You know you are a runner when…

So since we last left off I was heading out for some amazing pizza from Grimaldi’s (spinach and tomato topping).Image

It was sooo good. We got the medium which give you three pieces each but I could barely take a bite of the third bite. Even though I ran so much, I just couldn’t do it! 

That was followed by a night out at a bar in the meat-packing district. It’s just so funny how I have changed in a year. Last year I would have been all about the drinks and staying out all night when really I was ready for bed after two overpriced drinks. Oh well, priorities change- and I was able to wake up and go to the gym for a half hour on the elliptical then weights. 

Later that day I headed up to my parents- where I have been since Sunday! My parents live closer to my job so with all these forecasts and snow storms I have been staying with them just in case. Anyway, so my mom and I did our weekly Trader Joes shopping. And look what I found- this could be one of my fav Christmas treats:



Mmm, it’s the kind that you wack it and then the pieces open! I of course shared with my sister and family. This was a treat that my sister and I loved growing up (a different brand but same concept!)

I then food prepped for the week- which I ended up having for my parents house this week. I made TJs chicken sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. 

After that we enjoyed some good ol’ Sunday Italian dinner- eggplant parm and homemade sauce. (With a side of kale chips of course)



Yesterday ended up being a rest day because I had dinner plans with an old colleague.

Today the snow fell and looked very pretty:



So I am still with the parents- should be back home tomorrow, but since I was here and don’t have a Gym and couldn’t run because of the snow/black ice, I did a little Shahs of Sunset viewing/workout. I watched the clock and did different things for a minute or two: burpees, jumping jacks, weight exercises, jumping in place. Then followed it with my typical arm weight lifting workout and the plank workout that I have been trying. I loved it! Broke a sweat, lifted, and watched Shahs all at the same time! 

Oh so remember that pumpkin? I brought the rest to my parents and saw it sitting in my fridge tonight. After my workout I wanted something but felt like I wanted to be healthier- especially since I am currently watching Biggest Loser (haha I feel wrong eating a cookie while watching it). So I took the pumpkin, drizzled in honey, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice (thanks Jen for the idea!!) and stirred in raisins. Mmmm this was SO good! And I had it with a side of the TJs peppermint green tea that I bought:



Guess I will continue buying pumpkin- with the right fixins of course 😉

So I leave with this stolen from



It should be “affect” right because affect is the verb and “effect” is the noun? Haha nerdy writing teacher in me 😉 


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