Food, #runnerproblems, but mostly food

OK so the last time we left off I was going to a Mexican place for HH. The place was decorated so cool that I had to make a picstich:



Love the “say no to drugs, say yes to tacos” sign. So true. I also though the “Last Cerveza” picture was awesome. I did not like the drinks though. I got a Margarita luckily at 7:55- right at the end of HH prices so I got it for $6 normally $12- that’s a win in my book. Mine is the green frozen one on the left. Yes, green. No I did not order a lime marg. I ordered a mango one. And it tasted like lime- now that’s a fail haha.

Next morning I bundled all up and went for a nice 5.33 mi. run. Image

Towards the end my knees were bothering me so I didn’t get to 6 miles. I am wondering could it be the quick drop in temp that is making them ache? So this was breakfast as a result of that:Image

Now I am wondering should I be using hot compresses instead of cold? Oy vey! The more of a runner I become (as in it is so part of my whole life) the more I have to learn: nutrition, muscles, stretching, resting, etc. 

After a shower and some rest my friend and I headed into NYC for our self made “foodie tour.” My friend had a Chinese Wedding in June and that was the first time I tried buns- it was duck buns but I believe traditionally they do it with Pork Buns. So I have been craving them since June- that is a very long time to go without fulfilling a craving. So we went to Baohaus which is pretty well known. Anthony Bourdain has been and the owner Eddie Huang was just recently on an episode of Top Chef. 

Baohaus has a lunch special- two baos and taro fries w/ this sauce (amazinggg) for $15. So my friend and I decided to get that and order one more bao so we could each have two. We got the “Chairman Bao, a pork bun and the “Birdhaus Bao,” a fried chicken one. We also got this green tea lemonade which was delish. These baos were AMAZING. The pork belly one was my fav. Just so good. Def check it out when you are in NYC. 



The place is a little divey inside but I think that is what goes with the food. It was just so awesome I am going to have to go back again VERY soon. 

After that we did a little shopping then headed to our next stop on the food tour. I had heard about this “Crack Pie” and “Cereal Milk” from Momofuku Milk Bar for so long that I have been dying to try it. We decided to each get a cereal milk, one slice of crack pie (basically a more awesome sugar cookie thats gooey and delicious) and a candy bar pie (dark salty chocolate, peanut butter, and a pretzel). 



OMG SO GOOD. There probably is crack in the crack pie and anything with peanut butter and chocolate sign me up. The cereal milk was so good and different. I could not finish it at all, so I had a little more last night and actually poured some in my coffee this morning. Which was pretty awesome. 

After the city we went to Target and I finally purchased a foam roller. Man I have been missing out. I totally felt the difference on my muscles. I am very happy with my purchase. 



Then I came home and relaxed on the couch. Made this for dinner:Image

TJs whole wheat wrap, broccoli, chick peas, and TJs fresh mozz stick. Put it in the oven at 350 for 15 mins and voila. It was a good light dinner after all the foodie stops 🙂 While relaxing on the couch I watched Spirit of the Marathon. Never saw it before and LOVED it. My fav was Jerry- he was so cute 🙂 I love little old men haha. I really want to run a half and then a full marathon. I am going to do it! 

It is so funny around July when I was first training for my first 5k- I was talking to this guy on my kickball team and he was like once you run a 5k you will be able to run a half. I was like um yea ok buddy, I will never be able to run more than 3 miles. And well look who is talking now. I am wanting to run a whole marathon. I get it. Once that running bug bites you, you are hooked and want to keep going, further and further. 

Anyway- my title says #runnerproblems because this morning I got all bundled up went for a run and at like 1.8 miles had to stop. My knees were KILLING me, particularly my right. Yesterday when I was walking around the city it hurt a lot when going up and down stairs, so I probably should have listened to my body then and just gone straight to the gym. I think having to take off working out/running M-W kinda screwed me up and made me want to keep running. It is so hard to listen to your body and listen to your mind. My mind is like keep running and then my knees are like yo we need a break. So after I stopped I walked to the gym and did a bunch of arm workouts with weights, some abs, and ended with some good stretching. I may try for the gym tomorrow and take a rest day for running. Then I am going to try and get on a schedule  that works for me so I don’t injure myself. Yes- I want to run everyday, but maybe I need to listen to my knees too and take a break when they need it.

Well…. this was a long post! 

Tonight I am going to a yummy burger place in the city and out with some friends. Should be a good night 🙂 Stay tuned for pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone! 



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