New Breakfast Find and some real talk

Ever since I have began reading and following the running/healthy eating blog community I kept seeing this thing called overnight oats. I finally decided to give it a try. Many of the recipes/instagram pictures I saw made them in almost empty nut butter jars. 

Since I had an almost empty pb jar I decided to give it I try. There are so many variations and recipes that I think it’s one of those things that you can experiment with ratios and add-ins. I put half a cup of organic rolled oats that I bought at Shop Rite. (I was picking up some things there for my Science class). 1/3 cup of TJs honey greek yogurt and 1/3 cup of milk:



ummm (hahaha I crack myself up). It was so creamy and the peanut butter added another flavor. It was also really filling and totally held me over until my lunch, I mean brunch (yes my lunch is at 10:50am). 

Since I loved this so much I tried it again later in the week. I didn’t have an empty pb jar (I do have a small almond butter one, but it’s super small so I’m not sure that is gonna work- maybe overnight oats snack? haha). Anyway, I put this in my soup mug. 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup milk (not even because I didn’t want it to be too liquidy), a whole container (you know the personal size) of a strawberry TJs greek yogurt, and some cinnamon. I decided I wanted to use the whole greek yogurt, because I didn’t want to waste any and I wanted it to be creamy. In the morning I mixed in some almond butter with it. Image

Once again SO good. This is going to be a staple in my breakfasts and I am hoping to try a few variations. 

In other news, the week was just a pretty typical week. Ran- Monday, Tuesday- Gym, Weds.- tutored so rest, Thursday- Run, Friday- rest and today I plan on a long run. I am at my parents because I have to get my tires replaced ($$$$$$) so once I bring my car over I’m gonna head out for my run. I am actually not feeling so fabulous right now anyway so it’s probably better to wait until mid-morning. I went out to this awesome Veggie restaurant with my sister (no pics because my iPhone has been hating on me). We got a bunch of different dumplings and then veggie sushi. I think all the veggies + plus salty flavoring they must use must be why I’m kinda not feeling so hot. The food is great though- don’t get me wrong. Just must be me :-/

After dinner we had to get this amazing ice cream at this famous ice cream place across the street. They take cash only and we only had $7 between the two of us and it came out to $6.73 for both our ice creams. That is a win in my book! I got the famous black and white ice cream- like a black and white cookie. It is chocolate ice cream with mini choco chips and then big chunks of white chocolate mixed in. SO good!



So anyway I was quite full after our delicious meal, so we watched a movie and passed out! Fun friday night with my sis 🙂

On another topic… this week in blogland/instagram I have been reading and seeing a lot of posts about exercise addiction and body image issues. I have been wanting to post my feelings about this topic (probably won’t fully yet…) for awhile. I guess with the stress of holidays coming up people are really feeling it now. This time about 6/7 years ago was when I hit the lowest point of my life dealing with eating issues and restriction. I was able to get help and overcome it but of course struggle in times of stress like anyone else. My main reason for writing this is just to say to anyone who is reading this (I’m not even sure if I have that many readers yet 🙂 ) that you are not alone. Everyone is struggling with something and having support is so important. Writing about it really helps for me and this blog is becoming a great outlet for me. So blogland- I am here for you! I will post more on this topic soon. Just need to find the time, moment and right words to express it.

With that I leave you with a beautiful sunset that I got to experience while sitting in traffic. (talk about looking for the positive in the negative.) 





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