An unofficial PR….?

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!

Here was the appetizers that I made: (all from 



This is a cheese ball! 

Ingredients: Blue cheese, Neufechtal Cheese, Dates, Salt, Pepper, Half a shallot, and lemon zest all combined in a mixer. Then form in a ball with plastic wrap and let it sit over night. The next morning in a pan put diced walnuts, chopped parsley, and diced dates all together. Roll the cheese ball in the pan and voila! I served it with multi-grain crackers.

Next appetizer:



Onion Dip: In a pan heat olive oil and get it nice and hot. Then add three sliced/diced sweet onions, salt/pepper and saute until translucent. The last five minutes of cooking add in a splash of marsala wine. Then let it sit to chill for a few hours. Once chilled, stir in greek yogurt and add more salt and pepper to taste. I serve with Kettle Brand Salt and Pepper ridged potato chips.

These were quite a hit and very easy to make!

Here was our delicious spread:



Oh and an “outfit of the day pic” 🙂



My $14 H&M dress and tory burch flats. 

We of course watched Elf to end the night- my fav movie of all time and I will only watch after the meal to commence Christmas/Elf Season! 

The rest of my weekend was super busy! I met up with a few different groups of friends Friday and Saturday night. Managed a nice 5 mile and 4 mile run on Fri./Sat. Andddd helped my parents decorate their house for 6 hours:


Jake was a big help as I put up ornaments.

The finished product:



Oh and I took a pic of these awesome sandwiches my dad made us while decorating:



It’s two pieces of whole wheat bread, turkey, swiss cheese, mustard and a pickle (cuban sandwich esque??) and he put it in this old school toast tight thing-basically an old school panini press. How cool right?? 


So all in all Thanksgiving was awesome and way too fast! I could have used one more day to get some things done and relax a little more. After today 14 school days left until Christmas Break (who is counting though 😉 ?)

Oh and since I made Sunday a rest day (had a little too much fun Saturday night 😉 ) I guess my body was happy to make up for it during my 4.5 mile run tonight because this happened:





Holy cow who am I?? So freaking excited! Now I need to pull that off at a race 5K! 

Have a great night everyone (I will be watching 25 days of Christmas every night- I am obsessed)! 




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