Treacherous 10K… err I mean Hot Chocolate 10K Recap

Well I think carbo-loading really does make a difference…

ex) Making 3 ingredient pb oatmeal cookies instead of going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (honestly with the snow and I had a headache- to go for an hour I just couldn’t do it).



Because I totally PRed! 



1 Hour 1 Minute and 28 Seconds!!! Holla!

I unfortunately forgot to start my Garmin right at the beginning so I don’t have it saved on there #firstworldproblems

So back to the recap.

We got an email this morning saying the race was on but that we should bring extra socks and sneakers. They said that your feet would get soaked during the race and probably on our travels. So I decided to wear an old pair of uggs for my commute- which I am happy I did because it was slushy! I brought two pairs of sneakers and old pair from when I first started running and my Brooks. I wanted to assess the situation before deciding however I realized it is probably best to run in the sneaks you train in so I opted for those and checked everything else at the bag check. 



Prepping for the race this AM with my mug, coffee, laptop, apple and granola bar. 


I bundled up: tech t-shirt, my new adidas running sweatshirt that my BFF got me for Xmas (we exchanged Friday night), my Target running jacket, my Kohls leggings,  my new Trailblazer gloves I bought yesterday, my Brooks headband, and my hat from the Thanksgiving 5K that I did, and my red and green knee high American Apparel socks that I bought yesterday. I love them! I bought a black pair for my Halloween costume and decided to buy a green and red pair and just wear one of each to make it fun for the race! 

I got a lot of compliments on the run and the subway anddd a couple of stares- haha who cares, my red and green socks are cooler than your boring socks. I will SO be rocking them until Christmas! 





haha my muddy toes 🙂 

Here are my cool new gloves:



They were kinda pricey ($38) but I figured they will be great for the winter. My hands get hot when I run so I figured they would be perfect because I can keep them on but take the top part off for when I get hot.

Ok that was quite a tangent about my outfit 😉

Anyway. I got to the race at like 9ish so had to stand around for about an hour. I met some girls there so we were chatting to pass the time by. I love meeting new runner friends 🙂 

So the course was treacherous (yes I am very dramatic sometimes) but the whole time I kept saying my goal is not to PR just to not fall and not die. There were some really slushy parts and pockets of water. I kept jumping over them and ran in a way that wasn’t typical- almost like doing knee lifts so I wouldn’t slip. I am sure I had a different workout than a typical 10k run. There were a few times I felt like I went pretty slow so I was shocked that I PRed. I really tried to pace myself the first 3 miles and then the last 3 I was able to pick up the pace (because part of it wasn’t in a treacherous route). At about 2.5 miles I started to get hot. So I took off my hat and ended up having to take off the gloves and roll up my sleeves. I am glad I wore what I wore because it was good for before and after the race. Not a big deal to take off the gloves and hat and roll up the sleeves. 

The views were kinda cool. I had never been to Roosevelt Island before so it was an interesting place to run.



All in all I am glad I went! Although it was scary I once again feel really accomplished 🙂 (Oh but PS they totally ran out of Hot Chocolate! I was so bummed that I got some at Starbucks when I got home). 

After the race I grabbed brunch with a friend, then headed to the TJs by me to food prep for the week. My parents were busy today so no Sunday dinner and laundry with them. 

I made this BBQ Lentil Stew inspired from

I changed up the recipe a little. I used this diced carrots, onion, celery mix I found at TJS and ground turkey. Man this is so good! Very happy I tried it:



So now I am chilling, blogging, instagraming and maybe doing some Christmas Present wrapping/card writing while I watch 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Fam- obsessed. 

Happy Sunday Night everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Treacherous 10K… err I mean Hot Chocolate 10K Recap

  1. artificiallybalanced

    CONGRATS ON YOUR PR!!!! I am soo bummed we didn’t get to meet but definitely next month at the half!! I love your socks! 😀 😀

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