Chicken or the egg?

I am having quite the wild friday night. Went for a very short run (1 mi.) and did some weights at the gym because I had to get to the mani place before they closed. My two friends are getting married tomorrow (sooo excited) so I needed to get a more formal color.


icing and a fresh mani πŸ™‚

Sometimes I like having a quiet Friday night so I can wake up and go for a run early saturday morning. It is so crazy how people can change in just a few months. Last year at this time all I wanted was to go to happy hour and then end up being stuck in bed with a horrific hangover all day Saturday, then get the gumption to shower and do it all again Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong I still love going out- I live in the town know for it πŸ˜‰ but it does start to get old. Same bars. and I think the biggest thing is that awful feeling my body feels. I just really like how I feel after a day of good food, exercise and a good night sleep. I guess those crazy drinking nights are becoming fewer and farther in between. (no worries- I will be indulging at this wedding tomorrow haha). I am so happy with the way I feel lately that the thought of putting alcohol in my body just doesn’t sound appealing. Is this what growing up looks like? Or is it that I just discovered my new passion for running which has influenced all aspects of my life? Chicken or the egg? haha


Thanks to Runners World for this awesome image. Just reminds to keep the negative comments, negative thinking, and toxic people out of my life and surround myself withe the positive/supportive comments, thinking, people in my life. This was that random thought that is on my mind, once again bringing “The Fizzle” to my writing. Maybe I will “elaborate” with more “focus/meaning” on this thought that has been on my mind in another post.

Wow I ❀ blogging! Therapeutic and creative- it’s so fun!!

Night πŸ™‚


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