PRed in my 5k!!!

Ok so before I get into my whole post (or I can write backwards?) this happened this morning:


Soooo happy! Under 30 minutes- first time ever!!


Before and after haha I look very tired in both pics.

So it was a great race. Very hilly and very cold but awesome. The feeling of accomplishment from running makes me feel so freaking happy! I really want to do a half marathon next- hopefully this spring I can find one (if I don’t get into the NYC half).

Okay so on to the rest of my fun-filled busy weekend:

Yesterday was spent all over with my sister. First we went to a real running store to get me fitted for real sneakers. I figured that now I am serious about running I think it is time to go for a real pair. So the guy had me try and run on the treadmill (I don’t do treadmills) and then measured my feet. I was shocked that I had to get a much bigger size than I normally get.


Here are these beauties. They are Brooks and I really liked them, I can’t wait to wear them while I run this week. I decided to not wear them today because I didn’t want to wear new shoes in a race. I can’t go too hard this week because I have another 5K this upcoming Saturday!

After shoe shopping we needed to fuel with some delicousness:

Salad with shallots and gorgonzola. Chicken salad on the side. Pumpkin Soup. And they normally give you a scone but I guess they ran out so they gave us this really yummy sweet potato salad- sooo good.


After that we headed to Target so I could get some more workout clothes. I didn’t love any of their pants but I did get this:


I’m super excited about it- think it will get perfect as it gets colder out!
I then had to get a Mani/Pedi:
love these OPI fall colors
And then back to the top of my post. 5K under 30 holla!!
After my 5k I refueled with some TJs pumpkin oatmeal, an egg and an apple:
I have been all about the pumpkin this weekend.
Aside from the pumpkin soup and pumpkin oatmeal. I decided to make these after my shopping trip to TJs:
I am not much of a baker so this was the best I could do haha. I put some cookie butter on it while warm- mmmmmm amazing.
Now I am resting and relaxing. Should do some school work but I don’t think that will happen.
It has been a great weekend 🙂 Feeling so happy and accomplished!

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