When running is hard…

Happy Friday night 🙂

My plan was to long run it tomorrow morning but with the weather/rain I decided to give it a go this afternoon since I got home earlier than normal from work this afternoon. I was going to meet up with some friends in the city but…

M knee had other plans for me 😦 It immediately started hurting right off the bat and I ended up walking/slow running the whole time. It was a gorgeous night so I walked/sort of ran for 6.5 miles. The whole time I wanted to cry every time I saw someone who was happily running.

Let’s backtrack a little to last night when I had my first PT session. When I got there the woman did a whole evaluation on me. She noticed that I have swelling in my knee and I have atrophy (muscle loss) on my knee. She mentioned that when I squat I totally compensate and lean to the right. She also said the swelling in my ankle could be from me compensating because of my knee. After the evaluation, she taped up my knee and said to keep the tape on for as long as it stays. I still have it on, but it’s kind of falling off. I do have to say, I felt a difference in my knee/walking from it. I guess the purpose is to help move, stabilize and build the muscle? So I guess it’s good that I could feel it? Anyway, after the taping she had me do an elliptical type machine because I told her I don’t do treadmills 😉

Well the therapist kinda made a comment like ohh, you are still running comment too which made me nervous. I told her that the doctor said I could so thats why I haven’t stopped. 

She gave me stretches to do twice a day and said I need to ice everyday. 

😦 ::sigh::

I think my plan is to ice, stretch, rest (in terms of running, I will still do some strength training) and do PT all week and pray for the best and make it a game day decision to go to the half marathon next Sunday. I am so nervous because my last long run (11 miles) was two weeks ago and I’m nervous that is too much time in between before the half. 

It is so frustrating to have an injury. I know I need to listen to my body, but it’s really, really hard. 😦



3 thoughts on “When running is hard…

  1. Awwww… Get better soon! I know how you feel, I fell down the stairs last Saturday and couldn’t run either. I’m finally going for a jog tomorrow, so I’m super excited. Sending you good vibes!


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