Be the Best Version of you

I stumbled upon this on Instagram and had to share:



I would say this sums up how I have been feeling about life lately. I take time to take care of myself by eating healthy, running/working out, partying a lot less, and giving myself “me” time on the weekends. I think this is making the best version of myself and I am feeling great!

As I mentioned on Saturday- we went out to a fancy shmancy dinner for my mom’s birthday. 



I had to take an outfit pic 🙂 Appetizer: beet and arugula salad with this crispy piece of goat cheese. It unfortunately had a few cranberries (did not say it on the menu) which I was able to pick out but my lips and roof of mouth went numb. Stupid allergy… Luckily I think because I didn’t consume a cranberry just had stuff that touched it- it didn’t stay like that for long.

Main course. I was going to get these amazing filet mignon raviolis but they had a special that sounded amazing. A de-shelled whole lobster (I HATE de-shelling) over smashed cauliflower and this autumn butternut squash sauce. Mmmmmmmm. amazing. 

Dessert: Cappucino and a pecan caramel cake- with whipped cream. I’m not a big cake person but this wasn’t really cake like. It was just amazingness. 

I then went home and had a relaxing Saturday Night in 🙂

The next morning I woke up and went for a nice 4.5 mile run in my parent’s town. I watched the NYC marathon and was just so inspired. I have been doing my research about getting into the 2014 marathon and I don’t think I can. There are a lot of requirements and I think I am behind in it. But I am hoping the 2015?! I entered in the raffle for the NYC half- I reallllllly hope I get it. I am dying to do a half!

After my run I made this amazing oatmeal. Trader Joe’s cinnamon oatmeal, a small sweet potato, and some walnuts. So delish!!



I loveeee oatmeal. It is such a staple in my life haha

Then went to my bff’s baby shower. We had delish food and she got mad gifts! I was in charge of writing them down…hope I got everything 😉

After that with the time change I was so exhausted but decided it was important to food shop at of course TJs and meal prep. I bought chicken sundried tomato basil sausage, butternut squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and cannelini beans. Cooked them all up and made four servings. Monday we had night conferences so I had it as is with some crackers and a TJS mozz cheese stick. Tuesday my roommate was making a huge meal so I kinda only could use the microwave so had it again with multigrain chips and my fav guac/hummus combo. 

Here it was tonight as a quesadilla with mozz:



Speaking of food I snapped a pic of my breakfast the other morning:



I had been using this almond butter I got at Shop Rite but I have been full blown shopping at TJs lately that I bought almond butter there and OMG it is sooo good. 

As you can see I have been talking about food and not running because I haven’t been able to go the past 3 days!!! I hate not having time to run 😦 but monday was conferences- didnt get home until 10pm. Tues/Weds tutoring didn’t get home until 7ish 😦 Soooo since I have a 4 day weekend!!!!! I have four days in a row to run/work out. Hopefully next week I can get back on a normal schedule! 

And to that I am off to try and relax and watch my TV live- Top Chef haha but we will see if I can keep my eyes open. I don’t get to enjoy my shows “live” normally so when I have off I like to try and stay up late. But the pjs are on and my eyes are growing heavier as I write this haha.

Good night everyone and remember to always “Be the Best Version of You,” because you are worth it to feel that great! 




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