10k Recap, PT, and of course Fooooood!

Happy Saturday!!

Hope everyone is doing well- so much to update you on!

Thursday was my appt with Sports Medicine doc! He said that I’m actually feeling the pain in my knee from my hamstring and my IT Band. I explained that I have a half marathon at the end of the month (and a 10k today) and he said not to worry and run on! He gave me two options: he could give me some strength training/stretches for my muscles OR go to Physical Therapy a couple of times so I can learn by doing. Since I learn by doing- I chose PT. So I will be starting next week. I’m excited to learn how to properly stretch and I think it’s going to be great. Plus I have the good news that I can keep on running πŸ™‚

After the Sports Med doc I stopped by my parents to have a home cooked meal by my Dad- Beef Bourgioun (sp?). If you ever saw Julie and Julia- she made a big deal about making this.Β 



It was nice and comforting- especially since I had a really bad cold (cough, chest and nose congestion).Β 

Yes- the cold. Can I tell you Mucinex changed my life. It SO helped. My stupid cold made me make a game time decision to run in my 10k this morning. Thanks to the Mucinex though I woke up feeling ready to run!

Ok on to the Race Recap!

So I woke up at 5 am because I knew I needed to leave my apartment at like 5:50 to get to the Path then head on the subway up to Central Park. On my walk, I met two girls from Germany that were going to race too. We figured out how to check in, check our bags, etc. together.Β 

Then the race started. It was so great! This was my first NYRR race and I loved all the volunteers cheering us on. I also have ran the Central Park loop a couple of times so I knew what to expect. Because of my cold and my knee I made sure to take it very easy- no need to PR in this race. I finished in 1:06:12- avg pace 10:41.Β 

It was misty and the temp was great. I learned my lesson from my last Central Park run so I just wore a tech long sleeve shirt (rolled them up immediately), a cap, and capris. The less clothes the better πŸ˜‰Β 

OH and I had this which I purchased last night:



I knew that with the rain and the fact that I use my new iPod shuffle that I wanted a safe place for my new iPhone- I didn’t want to wear it on my arm band to get all sweaty. So last night I went to the local running store and when I went to buy the Spi Belt the guy realized I had a $27 credit on my account (guess I buy a lot of running gear πŸ™‚ ) so I got the belt for free (it is $20)!!!!! It was such an awesome surprise!!!Β 

Oh but I did get ripped off afterwards on a very expensive sausage, tomato, spinach personal pizza from Grimaldi’s



It was very delicious, and I ate the wholeeee thing (always gotta carbo-load before a race πŸ™‚ ) but it came out to $17!!? I was in shock- I’m guessing it’s because I got 3 toppings but I was in such shock Ididn’t even get into it with the guy when I picked it up.Β 

You win some, you lose some lol.

Anyway back to the race. So when I finished I met up with the German girls and we traveled back together! That is what I love about running. It is personal, it is friendly, it can be competitive, it can be for fun, it is just great!Β 



Before and after pic! I love wearing pig tails to races for some reason πŸ™‚Β 

After I got home and warmed up with a hot shower and some hot chocolate from my fav local coffee shop. I made this:



The most random egg scramble with mozz, cooked lettuce, tomatoes, and turkey alongside with a sweet potato and almond butter.Β 

Like I have been saying, life has it’s ups and downs. Today was an up and it’s best to focus on all the great things and leave all the crappy stuff behind πŸ™‚

First Race of 2014 and for my 9 + 1 done!!!


4 thoughts on “10k Recap, PT, and of course Fooooood!

  1. AHHHHH I cannot believe I didn’t realize THIS was the 10K you were running yesterday! I was out running during the race and we could have met up! But we will definitely meet up and maybe run some of the half together!! πŸ™‚ I did 8 miles yesterday since I havent been long running at ALL in almost a month, and it didnt feel too horrible so im gonna go into the 1/2 with no time goal at all and walk if need be. That pizza was so expensive but i bet it was because of the toppings and i hate that unexpected surprise feeling when you are about to pay way more for something but kinda cant back out haha

    1. That is so funny! Glad you got an 8 mile run in!! My plan is not to go in with a time either- hopefully PT will help the pain in my knee/hamstring so I will be good to go in 12 days (ah going by so fast!). I am hoping to get one more long run in this weekend! Looking forward to our meet up! πŸ™‚

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