts weren’t as rocky as the previous trail and some parts were full on boulders that you had to climb up. We found a cool rock garden that people stacked rocks on top of each other. We decided to make one too.

IMG_4591 IMG_4594

We continued on and took some pics almost at the top (we were heading for the fire tower). How beautiful is this view?

IMG_4602 IMG_4598

Then we made it!


There were some people by the fire tower and they warned us to be careful because it was very windy on the tower. They said we would be fine but just hold on tight.

IMG_4606 IMG_4616

We climbed to the top, it was very windy and shaky, but we did it! I was more scared going down than up. My sister, who is afraid of heights rocked it and made it to the top with our encouragement!



View from the top!

What an amazing day! I hadn’t been hiking since I was little and a hike was on my summer bucket list. Such a different kind of workout, both mentally and physically enduring. Such a fun Sunday!

PS That evening we watched the movie Everest- now that is a climb you couldn’t pay me to do. :) 

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Weekly Workouts: Quite a Variety!

Happy Monday everyone! This past week was filled with such a variety of different workouts. I love trying new ways to move and being well rounded in my exercises. Don’t get me wrong, some weeks it’s just the typical same workouts. But if I can get a chance to change it up, why not! This week was also considered my “vacation week” because I had no clients to train and got a sub for my spin class, so I was able to go at my own schedule/pace.


Leg Day- new routine that was more of a superset. My legs were sore for literally days.


1 hour swim


After leg day I couldn’t imagine running or spinning, so this was the perfect form of cardio!


Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Day then a day of relaxation at the beach, I even got a sub for my cycling class that evening!


Spin class- 45 minutes of all oldies music= eh not my fav.

Then that evening I took an outdoor yoga class down in Hoboken. Since I have moved out of Hoboken- I have been missing their outdoor exercises classes so badly, so I decided I needed to try and get down there this summer!

IMG_4502 IMG_4514

My new yoga mat is from TJ Maxx for $7.99!


Back and Biceps Day


Very tough and sweaty spin class. I did 20 miles!



5 mile hike in NY State! Can’t wait to share more!


What a different and great week of workouts!

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Julia Child’s Birthday + Recent Eats!


Happy Wednesday everyone! On Friday, my family and I went to Madeline’s Petit Paris to enjoy their Pre-fixe dinner in celebration of Julia Child’s birthday.

IMG_4416 IMG_4415

It was so much fun and so delicious. The couple that owns the restaurant dressed up as Julia Child and her husband and they even sang a few French songs to us during dinner.

IMG_4401 IMG_4405

It was so fun to get dressed up and have dinner on a Friday night!


Here was the pre-fixe menu.

I started with the cream of asparagus soup.


We then had mango sorbet to cleanse the palate.


I got the Beef Bourguignon and it came with a side of delicious veggies. The beef was so tender and delicious.


It ended with Floating Islands and a yummy chocolate dessert.

IMG_4413 IMG_4414

Such a fun and delicious evening!

Since it is Recent Eats Wednesday, I have some other yummy food pics to share from last week!


Frittata with fresh cantaloupe and coffee.


Salad with a pear and gorgonzola dressing.


Celebrated S’mores Day a day early.


Overnight oats in a jar= my favvvv.


Beef Tostadas.


Grilled chicken and veggies.


Smoothie and and an English muffin with PB & Banana.

Hope you are enjoying the week! 

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Bachelorette Party Weekend Recap!

Over the weekend we celebrated Jen for her bachelorette party! Can you believe we met through blogging about two years ago? She is such an incredible friend and I am so happy to have met her and I am part of her wedding!!

Saturday afternoon I headed into the city at a cute boutique hotel called the Marcel at Gramercy. 


Brenda, Jen’s MOH decorated the room so cute- bachelorette style!


We got all dressed up ready for our night on the town! FullSizeRender

Then we headed out to Hunk-o-Mania for the perfect bachelorette venue. I will leave it to your imagination about the fun we had haha.🙂


Then we headed uptown for a fun night of karaoke! It was so fun just dancing and singing and going ALL out for Jen. At around 2:30 AM we were HUNGRY so we got amazing food a diner nearby. Even though I don’t drink- I can get my drunk eat on GOOD!

We got back to the hotel a little before 4 am and passed out = sign of an amazing night.

