Daylight Savings Time Is No Fun

Hello Everyone!

My life has been so busy, it is so hard to blog during the week.

So let’s see!

This week’s dinner was BBQ lentil stew:


Monday- Chest/Tricep/Cardio at the gym

Tuesday- Core Work/ Leg Day at PT

Wednesday- 4 mile run! with some pain + Core work


Carbed it up for breakfast that morning with overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar


Thursday- More Leg and Core Work at PT


Although I didn’t love Questbars after the last time I tried them, there have been SO many instagram pics of the Cookies and Cream flavor so I decided to get a few at the Vitamin Shoppe. I actually really liked this one! There wasn’t a weird after taste and it was a good sweetness. I love how full they keep you, I don’t think I will start buying boxes of them but they don’t hurt every now and then.


Bicep, Back, Shoulder and Forearm + Core + 20 minute HIIT

followed by a yummy veggie burger at Houlihans which I forgot to snap a pic of (if I had to order veggie burgers it would be: Houstons, Grand Lux, then Houlihans)

Then after I dropped my friend off I had an intense craving for Fro-yo so I obviously had to listen to my body 😉


Saturday- Long RUN!! My PT gave me some dynamic stretches to warm up before I run, so I tried that. The first two miles was kinda painful/weird but then I was able to loosen up and finish the run. I am determined to run the More/Fitness Magazine half- so I need to try and get some long running in.

I annoyingly stopped my Garmin halfway through- so I have two pics 🙂



As you can see my pace is superrrr slow. But right now I am working on getting that mileage in not worrying about speed at all. After my run I re-fueled with my fav combo: oatmeal, raisins, almond butter, a banana, and a hard boiled egg:



I then had to get ready to run to the Bridal Shower that I helped throw for my friend.

After the shower I headed home, went out to dinner for yummy coal oven pizza (no pic) and a night on the town for a friend’s birthday.

I woke up too early and confused and not feeling so hot so I decided today would be a rest day. I actually didn’t really have one this week so I think it was important.

I headed to my fav store ever Trader Joes to get my goods for the week.

This weeks meal is a quinoa turkey chili. The batch came out big so I even had some for dinner tonight and will have it the rest of the week. I got the idea from Nut Butter Runner’s blog and made some tweaks for myself.

Recipe: Make a cup of quinoa on the side. I always use chicken broth to make the quinoa and give it more flavor. In a big skillet cook an onion, ground turkey, two red peppers, a can of diced tomatoes, and TJs cowboy salsa (a blend with corn, black beans, and salsa). After the quinoa is done add it to the skillet, throw in a small can of sliced black olives, and 5 swiss laughing cow creamy cheese wedges.



It is SO good! I just love trying so many different recipes each week!

After that I was hungry for lunch:



Two eggs, Broccoli, a laughing cow wedge and a TJs middle eastern flatbread.

I then headed to Target to buy two 10 pound weights. I have been meaning to do this, so I can keep up with my weight lifting even on days I get home a little later. There are only so many hours in a day- so on the days I want to lift and can’t get to the gym, I have these as a back up!

I then got a much needed mani (talk about rest day 😉 )



Then after dinner tonight I decided to bake for everyone at work. At my friend’s shower we gave these cookie jars out as the favor:



The recipe called for a stick and a half of butter so I used half of that and substituted the rest with applesauce!



It said it would made 2 dozen- hello 3 dozen instead haha! They are veryyy delicious and it was super easy because everything was all measured out for me!

Now I’m hanging- kinda feeling blah because I didn’t get to workout- but it is important to rest. It’s hard to make yourself do it, but I’m looking forward to my work at PT tomorrow and the busy week ahead.

Have a great night everyone, hopefully I will be able to check in during the week!

Next Sunday, I get to volunteer at the NYC Half- SO excited to see all the runners!!



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