Hills make us stronger

When I went running on Christmas Eve, I ran a series of hills. As I got to the steepest part of the hill, I had a mantra “hills build character, hills make you stronger.” I do think I meant it physically but I also meant it metaphorically.

In life sometimes we approach a lot of hills and sometimes we run on the flat land. Although the hills can be tough, we learn from them, become stronger and end up better than we were before. 

On Saturday night, someone unfortunately stole a $400 jacket from me while I was out at a local bar. I know, I know. Why did I bring an expensive jacket out? (it was very cold that night) Why did I trust that hanging it up, it would be okay?  Yes, there is a lot worse things that could happen to me. I could be a person that can’t even afford a jacket. Trust me, I know it is ONLY a possession. However, I worked hard to purchase that coat and saved up my money for it. I am thankful that I have a great job that I can save my money and purchase nice things.  Since we can’t should, could, and would, I am not focusing on what I did wrong. Yesterday I was pretty depressed about it, cried, and bummed around the house all day. 

Today, I realized that, yes I had a crappy situation but ya know what, it’s just another hill. I learned my lesson. It could be worse. Hills sometimes suck, but they make us stronger. 

My knee has still been killing me- multiple rest days= another hill. But after Saturday night, my brain needed the run. I went 3.5 miles and probably shouldn’t have because it still kind of hurts, and I have a 10k on Saturday, but damn it felt great for my brain.

I have a doctor’s appt with a Sports Medicine doctor on Thursday. Hoping that all goes well. 

Hills make us stronger.




2 thoughts on “Hills make us stronger

  1. artificiallybalanced

    I am sooo so sorry about your jacket 😦 People in this world are really disgusting and it sucks. You have every right to feel sad and angry about that! I’m also so sorry that your knee is killing you! I’ve been there MANY times in the 3 years I’ve been running, and you learn something new each time. You may need different sneakers, you might have some hip/glute issues that need to be strengthened, or you might need to stretch and foam roll more. Whatever the case is, it can be fixed and you will be back to it in no time!!

    1. Thanks for the uplifting comments! 🙂 Luckily my mood has gotten better about it but the past few days I have been really missing that warm jacket 😦 I never thought about new sneakers? I got new ones in October but maybe that aren’t the right fit for me. I felt like the yoga yesterday helped more, I really need to be better about the stretching. I hope I can run in the 10k on Saturday!

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