Yet another snow day…

Hello everyone!

Yes, another snow day. This was officially our 4th snow day which means that these snow days will take place for days in our April break. Greatttt….

After all my fun baking and getting caught up on things on Monday, I enjoyed my meal prepped dinner, I had to share a pic of what it looked like on my plate!



Sooo good! This is a def a keeper.

Yesterday I had PT and I really felt the workout. He increased my exercises and I broke a sweat, which is good. During one of my step down exercises I felt like it was as though my left leg (the injured leg) was taking a further step than the right. I am convinced that my left leg may be shorter than the right and I am curious that this may affect my gait which could explain for the injury. They are going to measure me tomorrow at PT so I will keep you all posted.

After that I headed to my parents because I like to stay there when the weather is bad.

My sister made this:



Gnocchi with butternut squash. It was SO good! 

This morning I woke up and had some delicious oatmeal with a banana and almond butter.



Then did a fabulous workout that was about 2 hours long! All these damn snow days and lack of running = more weight lifting.

I did this 20 minute HIIT workout from the girls from Tone-it-up. Then did some arm exercises with my 8 and 10 lb. weights.

  • reverse flys
  • punches
  • bicep curls
  • triceps with each leg back
  • shoulder press up
  • shoulder hold and drop (I totally just made that name up)
  • Tricep lifts from side to side (again no clue what to call it)
  • shoulder pull down

Then did my PT workouts: squats, kicks forward, side and back with the other leg standing on two pillows.

Plank workout.

Finished it off with my PT stretches. Left my foam roller in my apartment so couldn’t do that- too bad so sad 😉 haha I have a true love hate relationship with the foam roller. 

Afterwards I refueled with this awesome lunch:



Two eggs, kale, tomato, parmesan cheese and some TJs multigrain rustico bread. 

Then headed out to shovel with my sister, now blogging and warming up with tea. 

I am literally SO over this winter. I can’t wait to be in shorts, with a tan, and running outside. 

When is spring coming????


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