Food, running, halloween and all in between!

Hello all,

It has been quite a few days since I have blogged. With Halloween, a field trip and conferences I am one tired teacher/runner. Despite all my busy-ness I managed to run 4/5 days this week!

So let’s start off with Monday. As I have been trying to do on Sundays, go to Trader Joes, make a meal on Sunday that I can have throughout the week in variations. This week I decided to have mini turkey meatballs in sauce. 

So here was Monday:



the meatballs, with a side of kale chips (duh) and sweet potato fries from TJs…. such a random combo but it worked to me!

I tried the meatballs just as is throughout the week with different sides but tonight I had them in a whole wheat wrap with sauteed kale (gotta change the kale up sometimes haha).



There was a little sauce left over so I put it on the kale which had garlic powder and it was delish!!! 

Now back to the middle of the week.

Tuesday- Miami Heat season opener- spent watching it on my couch!! Go HEAT!!!

Here I was at work on Halloween- super teacher:



Then at night I put on a nice dress, boots, and a mask from a club I got in Miami and called it a costume:



Today I got home really early and the weather was gorgeous. I had planned to go to the gym because I ran all week and know I needed to get some cross-training/weights in but I just couldn’t pass up a run with this beautiful weather. I had planned for my long run to be tomorrow morning but decided to do it this afternoon. I have a 10k in December so I have to keep up the “long run” for me- cannot compare to those amazing marathoners this weekend



Almost 6 and half miles! Really exciting. I am determined to do a half in the spring and I thought about at the end of the run like wow imagine doing this for another hour. It’s funny I feel like when I go for a longer run I get to this point where I am in total zen/bliss- like my breathing is settled, my mind is cleared, and I just am running. It usually starts around mile 4 so I do feel like I can slowly just keep increasing my distance because at that point my body is like ok I am running and I am happy. I feel like in a 5K you are working to be fast and I think the half (I’m assuming) is about your distance. 

Tonight I wanted to do something but just wasn’t in the mood to sit and drink a beer and stare at my friend at a bar so we did something even better:



Amazing fro-yo with an amazing view and amazing weather. 16 Handles and Tasti-D-Lite are my top fav fro-yo places with Red Mango coming in Third. 

Here is a close up:



Salted Caramel (my fav flavor) pretzel m&ms, mini caramel turtles, mango, this pretzely/whitechocolatey goodness, and caramel and chocolate sauce. Some nights you hafta indulge with the toppings- especially after a nice 6.44 mile run 🙂 

This weekend is going to be good- yummy/fancy birthday dinner planned for my mom’s birthday tomorrow night and then my friend’s baby shower on Sunday.

I do need to do cross-training/weights so I am going to do that tomorrow then maybe a 5k on Sunday. Mon-Weds. is so busy- night conferences and tutoring, so I am trying to get my workouts in this weekend just im case I can’t Tues./Weds. I like having a plan for my runs/workouts because I feel more accountable to them. I have a four day weekend next weekend so I know that I will be able to run/workout then. I am also hoping to go out for some fun dinners/drinks that weekend. 

Total random note: I also think I may be needing to get a new iPhone. I have had mine for 3 years and it’s starting to funk out on me, dark screen, getting texts 24 hours later… That may be in my adventures next week as well :-/ 

Phew! I think I covered a whole week in one post! Have a great weekend! 



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