Beautiful Saturday!

What a gorgeous Saturday it has been! I woke up around 7:30 (that is late for me!) got ready for the gym. As I said yesterday, I knew I needed a day of cross-training because I ran so much this week. 


  • 30 minutes on the Elliptical about (4 mi.) 
  • 3 sets of- reverse fly (10 lbs), forward lunges (8 lbs), bicep curls (10lbs), dumbbell cross jab (8lbs.) and dips
  • Abs- Side Planks, 100 sit ups, 100 bicycle sit ups

I felt great afterwards (does anyone regret a workout) then ran some errands and picked up a delicious hot chocolate from this cute Coffee Shop that my friend recommended. It was called a Black and Tan- hot chocolate and white chocolate combined- soooo good! I am definitely going back and trying the other kinds. There was a raspberry truffle but unfortunately I developed an allergy to berries this past year so can’t try that- ugh!

After errands/hot chocolate I wanted to refuel with some yummy breakfast and finish up some things in my fridge. I buy this Veggie Health Mix- that has a bunch of different veggies and I use that instead of bagged lettuce. It lasts longer it has such a variety of veggies in it. I had a little left over so I cooked some up on a pan with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I then added some left over chick peas that I had then two eggs and scrambled it up! I made like a “refueling bowl.” I then toasted a piece of whole wheat bread and finished up the last of my TJs guac/hummus on it.



Mmmmm so good! Such a random combination but I really enjoyed it! 

I then drove up to my parents because we are going out to dinner tonight (look out for pics!!) so I had to get a mani/pedi at my fav place:



Loving the fun party glitter fingers 🙂

And a nice snack when I came back- apple/TJs garlic hummus:



Now relaxing before I get ready for our yummy dinner. 

One last thought. When I was running errands today I saw a bunch of NYC marathoners. I said goof luck to one man and he looked joyous. Good luck to all the NYC Marathoners– you are truly an inspiration. I hope I can one day run a marathon too! 


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