It’s Christmas time in the city…

What a great weekend filled in NYC. Saturday morning 10 miler in Central Park. Sushi Sake and some bars with my girls Saturday Night:



I really liked this picture of me so yes I am bragging and showing it off 🙂

Yesterday was a rest day. I slept in and bummed around my apartment before heading back into the city.

One of my students got me these oils:



What an awesome and useful gift! One of them is a Fig Infused Balsamic so I put it on a salad and man was it delicious: 



I then headed back into the city to be a tourist with my friend. Saw the tree and walked around Bryant Park. The weather was so perfect- just needed a vest and that was it!





We then headed home and went to a Cuban place by us. It was our first time there and it was amazing!!!!



We decided to do a pitcher of sangria and share some apps and dessert. 

Top left is a grab guacamole with plantain chips, bottom left is a mussels and fries with a chorizo tomato sauce and a garlic aoli (HOLY GOODNESS), bottom right are eggplan fritters with a goat cheese whip and a lavender honey, top right is a chocolate caramel torte.

What an awesome meal. I love trying new restaurants and new foods!

All in all I had an amazing weekend spent in NYC. 

Today I plan to head to the gym because it is rainy out, wrap my gifts, pack and head up to my parents for a few days. We have some cooking and shopping to do so it will be pretty busy. I am hoping for good weather tho over the next few days so I can do some running in my Christmas socks while I still can haha. 

Hope you all enjoy the next few busy days! 🙂


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