When life gives you a snow day…

Hello all! It has been awhile. I was soooooo busy last week and with the weather I did not get a minute to blog. 

Let’s see- last week was PT or the gym almost everyday. I tried running on Thursday afternoon and it was a no go. I started and the first two blocks I had no pain! I was beaming from ear to ear! Then the pain came back 😦 I got to .61 miles until I finally gave up. Now the pain is totally bearable but I know that you really shouldn’t feel any pain, especially with the PT I am doing. I was at war with my head, I wanted to keep going but knew I should stop. So I did and it sucked. I headed to the gym and had a great workout. 

At PT on Saturday morning I was telling the therapist that I had the 4 miler in Central Park on Sunday and she told me that I should just go and walk it. I really did think about doing that but I donno, I feel like if I want to get my 9 + 1 credit, I want to run it. Plus I saw on the website that there is sort of a time limit and I’m sure I could have made it but I also would have been so tempted to run. My next race is a 5k on March 2nd- I am praying that I will be good to go by then! I also need to start half training again for the More Magazine half in April. ;;sigh:: I really hope this is all over soon. I make sure to do all my stretches, exercises and even foam rolling everyday. I just want to go for a RUN!

Well onto my weekend…

I got my hair cut/colored, it had been since September so it was time!!



Don’t mind how tired I look- no sleep the night before and very busy non-stop day!

After my haircut I went to TJs to buy food for the super bowl and for my meal prep.

I bought rice cakes- literally haven’t had them in forever and I saw a co-worker with them and I was like whoa, what a great snack! Here are two snacks I have tried so far:



Rice cake with edamame hummus, apple and tea.



Rice cake with almond butter and banana. 

Will have to be inventive with some rice cake creations!

I made yummy greek meatballs and a tzatziki (sp?) slaw with middle eastern bread that I found!





I then prepped for my Football Cheese ball! I accidentally bought figs instead of dates but it still tasted really good!



Yesterday I also baked for the super bowl party.

I made healthy sugar cookies (recipe from chocolatecoveredkatie.com) with orange and blue icing and healthy chocolate chip cookies (recipe from runeatrepeat.com).





Now that I have my baking basket, I have really been trying to bake!

And now to today. I woke up normal time (5:15am) showered, had coffee/breakfast, cleaned off my car and started heading to work. While driving I was like wow it is not pretty outside. Then my co-worker called. She said that our phone systems were messed up and I didn’t get the call that school was closed. Luckily I wasn’t on the highway yet and was able to head back home. 

After all of that I was not able to go back to sleep so I went to a hot yoga class then came home and did my stretches and foam rolling.

Made some yummy eggs and a sweet potato for lunch:



Then decided to do more baking (going to bring these into work tomorrow!)



When life gives you a snow day, you bake. Or because you won a baking basket. 🙂

Stay warm friends 🙂



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