Another Day, Another 5k!

What gorgeous weather we are having today! I know it’s chilly but it is freaking gorgeous!!

So last night I purchased my new purple Garmin Forerunner 10!!!



It was funny when I went to pay the girl was talking to me and I got flustered and thought I gave her enough money. She assumed I did and gave me change back. I realized when I got in the car that I under paid her and went back straightened it all out. I felt so bad because I’m sure her manager is going to yell at her for miscounting but I guess it worked out that I realized so I could give them the right amount.

So this morning I got all ready for my Halloween 5K:





They gave us a shirt but I decided to just wear Halloween colors. 

The race was really fun, there were so many people in costume!! The race was very fast paced so I actually ran my first mile under 9 minutes! I think that was just a little too fast for me because it made it a little harder at mile 2 and 3. My Garmin said I finished at 29:07 so we will see what the official results say! I just am happy to race. A year ago I couldn’t even run half a mile!!

After the race I had a nice brunch with my friend, then we walked around and shopped and got stuff for our Halloween costumes tonight (80s girls!) then got fun manis for tonight!



Ohhh we also got fro-yo because I had a craving 🙂



Now relaxing and icing! Looking forward to enjoying the chocolate beer I bought before I head for a Halloween eighties night on the town! 🙂 


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