A regular post today! running + food post (not miami haha)

Although I still want to post about paddle boarding and celeb sightings in Miami, I have time to sit down and write a real post, so here it goes! 

Here was my meal prep for the week:



TJs chicken sausage, broccoli, mushrooms, mini green squash and onions with a side of kale and a sweet potato. I needed ALL the veggies in my life after a week on vacation.

I have really been enjoying my new weight lifting routine! I am seeing a lot of definition in my arms and shoulders. That has been most of my workouts this week along with a lot of great core work from my PT. I’ve been trying some at home (parents house) HIIT workouts as well. 

The reason I have been having to do at home HIIT workouts is because I got stuck home with no car. Yup- took it to the dealer yesterday….needed new brakes. There was this horrible metal scratching sound earlier this week after I got home from my sister’s birthday dinner at Houstons:



(haha love my randomness in this paragraph- amazing spin dip and amazing veggie burger with a kale salad- ALL the veggies this week) so I got it towed to the dealer. He said that thank god I got it towed because my brakes would have just gone out. $630 later….. WOOF.

Anyway, so Friday night I was craving pizza, so I made two pizzas. Cauliflower crust pizza and TJs whole wheat crust pizza, with peppers and pre-grilled chicken from TJs.



Saturday was awesome weight lifting and 30 minute HIIT plus core work. Afterwards my sister and I made homemade chicken soup with real broth that I made for the first time ever!

SO good:



Because of my car I didn’t get to participate in Hoboken St. Patty’s day, which I have to say I’m okay with. I’m sad I missed out on my friends, but I had a great dinner with my fam, watched Captain Phillips together (such a good movie!) and munched on these that I baked:



(rolled oats, choc chips, PB, and two ripe bananas baked at 350 for 15 minutes)

I had a fun night and didn’t wake up with a hangover, unlike everyone else who enjoyed yesterday’s festivities hehe

Plus I woke up nice and early today to RUN! Yes I ran the NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrock 5k up in Harlem! 







Official time 32:49!

My knee/ankle was tight in the beginning but I pushed through it and was okay! It was SUPEFR HILLY, even more than central park. My knee is bothering me a little tonight but I’m doing okay. I really want to run the More Woman’s Half in 6 weeks…. I hope I can! It felt great, I was smiling from ear to ear to be racing 🙂 I really genuinely love to run and it is killing me not to. It was so funny I said to my dad yesterday, wow I could go for a good 10 mile run but I can’t and my dad was like people don’t normally say that. It’s just not fair that I have the drive to do it but my body isn’t letting me. UGH injuries suck. 

Anyway- after the race I came home and made sure to stretch and foam roll.

Then fueled with:



Ok this sounds weird but I made an egg scramble with two eggs, kale, and ::gasp:: cinnamon. haha I wanted it to compliment my oatmeal and it was a weird but amazing combination. I’m a weird food combo person and I love sweet and savory together and it was awesome.

SO besides the brakes issue and me officially being poor now, I had an awesome weekend! 

What weird food combinations do you eat?

Anyone else injured?


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