Every week should have a 4 day weekend


So I am FULLY enjoying my 4 day weekend! I woke up around 7am (that is sleeping late for me since I get up at 5:15). Had a banana and almond butter, obsessed, put on my running clothes and headed out the door. I was expecting it to be rainy when I woke up, instead it was 63 degrees and cloudy- very perfect running weather. I didn’t even need my jacket. I decided since I hadn’t ran for 3 days I was going to go for a nice long run. I kept telling myself I wanted to try and get to 7 miles, but my knees really started hurting after 6, so I stopped at 6.56 miles. 

Since it was so balmy outside I had a craving for a smoothie so I stopped at a place on my way home. I also picked up some sweet potatoes to make in my recovery bowl. 



eggs, TJ’s veggie health mix, and a sweet potato. YUM!

I then kinda bummed around the house and later got hungry for some lunch. I love days off because I can be more creative with my food. 


Mmmmm- healthier grilled cheese: two slices of whole wheat bread, a TJs mozz stick, tomato, and TJs Ginger and Carrot Soup. SO good! Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Then I met my friend to do a little rainy day window shopping because I hate sitting around ALL day. We went to Anthropologie- that store has some beautiful things but just too expensive for me. We then headed to a running store so I could pick up a headband for the colder weather. I am loving all the Brooks running clothes! (Mommmmyyyy- Christmas!!) I need to get some gloves too. 



OH and these finally came in the mail:



I needed some long running pants for the colder weather. They were just $26 each on Kohls.com! I hafta say $26 tek gear seems a lot better than $80 lululemon pants.

While walking around we went to to a cute little coffee shop that I have never been to. It was adorable- I kinda wanna go and sit with my laptop one day soon! I had a yummy “Fall Spice” skim latte. It was a lot less sweet than the Starbucks PSL. I enjoyed it on my rainy walk home.

Now I am just relaxing waiting to go out to this mexican place for HH tonight. Not looking to drink too much but it is always fun to go out for a little, especially when I have off tomorrow. 

I am sure I will update again tomorrow. Having time off lets me blog more 😉



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