All I do is take pictures of food.

Hello friends! Want a good ab workout? Go see Anchorman 2, it was HYSTERICAL!! You will laugh the entire time which will work out your abs. I love Will Ferrell, so many good one liners!! 

Since we last left off I was about to head out for my Long Run Saturday. I found a park by my parent’s house and it was awesome. Pretty views, great path, and it went through several towns.



I wore this AWESOME running shirt (even has holes for the thumbs) that my BFF gave me for Christmas and the awesome vest my sister gave me for Christmas! They all know me so well 😉 And I wore my fun knee high green socks. I think I was slightly overdressed but it worked out. 

It is funny the progression, feelings, etc. during a long run. This run started off with me fidgeting with my headband, the small water bottle that I thought I would keep in my pocket but was way too annoying to handle, me thinking about overdressing, re-adjusting my headphones, rolling up my sleeves, and thinking about my ankle feeling tight. For some reason I am a little bit of a hot mess at the beginning of a long run, then when I get my groove I am good to go.

Since I knew I was running 11 miles I decided to not look at my watch for as long as I could stand it. At one point I felt like I needed some fuel so I had a swedish fish (thanks for the idea Jen!!) and then needed some sips of water. At that point I decided to look at my watch and it was 7 miles. I was impressed that I could run that far without needing some motivation about how much farther I needed to go. 

By mile 9, I was feeling exhausted. I had one or two more swedish fish and more water. At mile 10 I was dying. I just sang out loud (people probably thought I was crazy) to get me through it. And then I finished! 11 miles! I sat in my car for 20 minutes before I could drive and although my legs hurt and I was exhausted I felt so amazing. I NEVER EVER would have thought I could run 11 miles. I will never forget when I was talking to a guy on my kickball team this summer about my first 5k he said once you do a 5k, running a half marathon is no big deal and I told him I would only stick with 5ks and that a half marathon sounded impossible. Well put my foot in mouth, look at me, I am training for one! If you put your mind to it, you can do it! 



After that I texted my family to see if they wanted me to treat them to brunch at the diner so I could refuel:



Chocolate milk, spinach and feta omelette (no egg whites after this run- whole eggs!) and home fries. I ate the entire thing very happily. 

Later on I had an old-school snack (totally inspired from NutButterRunner’s Instagram):



Ants on a log anyone?! haha

Later that afternoon I headed back home to have a girls night in.



The left- Apricot cheese from TJs with these Raisin Crackers from TJs, Right- Mozz and Tomato with some of my fig balsamic on it, Top Right- Yummy multi-grain bread, Top Left- Carrots and Tazteki, and of course some Malbec. Sometimes cheese & crackers and vino is a totally acceptable dinner. 

We watched Cinderella and the Little Mermaid and enjoyed our apps. We only got through one bottle of wine because we are getting old and can’t drink like we used to. 

This morning I woke up and decided to head to the gym just to do a little shakedown from my long run yesterday. I did a quick 15 minutes on the elliptical, a bunch of weight lifting exercises, and my 5 minute plank workout. Always feels good to get a workout in 🙂

I made some lentil soup, grilled mozz and tomato cheese sandwich, and a salad after the gym- so needed on this rainy cold day:


I then did some school work/tutoring prep womp womp and did some meal prep for the week before going to see Anchorman 2. 

Here is the meal I made- TJs garlic chicken sausage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and mushrooms all sauteed together, with a side of quinoa. Definitely needed a “cleaner meal” after all the Christmas vacation foods I have been eating!




I now leave you with a picture of the cutest snuggly boy in the world, my baby Jakey:



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