Helllllllo it’s been a few days!

Hello all,

It’s been a few days! I have been so busy, tutoring, prepping for my after school science class, and getting ready for conferences. The next two weeks are crazy but different so I am excited.

Workouts have been pretty mellow this week. 3.5 mile run on Monday in my new Brooks!! Tuesday- gym- cardio/arms, Wednesday-rest, Today- easy two miles and some arms/abs at the gym. I have a 5K on Saturday so I wanted to take it easier again.

PS My official time came in from Sunday- 28:51- even quicker than I thought! My goal is to get around that on Saturday- don’t want to say I have to beat that because it’s only a week but to be around that time would be awesome. 

My meals this week have been uneventful but delish! I meal prepped on Sunday my sweet potato, peppers, chicken, onion dish and I have been changing it up (eating straight up), making a quesadilla. Always with a side of kale chips- I am addicted….I guess that isn’t  bad thing lol right? 

Here is a pic of some of my desserts. I also have a new obsession with almond butter- I put it on:


My Trader Joes pumpkin muffins.


My Trader Joes chocolate covered bananas.

Soooo delish. Sometimes dessert is so ness, especially this “blah” week.

Looking forward to my 5k and hopefully something fun Saturday night for Halloween? I am so over dressing up this year- but I would like to do something fun. We will see!

I shall close with this:


I stole this from Hungry Runner Girl’s Blog! Credit goes to her (loving all these new running blogs that I have found!!!) 






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