Traffic (and food of course)!

Wow! It has been a whole week. I really wanted to blog but this week was filled with traffic, tutoring, traffic, report card writing, and more traffic. Now that it is holiday time it takes me over an hour to drive home. Causing me to only go for a 4 mile run on Monday and a 2.8 mile run tonight, womp, womp (and NO gym). It was just a very busy week. Looking forward to a 4 day weekend next week for Turkey Day!

However tomorrow is Saturday: Long Run Day! Hurray! 

So let’s back track. I took a bunch of pictures- intending to blog…

Last Saturday:


Almost 8 miles! (that is my goal tomorrow!) After waiting over two hours to get my tires last Saturday I was able to later enjoy the gorgeous weather on this run. It felt amazing!


Post-Run Meal. New Obsession: nut butter on a sweet potato- amazing! (Thanks Nutbutterrunner for the idea!) 

I need to learn how to link…..anyone?

Then that night for dinner I tried Run Eat Repeat’s recipe for cauliflower crust pizza. I made a pepper/mushroom cauliflower crust pizza and a pepper/mushroom whole wheat crust pizza. So delicious and healthy too!



Dessert was this new find:





Sooo good!



Next Day I meal prepped for the Week:

Chipotle Pepper Hummus/Spinach Turkey Meatballs (inspired from NutButterRunner) and a veggie sautee. Unfortunately the meatballs were a little dry- should have put some milk! But I tried them with different things this week, in a quesadilla, TJs sweet potato fries, and quinoa. 


Monday night I had a great 4 mile run with a gorgeous view:


Such a great night.

Tuesday (no pic) was a veggie burger from Grand Lux. SO GOOD you have to try it!

And tonight for dessert from Run Eat Repeat, healthy easy “breakfast oatmeal cookies”


I am obviously having a quiet night in. Looking forward to a fun filled weekend along with a nice run and hopefully some weights at the gym. 

This post was mostly about food because all I did this week was eat, sit in traffic, and go to work. 

Oh and I got engaged….



haha a gift from a former student….made my life!!!! How sweet 🙂

What are you doing this weekend?

Any fun new recipes that you tried?







3 thoughts on “Traffic (and food of course)!

  1. Thanks! I just got it a few weeks ago, I like it but I live in a “cityish” area (hoboken) and it takes like 5-10 minutes to pick up the location which can be annoying. It wasn’t too expensive, I think about $140 with tax- it does the job!

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