Work Free Weekend

After a very busy work week I decided to make it a weekend free of work and I have to say it was awesome! I think taking some time away from work and doing “me things” was what I really needed.

Friday I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and had a delish wrap from my fav wrap place in my town. Tuna, Avocado, Swiss, Romaine and Tomatoes. It felt good to relax and catch up on my DVR.

Saturday I woke up really early since I went to bed so early and decided to enjoy a morning in Central Park. I put on my workout clothes and headed up to Columbus Circle. I had all my running gear (arm band, gum, good tunes) and set out for a long run. My hope was to go past 5 miles which I did about two weeks ago and I did! I actually ran a 10k!! It took me a little over an hour which felt amazing. I love the accomplishment feeling I get after a great run. Image

After my 10k I headed straight to Whole Foods to refuel. They have an awesome breakfast bar. I grabbed some eggs, egg pizza (delish), quinoa oatmeal, hash browns, fresh fruit and a Vitamin water. It was perfect after a great run! 

I then headed back home and after a much needed shower and knee icing, I did some shopping at the mall and got a mani (which I am unhappy to say is already chipping today). 

Later on I grabbed dinner with a friend at this amazing Cuban restaurant. My fav was the spinach, manchego empanadas. Sooo good 🙂

After dinner I headed out for a night on the town with a bunch of friends and had quite a blast until 3am 🙂 

Since I ran so far yesterday and went out pretty late last night I decided to make today my “rest day.” I did some good food shopping at Trader Joes:


Baked Lentil Chips, Guac Hummus (can’t wait to try!), Kale (to make kale chips-not sure why the picture is cut off) and my fav snack- chocolate covered bananas!

Now I am relaxing (and blogging) enjoying this Sunday Evening.

Peace. Love. Relax. 🙂 




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