Good afternoon! 

I just spent about an hour and a half in my friend’s apartment who had no heat waiting for the PSEG guy to come and turn on the heat because she had to work and couldn’t be there. That’s what friends are for 🙂 I realllllly enjoyed my warm shower just now 🙂

Anyway, recap from Saturday!

Beautiful 8 mile run followed by a very large delicious breakfast of eggs w/ mozz, an overnight oats bowl in an old almond butter jar, a banana and some hot chocolate. That is another awesome part about running: eating!




I then ran some errands and headed to TJs to pick up some things for this short week and some apps for my friend’s birthday get together this afternoon. It was so funny on my drive over to TJs I passed so many people running and I was jealous of them, even though I had just ran 8 miles that morning. I think I officially have the crazy running obsession and there is no turning back!!

I had a yummy greek salad (added some chickpeas for protein) when I came back



Then bummed around (did a little report card work) until my friend came in from the city. We met up for a yummy mexican dinner at a place that I had never even knew existed here and went to a couple of places after for some drinks. PS: we walked over to the restaurant when it was SNOWING!!!- wtf??? Anyway…there are no pictures because my iPhone is majorly sucking and saying that I have no more storage. It is time for a new phone. Going to try and hold off just a little longer if I can. 

My left knee/ankle was really bothering me after my run so this morning I just went to the gym did about 15 mins on the elliptical and did some weights and ab work. Not too shabby.

Now off to enjoy some food, football, and friends!

What are your Sunday plans?

How are you handling this insane cold weather?


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