Snow Day!

Good Morning!

Yes, I had twelve days off. Yes, I had work yesterday. Yes, we all were hoping for a snow day anyway. We got one!

Let’s back track to NYE.

After my awesome run the day was spent getting a mani, getting hot chocolate with a friend, and basically “waiting around” to “get ready” for the night. 





Some homemade NYE pizza.


My knee was bothering me all day so I kept icing it and trying to keep it elevated. 

Finally it was time to get ready and although my knee hurt- Louboutins it was! I have one pair that I bought a few years ago as a gift to myself when I first started teaching. They are surprisingly not that uncomfortable and I was able to dance in them .



I found this dress at Marshalls for $30 bucks! Score!

The night was okay. I really don’t like NYE and I don’t like to drink much anymore so the few drinks I had were probably worth like $25 each based on the $90 ticket. I didn’t eat any of the apps being passed around because they just looked picked at and not “trust worthy.” It is what it is, another NYE in the books. Next year I want to do the run in Central Park, hopefully I can rally some people for it… I have a year to do it 🙂

The next day I went to my parent’s house for New Years Day. It was a gorgeous chilly day, perfect for a New Year’s run, but my knee told me no. It was kinda swollen and my ankle was actually swollen a little too. I am hoping it’s just that I overdid it with running since I had so many days off of work so I took advantage and did a lot of back to back running days. I am also hoping just a few days of rest and ice will help it since I have a 10k next Saturday. ::Sigh:: 

Anyway… so at my parents we had quite a feast:



Beef, yorkshire pudding, orange glazed carrots, potatoes au gratin, and mushrooms with peas. It was delicious! My dad is such a great cook and over the past few months I have been his “sous chef” since I am really interested in learning how to cook. I am also trying to teach him how to be healthier 🙂 

Yesterday was back to school. It was fun seeing my kids again and we are doing some new things in Reading and Writing so we all felt excited and all my kids kept saying this day is going by so fast! The new units I am teaching are brand new so it’s going to be fun for me too!

Since I knew the forecast was going to be bad I went straight back to my parents house. Hoboken = not a convenient place in the snow. 

My dad made “chicken and dumplings” very comforting for a cold snowy night.



Although it did kinda make my tummy hurt for some strange reason it was still awesome. 

I did some strength training and planking last night while watching “The Taste” definitely a new favorite show- just watched it for the first time last night.

I am now chilling because we have a Snow Day! My cardio for today will be shoveling: womp, womp, womp 😦 I also have some school work to do because I definitely did nothing over the break. 

Hopefully my knee will be better soon so I can get back to my regular running. Just two days off and I miss it! 

Like I keep saying: Image

I am in a much better place. I left the “friends” that I thought were “friends” in the past and found a new “hobby” that puts me in a great and healthy frame of mind. It feels so great to be in a better place and I am so excited for the awesome things to come in 2014! 

Happy Snow Day to those who are in Snowy Parts. Make sure to drink ALL the hot chocolate 🙂



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