I love long run Saturdays!

So since we last left off, I went to the Nets/Knicks game Thursday night:





It was a fun night! I was exhausted from a rough work week but it felt good to go out with my BFF! I love the Barclays center the people are so friendly there!

So a couple weeks ago I bought a can of organic pumpkin, just figured I could use it for something. So last night I decided I wanted to make pumpkin overnight oats for today and decided what else I could make with the pumpkin.

So I put the pumpkin, two melted hersheys kisses and two TJs Speculous cookies (sooo good) in a bowl:



It was…interesting. I’m kind of dumb and just figured pumpkin would taste like pumpkin pie right? No it’s kind of bitter, so it overpowered the cookies even with the Kisses. It wasn’t awful but made me nervous to eat my oats today (back to that in a minute).

So this morning I bundled up and ended up running 9 miles! The farthest I have gone! It felt so great!! 😀



I guess that is almost a 15k right? Holla!! I ran at like a 10:30 pace and I’m so okay with that. It is not about how fast I run it’s how far and that I finish because……



Elf is my all time favorite movie!

So back to the overnight oats. So last night I put 1/2 cup rolled oats, milk, pumpkin, and honey greek yogurt in a bowl and left it in the fridge overnight. When I tasted it, it unfortunately had that bitter/interesting pumpkin flavor. SO I took a mushy banana and mixed it in and some almond butter and all was right in the overnight oats world again. 🙂 



Then I had a busy day of running around shopping with some friends and getting a mani:



Love the Christmas feel! 

Tonight I’m getting pizza at Grimaldi’s with my BFF- hey 9 miles= pizza night fo’ sho. Then heading out to the city for a friend’s birthday. 

This week is crazy with plans, school work and tutoring so I am hoping I can make it to the gym tomorrow before I head to my parents for my “Sunday Day” with them, but we will see. 

I also am gonna take it easy with the running to save up some energy for my Hot Chocolate 10k next sunday! 🙂

Okk time to get ready for dinner. 

Have a great night everyone! 


2 thoughts on “I love long run Saturdays!

  1. So cool, I want to see a Knicks game so bad sometime! I actually LOVE canned pumpkin cause I’m a weirdo but have always been obsessed with squash and it reminds me of it. When I make oatmeal with it I add pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, sugar free pancake syrup and some stevia and it makes it much sweeter pumpkin tasting! Congrats on your long run!! 9 miles is one of my favorite distances.. challenging but still a single digit so mentally it feels easier than 10! Lets plan our meet up for Sunday morning!!

  2. You have to try and get to a Knicks game! My friend said the new MSG is amazing, I love Barclays though!

    Good call on adding spice and sugar in the pumpkin haha I will have to try that with what I have left over!

    I will email you about Sunday- I looked up directions should take me about an hour so I am hoping to get there 9ish sorta? haha I don’t want to be toooo early and freeze my butt off! I’m glad they finally emailed info about packet pick-up!

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