Merry Belated Christmas, Exciting News, It’s been too long

Wow – what a whirlwind my life has been since I came to my parent’s house for Christmas.

I have taken many pictures intending to blog- so here goes a probably long and random post!

Monday when I got home after an awesome gym session, my Dad and I ran around to buy last minute gifts for my mom. We decided to buy a bunch of her fav things, movies, vino, clothes, and put them in a cute purse. My dad and I had a little lunch at Whole Foods:



Love the randomness- Hate how expensive it is. 

After a long day of shopping we went to an amazing thin crust pizza place by us:



Soooooo good! Helped with my random long run the next day (will get to that).

We then came home and I had to prep my Cheese Ball and we decided to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies too:



I have been munching on these all week- YOLO!

The next day was Christmas Eve. I decided to try out a path in my town that is VERY hilly in preparation for my 15K and Half in January in Central Park. I had every intention of running 5 miles but when the whole thing was said and done the hilly path was 7 miles! I love unintentionally running 7 miles.



Do you love my festive socks?



Well after that pretty long run I was starving so I made a Christmas color fritatta (sp?) and had a sweet potato with pb on it.



After that it was time to run a few more errands, grab coffee with a friend, and finish my Christmas Tree Cheese ball in preparation for Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas Eve with my best friend, her husband, her mom, brother, and grandparents and we also invite another family over as well. This year company was up in the air as my best friend was expecting any moment so she and her hubby stayed home. Some our fam friends were away in FL so some people came and some didn’t but we had a great night. Lots of fish (we are Italian) and Christmas Eve Mass. 

Here is my cheese ball (same recipe from Thanksgiving) that I formed into a Christmas Tree! 





It was cute and yummy!

I also decided to dress up for Christmas Eve. I found this dress in a cute little boutique in Hoboken called Dear Hannah. 



My mom told me that I was glowing and my sister said that my arms looked great in the dress! I am so happy and healthy at this point in my life and I felt AWESOME in it! 🙂 I have been working hard and it is paying off- not just in looks but in how I feel- which is MOST important!

The next morning was Christmas and we exchanged gifts. I got a new Calvin Klein Jacket, running clothes :-D, and some work pants because I don’t fit into my old pants (too big) and everyone at work keeps saying get new pants!!

I had the intention to go for a run, but it was veryyyyy cold and bumming on the couch eating chocolate and leftover cheeseball while watching the Christmas Story on repeat was more fun 🙂

Later on we all went to my best friend’s mom’s house as we do for Christmas Day and she and her hubby were able to come for dinner and then headed to the hospital afterward to go have a baby boy!!!!!!!! WHO IS MY GODSON!!!!!!! 

That was the exciting news I mentioned a couple of weeks ago but didn’t know if that was internet ready. My BFF and her husband asked me by giving me an Alex and Ani Godmother Bracelet when I went over their house a couple of weeks ago. I was in shock and was so honored and blessed to be a godmother. 

I’m not gonna share his name or any pictures on this for privacy reasons but let me just say I went to meet him yesterday and HE IS GORGEOUS AND THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD! I just wanted to hold him forever and I am SOOO happy for my friends. It such an amazing thing seeing a newborn baby. My heart just melts 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

That was a big part of my crazy long day yesterday! I woke up at 6am for a 5.5 mile run, then went straight to the Apple store for the 3rd time- stayed there for about 3 hours so they could update my computer, back up my iPhone, purchase a new iPhone and purchase this:



A cute little iPod Shuffle. I figured since I was getting the new iPhone I don’t want my sweat to ruin it while I run, so I can just clip this on me and I can go! I got purple to match my Garmin 🙂

I am charging it right now before my 11 mile run today! I will post about that later!

So after the apple store I went and met my godson!!! Then I met up with my other BFF to exchange gifts (she got me running clothes too!!- lover her!!) for yummy food at Rosa Mexicana! Their table side homemade guac is amazing.

After that my fam and I headed down to Newark for a Devil’s Game. We aren’t big hockey fans but my mom got the seats for free so we made a night out of it.

We went to Dinosaur BBQ for dinner. We split the fried green tomatoes- awesome, and I had a pulled pork sandwich with a Broccoli Carrot Salad on the side. I really like pulled pork and I didn’t love it as much as the one from Hoboken Bar and Grill. What can ya do? I tried it! It wasn’t bad but not amazing.

The game was good. We had good seats. I am such a basketball girl though- so I wasn’t totally into it.



My beautiful sister and I:


You can see how exhausted I am from my nonstop day! haha

Now I am here blogging, charging my new shuffle and getting ready for long run Saturday! My plan is to get groceries at TJs after then head back home! I have had a blast with my family but I really miss my bed 🙂

I had an awesome Christmas! This break is FLYING by, I am hoping to get some relaxation in on Sunday and Monday because we go back Thursday- waaaaaaa. 

 PHEW! I had  A LOT to cover! Gotta get back on my blogging game haha

I hope you all have a great Long Run if you are going out today! 




2 thoughts on “Merry Belated Christmas, Exciting News, It’s been too long

  1. artificiallybalanced

    We have so much in common it’s crazy! Definitely need to meet up soon! Would you mind giving me that cheese ball recipe??? It looks AMAZING! Ive been googling blue cheese balls to make for NYE cause i can only eat feta, blue and goat, and they all sound so good but none of them look as good as yours! Glad you had such a great xmas! 🙂

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