Did this just happen?

Good Morning!

So since I was asleep so early last night I of course woke up very early today. I decided I was going to a 9:15 yoga class but then had this crazy idea to try running one more time. I got all ready by 8am and decided that if I was in pain I would still have time to go to yoga. 

I pre-fueled with my favorite:



along with some coffee and an apple and figured that I would be nice and digested for the yoga class.


I started running and guess what? NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay- so it was the most over thought, slow and steady run of my life. Before I went out my calves were kinda sore so I did feel them, but I think that was from workout out yesterday and it was both calves. The whole time I kept questioning and listening to my body, does this hurt, am I okay, am I really doing this, does this hurt? I was SUPER conscious of it, which is really important. I don’t want to be injured again and I do have to take this carefully.


3.63 miles, supppppperrrr slow pace. Part of that was purposeful and the other part was that I am definitely not in “running shape” just yet. But that is OKAY- I ran. Even walking back to my apartment, I made sure to see, was it hurting while I walked, etc. and no it really didn’t. Right now I would say I am feeling a little sore, but a.) that is from working out yesterday and b.) I am sore on both sides which means like I said I am out of “running shape.” 

I am going to continue to take this slow and steady and reallllllly listen to my body. I will continue to stretch and foam roll each day. Do a lot of cross training and strength training and even yoga. My hope is to run 3 times a week, not go crazy and like I said listen to how I am feeling. I want to run this half marathon in April and I believe that if I train smarter not harder, I will be great 🙂

Hopefully this pain-free thing continues. I have a feeling the PT ppl may have pin-pointed my issue. The woman massaged my VMO (a quad muscle) on Friday and that was the only different thing that I have done. It must have helped and I want them to keep doing it!

Oh- and after my run I of course had an awesome breakfast to re-fuel:



Egg, broccoli, tomato, chickpea scramble. A sauteed banana. One of the muffins I made last night (have to say, I liked them better cold!)

So freaking happy right now and cautious at the same time. I want to continue on an injury free running path 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Did this just happen?

  1. artificiallybalanced

    IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I know how bad it sucks to have an injury and not be able to run. I can feel your excitement 😀 WOo wooooo!!!! Also your egg scrambles always look SO good haha

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