The next morning we headed downtown in the Meatpacking district for brunch at STK. Jen’s friend Sharde, planned the brunch and had adorable goody bags for us and a menu made for Jen!

IMG_4443 IMG_4444

Such a cool place!

IMG_4442 IMG_4440

We enjoyed some appetizers:


A Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bread pudding.

For my entree:


A delicious Kale salad with grilled chicken.

After we sang Happy Wedding to Jen:


We enjoyed some crumb cake and monkey bread.

After that I headed out and with perfect timing (love when that happens) got a train home!

It was SUCH a fun weekend going out and being social! I feel like sometimes I am not that social (although this summer has been different) and sometimes I prefer a night in on the couch. I loved having just a fun and crazy girls weekend and I loved that we were able to celebrate Jen!! Love you girl!!

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Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m coming at you a little later than normal today because of an awesome weekend! More to come on that in another post! Let’s dive into last week’s workout recap.


Rest Day


I wasn’t in the mood to run and I wasn’t in the mood to go to the gym so I did a 1 mile short run/cardio BOSU ladder dills/1 mile short run workout in my backyard. I was in the mood to sweat and I SWEAT!

IMG_4382 IMG_4381

I also decided that evening after another no-show at my boot camp I am ending it for the summer. I did all that I could to advertise but I think it just wasn’t the right clientele (most people want to relax at the pool). I am proud of what I did accomplish from it and that I tried it out. The fitness industry is not easy at all and I love how far I have come in just a year. Everything is a learning experience and I do not regret any of the time/money/effort put into this boot camp and hopefully the few people who came enjoyed the workouts!


Chest/Tricep/Core + Trained 2 clients + taught my awesome cycling class!


Did a spin ride on my own at the gym- way too hot to run outside.


Back/Biceps/Core Day


I took a fabulous sweaty spin class!


Rest Day- aka rooftop brunch in NYC for Jen’s bachelorette!

A nice, strong week! I love my new venture into weight lifting and I feel stronger and more Bada** everyday!

PS Have you listened to my podcast with Diz Runs yet?

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Recent Eats Wednesday!


Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday which means a bunch of pictures of what I have been eating lately!


Nicoise Salad


Sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes


IMG_4311 IMG_4314

Healthy mac and cheese with a side salad. Secret Ingredient- cauliflower! This was SO good! Does anyone else put ketchup on their mac and cheese?


Grilled chicken stir fry over rice.


Chocolate and PB ice cream with hot fudge.

IMG_4331 IMG_4332

Really really delicious ricotta zucchini tomato pizza on the grill.


Green Smoothie and English Muffin/PB/Banana combo.


Ice Cream for dinner. Yup sometimes that happens in the summer- balance yo.

Have you ever had ice cream for dinner?

Do you put ketchup on your Mac & Cheese?

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Weekend Recap in Binghamton!

This past weekend I headed up to Binghamton, NY for the lovely Jen’s bridal shower!

We headed up Saturday afternoon for our fun road trip. First stop: lunch in Hibernia, NJ at an awesome diner.


Turkey Cheddar Wrap with a side of grilled veggies

Then we got back on the road and headed upstate. We got to our hotel got ready quickly and met up with Jen’s friends and family for a dinner with almost 20 people! I had been told all about the regional dish of Binghamton: Chicken Spiedies so I of course ordered it!


Original Chicken Spiedies Sandwich 

Then we headed back to the hotel to hang out for awhile. It was so fun to meet Jen’s friends and laugh with them!

The next morning we woke up and headed to a Hot Yoga class. The studio was so adorable and the class was awesome. It was a 75 minute class and the instructor was amazing. I haven’t been to hot yoga in awhile so it felt great to get a good sweat/stretch.


View outside the hot yoga studio

We grabbed iced coffees at Wegman’s (my first time there- LOVED it) and then refueled with some continental breakfast.


Inventive and delicious oatmeal/PB/banana

Then we got ready for Jen’s Bridal Shower!

IMG_4343 IMG_4345

Jen’s mom had an old stationary bike (since Jen is also a spin instructor) and decorated everything in blue and white (her wedding colors). It was so pretty and the backyard was gorgeous!

