My new hobby!

Happy Sunday Readers! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Today was the Fred Lebow half- which I decided not to run. PT is working and I didn’t want to push it, not to mention I haven’t gone on a long run in probably a month so I knew I wouldn’t be prepared. I am hoping to try and run one night this week. I am scheduled for a 4 miler in Central Park on Super Bowl Sunday and I am hoping I will be able to run it. I really am feeling a lot less pain. My IT band is still super tight- but I do feel like I am on the road to recovery. I have been keeping up with daily stretches and icing as much as possible. Next Sunday will mark 10 weeks until the More Magazine Half, so I am hoping that is when I can start training smarter for the half. I am going to be sure to strength train, try and keep up with yoga, and not over do it with the running. I hate being injured and I don’t want it to happen again.

Since I couldn’t run the half today, in honor of Fred Lebow, I made a really fun “13 workout” at the gym to represent the 13.1 miles I would have ran. 

13 Workout:

  • 13 minutes elliptical
  • 13 reps of bicep curls, reverse flys, lunges with a bicep curl, tricep curl (I think you call it that), and punches using weights. (forgive me- I have absolutely no clue what weight workouts are called, I think I need some education in that area).
  • 13 minutes cross training elliptical 
  • 13 reps again of each above with the weights
  • 13 minutes sitting bike 
  • 13 reps again with the weights 
  • I then did some of my exercises from PT
  • 13 minutes with the bike that is higher up (wow I REALLY need some work on names of machines and exercises- any books anyone can recommend for this????)
  • My 5 minute plank work out
  • 13 sit up, 13 sit ups with legs up, 23 (13 each side) bicycle sit ups 
  • I then went home and did my PT stretches and 5 minutes on my IT Band with my foam roller

Dedicated to Fred Lebow! It was a GREAT workout (well almost as great as running!)

I then came home and refueled with:



Eggs, spinach, tomatoes, kidney beans, turkey and mozz all scrambled together with whole wheat toast and guac hummus on it- YUM!

Later on did some meal prep for the week- BBQ Lentil Stew:



Ok- now the rest of this post will be dedicated to my NEW HOBBY! 

So Thursday night my school had a fun Tricky Tray at this fancy event place. It was a fun night to get dressed up and go out with the girls from work.



So proud of I am looking, not too skinny but muscular and fit. I have lost about 30 pounds in a year- in a healthy way! 🙂 A few people at work have been trying to tell me that they think I am too skinny. It is very frustrating and I don’t like to get into into with them, but I know my body and I know that I am at a good weight and I do not restrict and feel like I have a much healthier relationship with food than I had in college. I hate hearing negative comments from people- I eat healthy and work out, sorry if you think I look “too skinny” I think I look great and I am happy in my own skin for a change 🙂 AMEN! PREACH!

Anyway, got off topic for a minute. So for the tricky tray you can buy a sheet of tickets (25 tickets) for $50. Expensive- I know, so my friend and I split a sheet. As I walked around I put a lot of tickets in this fitness basket, coffee basket, and some other restaurant gift cards. I saw this cool Baking Basket and was like oh that is so cute, but what would I do with all that, so I decided eh let me put ONE ticket it. Well guess who won the baking basket? YES ME!!!!

When I went to carry it back to my table I almost fell over, it was SO heavy and almost as big as me!



There has to be at least $500 worth of baking things in it:


















Cakepop maker, cupcake maker, cook books, sprinkles cupcakes mixes, bread mixes, funnel cake mixes, baking pans, popcorn maker, a million cookie cutters, whisks, measuring cups/spoons, a baking towel from Harrods in England, $25 gift card to Fresh Market, more, AND there was even a note saying that not everything fit in the basket so I had to email someone and she will deliver the items to me this week at school!

I feel so blessed and lucky! What an amazing prize!!!!!!

So I decided that I guess baking will be my new hobby. Which means running needs to come back ASAP. Andrea baking + no running = goodbye muscles haha it’s allllll good everything in moderation. 

So I looked online today and found a “healthier” recipe for chocolate cupcakes. This recipe used a mushy banana, I think in place of butter. I then tried to figure out a frosting that would be good. I have a bunch of recipes in my cupcake cookbook- so I tried to find something that would work with the ingredients I had. I found a vanilla glaze- 1 cup confectioners sugar, 2 tbsp milk, 1 tsp of vanilla and then i decided to add about 4 tbsp of peanut butter. 







Voila! So delicious! I used my mini cupcake pan! 

Cheers to new hobbies! 🙂 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and have a great week. Fingers crossed I can try running this week!!!


2 thoughts on “My new hobby!

  1. artificiallybalanced

    That basket is so awesome!!! Baking is so much fun and I always plan to give most of what I bake to my co-workers so I don’t have them sitting around to eat, unless I bake something healthy! And that workout is awesome! This winter is just ridiculous but I need to put on my big girl pants and RUN!!!

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