Go ‘Merica!

Good Morning!

I am typing this now to a. because I need to pack and I’m being a procrastinator b. I had a few too many glasses of sangria last night and have a little headache 🙂 

So my Valentine’s Day was crazy. Delayed opening and terrible driving conditions. We had our Valentine’s Day party and that was about it!

After work I headed home and tried to run because it was 39 degrees out! Hello warm!? haha

And…. my knee and my ankle and hamstring hurt so I stopped. It sucks.

I cam home and did shoulders and forearms and core work.

After that- I had a romantic date with…. my parents. haha no Valentine for me this year (again). We had take in Sushi- SO GOOD!





I got a dragon roll and this “hot roll” not exactly sure what was in it but my sister said to try it and it was delish! Some sort of tempura fish? Idk- soooo good tho. And do you love the ginger dressing from sushi places? I wonder if you can buy that somewhere or I should look up how to make it. I love that stuff.

Afterwards we had some treats:



My sister’s boyfriend made those for us. So yummy!

And we tried these that a student gave me:



Veryyy sweet.

Yesterday morning, was leg day. Haha I guess since I still can’t run I may as well act and talk like a body builder 😉

After that I went to PT and had another awesome therapist. He felt where my hips are and explained that the left one is definitely higher up and it’s all out of balance. He tried to rebalance me a little with this stretch and showed me 3 really great core exercises to do everyday. 

  • Bridges
  • Side Plank and Regular Plank- only hold them for intervals for 10 seconds because otherwise you can cut some blood flow off- who knew???
  • Leg lifts with ankle weights

He said that he could see me struggle with all the core exercises and said that it is very weak. He wants someone to video tape me running because with my weak core and uneven hips my gait is probably all messed up. He said if I can really keep working on these core exercises that will help train and even out my body.

I have a long road ahead of me….I just would like it to be better sooner than later ::sigh::

Anyway after PT I got a mani/pedi 



I love doing the party nails. I got Essie’s “Miami Nice” because I am heading to Miami tonight!

After that I headed home and made a yummy salad with my left overs that I haven’t been able to eat because I’ve been at my parents:



Then I of course baked for my friend’s Olympic party because I bake all the time now:



I had two bananas that needed to be used so I made chocolate chip banana crumb muffins. I have to say, I’m impressed that I was able to make the crumb part. It was easy, but I felt like a sophisticated baker 😉

Here I am dressed up ready to go to the party:



‘Merica! (wow I need a tan)

Ok! I’m out…. time for some sun and Miami Vices! I will catch ya’ll when I’m back!



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