My Favorite Moments of 2013

I know, I know, this post is pretty cliche, but on my run this morning I was reflecting on the good, bad and ugly of 2013. 

The year started off not so great as I had formed some “friendships” that were very unhealthy and toxic and was in a “relationship-type thing” that was also very toxic. I truly believe that running helped me see that I want to focus on positive healthy relationships and keep the toxic people out. I have let that part of my life go and feel so great! So moving on, no more dwelling on the bad and ugly, this is a positive and fun post, the 13 best moments of 2013 (in no particular order).

1. My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bridal Shower, and Bachelorette Party.

I was the Maid of Honor for my best friend and it truly was an honor. I had the chance to plan a great shower and a realllllly fun bachelorette weekend in AC. Being part of her wedding day was truly one of the most special moments. Seeing her walk down the aisle brought joyous tears to my eyes. We had a blast tearing up the dance floor at the reception and ended the night lighting sparklers for the 4th of July! Being a MOH is truly an honorable job! 🙂



Limo pic- I miss being tan! 

2. Swedish House Mafia and Steve Angello Size in the Park Concerts

There is no question I love house music. When it comes on in a bar I immediately start dancing. But that is not why these two concerts are a favorite moment of 2013. It is because I had a wild crazy fun night with my best friend: my sister Ally 🙂 I love her so much and we always have a great time together (most of the time haha) and we had a ball just dancing and going crazy at these concerts!


Rocking my crazy EDM outfit at the Barclays center! Yes I do love Miami.

3. Running for the first time 

My friend got me to sign up for the Illuminite 5K Run in Brooklyn in August so she said if we wanted to do it we needed to train for it. The thought of running sounded pretty terrible to me, I hated when they made us run the mile in HS, and the thought of running 3 miles sounded sooooo far. Well we decided to train using the C25K program and I was hooked. I liked how it slowly built you up to 3 miles with the walk/run combination. And now look at me. Training for Half, writing a running blog, ran 5.66 miles this morning. Life is pretty awesome isn’t it?



First 5K 🙂

4. Miami trip- February 2013

Miami is my happy place. I just love the beach, the clubs, the restaurants and the energy. My bff’s aunt has a house down there so we go and visit (she is basically like my aunt) and we always have a blast. We eat, drink Miami Vices, and get into fun adventures. We are working on booking a trip again for February- this year I will have to pack my running sneaks- now that will be an awesome place to run!



Monty’s- the best happy hour spot after a day at the beach, ahhhhh 🙂

5. Being a Labsite Teacher

Being told by a TC consultant that my classroom management during Writing Workshop for the 3rd week of school was like a well oiled machine and that if we left my students they could run the Workshop themselves was quite the pat on my back. I love teaching Writing- it such a passion of mine 🙂

6. Becoming a Godmother

Being asked to be a godmother and meeting my godson for the first time was truly an incredible experience. I am so happy for my friend’s to have the most beautiful boy in the world 🙂


7. My longest run of 2013

I know this just happened the other day but I felt so accomplished. 



8. My Friend’s Chinese Wedding

My friend had a traditional wedding but in June she had a Chinese wedding which was one of the coolest experiences ever. We had 10 courses of awesome traditional Chinese food. I even tried jellyfish (probably for the last time haha) and discovered a love for duck/pork buns. It was so fun eating and hanging out with my friends. Oh and I of course caught the bouquet like I did at her traditional wedding. Bouquet catching is a competitive sport for me 😉



Don’t mind the bruise on my leg- I bruise like a peach! 

9. PRing at the Breast Cancer 5K

This was my third race and it was the first time I ran a 5K under 30 at 28:51. I felt awesome!


10. Learning how to cook

I believe that along with running comes and understanding of nutrition and healthy eating. I know what I need to eat before and after a run. I see how clean eating gives me energy and makes me feel so much better. My skin is better, I have gained muscle and I feel great. A big part of clean eating is cooking good for you homemade food. I am trying so many recipes filled with veggies, healthy meats, and good nutritious carbs and fats. I enjoy my Sunday meal prep and look forward to trying many more recipes in 2014. Image

11. My 27th Birthday

This was such a great birthday! Since my birthday is on July 5th, it is always hard to get people to come out for my birthday. This year I had about 25 people show up and it was a blast! It made me feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. My friend even surprised me with a “Birkin Bag Cake” and everyone sang for me 🙂


12. Jay-Z and JT Concert 

Got some dirt on mah shoulda can you brush it off for me? This was awesome! I LOVE Jay-Z and he put on a great show!



Waaaaaaa I miss being tannnnnn. PS the bigga the hoop the bigga the hoe- HAHA JK I just love saying that- I totally even taught my dad that saying hahahahaha

13. Deciding to do 9 + 1 program for the 2015 NY Marathon

Watching the runners in the 2013 NY Marathon gave me pure excitement. I immediately began researching how to run in it. My hope were a little crushed when I realized I wouldn’t be able to do the 2014, but that is OK! I am going to enjoy all of the races that I will be participating in this year in preparation for running in the 2015 Marathon 🙂


2013 was quite a year. There were some really great moments and I am happy that I am able to reflect on them and share them with all of my readers! I look forward to the great things 2014 is going to bring!! 






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