Hi friends, another snow day. woof. so. over. snow.

So last night I went to PT after a 3.5 mile run. It was really cold out so it was almost hard to tell if I was feeling any pain. It was annoying too because the entire time I was questioning my pain- not mind clearing at all. I def felt my hamstring that was VERY tight which I thought was causing the quad/knee pain? I was also having some ankle pain too.

So I went to PT and had the really awesome therapist. He is very passionate and educates me about my muscles and movements, etc. I was doing this quad stretch and I said to him that I was feeling pain in my hamstring. He made me stop and do these two other exercises with my legs, I assumed it was for my hamstring. Afterwards he made me go back to the quad stretch and the hamstring pain went away.

This is where my problem is…

He said because the pain went away he doesn’t think it’s my knee. He thinks it’s my core. He thinks that I have a very weak core which is causing nerve pain. There is a nerve that starts from your core/spine that goes through your whole body. If you have a weak core this can be affected.

He then made me do this core workout which was VERY hard for me. I couldn’t flex my core well, it is just very weak.

He explained that it takes a longggg time to fix this and if I keep running I need to focus on my core and stop with any sight of pain. I asked him if I could run a half in the spring and he said let’s say “yes,” but it felt like he was hesitant to say that.

I came home (to my parents house because of the snow) and talked to my mom and sister. I was really bummed about it and my sister helped cheer me up.

You see, I just started running in June with the C25K program. But my personality is very competitive so I have wanted more and more. Running 10ks and quickly upped my mileage to 11 miles hoping for the half marathon in January. Yes, before June I would go to the gym but not like I do now. I would do the elliptical maybe lift some weights or do some sit-ups. Now I really work out and have lost a good amount of weight (30 lbs. in about a year) and and have begun to build muscle. But my new workout and running regime had been serious for only a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things (6 months about). My sister said it takes a long time to build muscle and build your core. She’s right. She said that my endurance and mind are there but my body needs to catch up.


So I woke up (to a snowy morning) and decided to be proactive about it.

I googled some muscle building exercises and weekly routines. Even at this point my weight lifting is very hap-hazard. Now I don’t want to go crazy, because I can get obsessive, but I want to build muscle smarter not harder. Most of the plans I saw focused on different muscle groups each day, not doing it all at once. Some days I will go to the gym and work all my arms and legs and abs and maybe it’s harder but like I said not smarter. Yes, I still have gained muscle with my hap-hazard lifting but I have a feeling it’s not helping me build good core strength that way. If I concentrate on one area doing less reps that are focused keeping my core strong, I will build my core along with the other muscles.

So I made a “schedule” that I plan to be flexible with. I will try and work the different muscle groups and do as much core work as possible. When I come back from vacation next week I think I’m going to pay for the Hot Yoga studio so I can build my core and feel zen at the same time 🙂

In my schedule I incorporated long runs and regular runs, but that might not happen. I am hopeful but we will see.

If my core is what is weak, then I’m going to become strong and kick some ass 😉

I cannot beat myself up about not being able to run. I am going to stay hopeful that I will be able to run the More Magazine and Brooklyn Half. But I need to be smart and build this core! It’s better to be proactive about it and not overwork myself.

Man, I really enjoy blogging- really helps you get your thinking out 🙂

So I can’t write a post without some food pics!!

After my morning at home snowed in HIIT workout plus biceps + back + core work I made this (see, just focused on biceps and back):

photo 1

Two eggs, broccoli, tomato, parm cheese, some TJs rustico bread, and a banana with almond butter on the side.

After that, I did more cardio…… womp, womp: shoveling. The amount of snow we got is ridiculous. It has not gone away and there is no room to put anymore of it. Supposedly we are getting 4-8 more inches tonight? Like NOOOO. STOP!

After my “cardio” I warmed up with this:

photo 2


Hot chocolate with marshmallows is so necessary.

Later I decided to bake because what else should you do on a snow day?

I decided to try Chocolate Covered Katie’s Blondies. They have white beans in them?! Crazy right?

photo 3 photo 4


They are interesting. Very moist and dense. Not exactly like the real thing but everyone in my family said they were good!

Okay friends- stay safe and warm in this snow.



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