I feel like I am in Miami!

Hello Readers! (I tried to upload this post earlier but it didn’t work- is wordpress having problems?) It has been a minute. The week before a break is always crazy. Getting assessments/grading done, snowy days, parties, and children with Santa on the brain 🙂

The weather is insane. It snowed ALL day on Tuesday and today it is almost 60 degrees what is that about? I would LOVE for it to stay like this all winter. I am over the snow already. It was pretty for a minute but that is it.

So since it was snowy on Tuesday I ended up staying by my parents and made them a healthy meal:


 Chicken sauteed in onions, white wine and mustard. Broccoli and quinoa with parmesan mixed in. YUM! My parents are not the healthiest of eaters so I try to encourage it as much as possible when I am home. 

After the snow cleared I was able to get in the gym on Wednesday and 3-4 mile runs on Thursday and Friday. I will get to my Saturday run in a minute 🙂

Here is a pic from my Friday night run:


 A little blurry but pretty Empire State building in Christmas colors!

While doing some shopping this week I saw a GNC and decided to finally try some Quest Bars. They were buy 3 get one free and i think it came out to like 8ish bucks- expensive! Everyone on instagram and blogging talks about them so I figured I may as well try them for an after school snack. 


 I have to say I am a pretty “clean eater.” Fresh, organic food is a staple in my life so these were “interesting.” They kinda taste fake however they definitely held me over for a long time because they have 20g of protein in them. I will eat the ones I bought but I’m not sure they are worth it to buy again. Oh well, I tried them. I think I will keep with my yummy Kashi Granola bars 🙂

Here was a dinner I made one night. Leftover BBQ lentil stew, kale, and homemade sweet potato fries. 


Last night was homemade easy healthy raisin oatmeal cookies and milk and one of my fav Christmas movies ever- “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


 I am SO getting older, last year at this time I would be at Happy Hour consuming cheap vodka and feeling like death the next day. I really like where I am now- much healthier and happier. Now it would be nice to have someone to share those oatmeal cookies with on Friday night…. one day ::insert blushing emoji here::

This morning it was GORGEOUS out so I decided today would be long run Saturday in Central Park! I am following a half training plan and on my list for today was a 10 miler. I geared and fueled up with a quest bar (hey, I have them gotta eat them lol) and headed into the city. I decided to wear my capris, a tech t-shirt and my Target jacket because it has pockets so I could keep my keys and stuff in them. 

WELL at like .75 miles I was already dying of heat. As I continued to the 1st mile I rolled up my sleeves, then unzipped the jacket, then considered taking it off but that would have been a whole deal because I had my iPhone arm band on #firstworldproblems. So basically I sweat an insane amount the whole time. My ponytail was wet…I must have looked so attractive. 

I had a few starbursts along the run just to get some sugar in my body but I think I needed more. Has anyone ever tried those gel shot bloks things? I may need to try them for a long run. At mile 8 I was dying of thirst so I luckily had two bucks with me so I stopped at a cart and bought a water bottle. I have never had to really stop during run nor ever needed a drink. I have a feeling it was a combination of the warm weather and doing a long run on hills. Central Park is so hilly compared to Hoboken, so that long run was a LONG run. Afterwards I headed to Whole Foods in the Columbus Circle Mall. It was funny I was actually not very hungry but I made myself eat. I ate very slowly and just sat for awhile. Image

 PS my friend at work got me the Runner’s World magazine, how thoughtful right!!? I think I might subscribe to it! 

So now I am relaxing in my bed. But I want to take advantage of this weather! I think I might go get some fro-yo at 16 handles and do some local shopping to find a Christmas outfit. All my Christmas shopping is done so I feel ok spending some money on myself now 🙂

Updated: Since this post didn’t upload earlier. Found a really cute Christmas dress and here are my fro-yo pics! Soooooo good! They even had cute christmas tree chocolate covered pretzels!



Totally had dessert before dinner. I have dinner plans at 9 so it only makes sense to have dessert first!

How are you enjoying this gorgeous weather?

How do you fuel during a long run?


2 thoughts on “I feel like I am in Miami!

  1. artificiallybalanced

    I really liked Quest bars for awhile but gave them up when my IBS got really bad over the summer.. I had one just a few weeks ago and almost puked after 2 bites! I am impressed you ate on before a run! lol my stomach would have exploded. Central Park is verrrry hilly, right?! We have to run together sometime, if you dont mind running a little slower 🙂 I go to that WF all the time! And now you have me craving froyo!

    1. I totally was googling before I left: “can you eat quest bars before a run” and I didn’t see anything that said no so I tried it LOL Luckily by the time I got to Central Park I think it was pretty digested! We should definitely! I would love to have some company next time- plus I am def not a fast runner at all! I like my 10:55-11:00 pace especially on these long HILLY runs! 🙂

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