IMG_4366 IMG_4370

We played a fun “quiz about Jen game” and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

IMG_4358 IMG_4347

All the bridesmaids had adorable name tags to wear.


We enjoyed delicious Italian food- those potatoes, I am still dreaming about them.

Then we had dessert! A yummy cake from Wegman’s and Lemon Bars and Vegan Black “Navy” and White Cookies, or as they call them upstate “Half Moon Cookies” that I baked for the party.

IMG_4362 IMG_4374

Dessert is always the best part.


My plate

After that Jen opened her gifts and we all hung out and enjoyed the rest of the shower!

It was such a fun weekend, seeing Jen’s hometown, celebrating her and John and just getting away for the weekend! So much fun!!

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Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you enjoyed the week last week/weekend! Summer is flying by and it’s making me so sad. Let’s recap this past week of workouts!


4 mile run after a weekend away in Mystic aka fueled by sugar= not so much fun.



Chest/Tricep/Core Day + Trained a client + waited at Boot Camp for someone to show and NADA:-/


Subbed a 55 min cycling class in the AM + taught my evening cycling class. This was my first time teaching twice in one day and wow I felt that! I know I should be teaching off the bike more, but it can be hard and awkward! I will get there!


Back/Bicep/Core Day + Trained a client


3 mile run with a heavy heart after hearing about the tragic death of a roommate from college who was murdered when she went for a run. I couldn’t help but feel scared/sad/freaked out. So awful.



Shoulder/Leg/Core Day


Hot Yoga class with Jen in Binghamton (will recap our weekend later)! It was SUCH a good class and I was sore later on from it, such a good sweat too.

That is a wrap-up of last week’s workouts! 


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Mystic, CT. Weekend Recap!

Last weekend I went to Mystic, Connecticut for my friend’s bachelorette party! It was such a fun time!

After a very long car ride there filled with laughs, playing the game Contact and road trip snacks we made it to Mystic.


The Maid of Honor and Bachelorette gave us cute goody bags!

We quickly got dressed and headed to dinner at the Engine Room.

IMG_4218 IMG_4219

There were so many good things to choose from the menu but most of us settled for burgers. I also got a (small) side of squash. As soon as our food came we became silent and inhaled it all.

IMG_4222 IMG_4221

The waitress brought out monkey bread and a candle for my friend and we sang “happy bachelorette” to you and shared the monkey bread.


After that we hung out at a bar for a few hours and walked around the town. We were all pretty tired from the long drive so we didn’t stay out too late so we could enjoy our Saturday.

We woke up fairly early the next morning and had complimentary breakfast in the hotel. Got ready and headed to an Alpaca Farm!


IMG_4235 IMG_4233

To get the Alpaca’s attention you call “Hey Laddddiessss” and they come!

IMG_4236 IMG_4237

We fed them carrots!

IMG_4248 IMG_4242

It was so much fun! PS we all wore flower crowns for the Bridal Party.

Then we grabbed lunch at a Snack Stand by the water in Mystic.


Tuna melt and a side salad.

Later on we headed to Downtown Mystic to do some shopping.

IMG_4256 IMG_4257

Also, apparently the bridge raising is a big deal…


We also visited the famous Mystic Pizza, but we picked up food from there later on.


After a full day we came back to the hotel, hung out and relaxed and got ready for our evening. We also enjoyed our food from Mystic Pizza. I went with a veggie/chicken wrap instead of the pizza because I heard the pizza was nothing to call home about. I’m glad I did because the girls said it tasted like Pizza Hut.

IMG_4271 IMG_4272

Then we finished up getting ready and decorated the hotel for our friend!

We also munched on the sugar cookies that I baked!


IMG_4266 IMG_4274


We also decorated ourselves with temporary tattoos.

IMG_4282 IMG_4279

Then we headed to the Scorpian Bar at Foxwoods Casino.


We danced the night away until 3am!! I haven’t done that in forever!

The next morning we woke up at 10am! Since we missed the free hotel breakfast we went to the Mystic Diner which was much needed after dancing all night.


Then we walked around Olde Mistick Village for a little to do some more shopping before heading home.

IMG_4292 IMG_4293

I bought some fudge for the family and a cute ornament for them.


It was such a fun mini getaway! Although I don’t have a lot of money to travel right now, mini getaways are perfect for me!

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