Sunday Night Recap- Mostly about food :)

First of all: Hocus Pocus is on! Holla- best halloween movie ever!

So last night I had a night on the town. Started off with some of this:



Soooo yummy!

And dressed 80s like this:



All in all it was a fun night!

This morning I wasn’t feeling so hot- so today turned out to be a rest day. Quite a bummer because it was so beautiful out. 

I had this for breakfast:


Almond butter, banana in a whole wheat wrap. Probably would have tasted better if I felt better :-/

Then had Sunday dinner with the fam: Chicken parm and of course kale chips because I have made my family obsessed



And I had a little sweet tooth craving so I had my free orange and luna bar from the 5K for a night snack 🙂



This was quite a foodie post! I also did my usual Sunday Shopping at TJs and food prep for the week. I made turkey meatballs in sauce so stay tuned for some more food posts this week!

Looking forward to a nice run tomorrow!





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