Snow, knee update, and of course a lot of food!

I hope you are all enjoying your snowy evening!

Last time I updated- I was depressed and crying about my Friday night run. 

After that I bought the book “What I talk about when I talk about running” and began reading it. The author, Haruki Murakami mentioned the quote “Pain in inevitable. Suffering is optional.” 

He is right. So I woke up the next day and went to hot yoga. I love to exercise and a true sweat session was what I needed. No need to feel down on myself- that is optional and I decided to move on. It felt like a sign too because when I was there the teacher said, “suffering is optional” as we were doing some hard positions. 

Maybe right now running hurts, but I can’t let it get me down like it did on Friday.

I’ve gone to PT twice this week and I do see a difference, today my knee didn’t even hurt when I went on the elliptical. He made me do 5 minutes on the foam roller on my IT Band both days and HOLY PAIN! I have a feeling I now know where part of this pain is coming from. My plan is to keep up with the stretches and foam roll everyday, to see if I can try and run the half on Sunday. I’m nervous because I haven’t had a long run in about 3 weeks and I don’t know if I should even attempt something so far just because I went to PT a few times. Ugh one side is telling me DO IT and the other is saying Don’t. I’m really not sure 😦 I do know that when I do a mini test run, if I feel pain right away, I’m going to have to say no 😦

Ok- on to other important things: FOOD!

After hot yoga I went to the gym to do some weights. I knew I needed some refuel in between workouts so I stopped at CVS and bought one of these:



There were not a lot of ingredients and it was really good! I bought another one at TJs yesterday. 

I whipped up a yummy omelette and later got fro-yo at red mango because it was close to where I was picking up a gift for a friend. (Duh- can’t say no to fro-yo)




Later that day my roomie and I had dinner and wine and chocolate covered strawberries before our night out in the city.



Whole wheat wrap, tuna, avocado, swiss, tomato and romaine. SO GOOD.




We are classy girls 🙂

The next day I had a late Christmas get together with my friends and made these no bake dessert oatmeal cream cheese ball from carrotsncake blog!



They were a hit! I will definitely make them again!

Yesterday for my day off I enjoyed a nice mani/pedi, did food shopping and meal prep for the week:



Chicken, broccoli, sausage, mushroom, onion, and quinoa pasta with a sesame dressing- the pasta is SO good!

Today we had a half day because of the snow, so I am stuck up by my parents. We will see how it goes tomorrow?!

I will keep you all posted on my status for doing the half on Sunday. ::sigh::

Good luck if you are in snowy parts 🙂


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