Do what makes you happy

Happy Hump Day!

Hope all is well!

This week has been super busy again. I probably should be doing some school work but I just need a break. 

Monday was PT plus a glorious 5k run!! The weather was awesome, I couldn’t pass it up. My legs felt super heavy for a good portion of the run but not really much pain. I think that they were heavy due to the fact that I was working them for about an hour at PT. I would love to get another 3 miler in tomorrow before my long run on Saturday (gonna go for 7 miles) but this weather is iffy. 

Yesterday was PT again and I came home and use my weights to do back and biceps. Such a great purchase.

I enjoyed some of my amazing quinoa enchilada chili with some TJs guac hummus on it last night- this is so freaking delicious, I am obsessed:



Today, I got stuff done at work for next week then came home  had a little snack because my after school Kashi bar and apple didn’t fill me up enough today:



Rice cake with guac hummus and some chickpeas- I was trying to make something with some protein and carb- success! 

Then went to the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical (with a high resistance for the most part), chest and triceps, and some good core work plus stretching. It’s funny, my pacing on the elliptical is slower now too because I am so conscious of keeping my core tight. I do think that is part of why I have slowed down in my running, but it’s fine. I am running and training smarter, exactly what I wanted to get out of PT.

Do you guys think they made this ice cream for me?



(picture from Carrots n’ Cake instagram) but haha so funny, I feel like all I do is talk about my core! I want to try the Salted Caramel- that sounds right up my ally!

Anyway to the title of my post.

Do you ever feel like there are people in your life that are unsupportive of you because you are working towards a healthy lifestyle (working out, eating clean/healthy, running, whatever) ?

I know in the past I have had some eating issues and taking “healthy” to the un-healthy extreme, but I am so past that. I may have some thoughts or feelings that I need to overcome, but I truly am at a great place in my life. 

Right now my goal is the 9 + 1 and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I am SUPER excited to volunteer at the NYC half on Sunday and I have gotten some comments about it, whether it be from friends or family. My call time is at 5:30 am, so I am going to have to wave up VERY early, but I don’t care! I am truly excited. Although I may have to make some “sacrifices” (ie- not going out the night before and disappointing others, etc.) it’s okay because this is something I am working for. I just wish I didn’t have to hear comments from others.

This isn’t just about Sunday but in general.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working towards my 9 + 1 goal does not feel like I am making sacrifices because I am doing something that I want to do. I am happier than ever and letting go of some old things that I used to do (Friday night happy hours that lasted all night, etc.) is NOT a sacrifice to me. I’m over all that and if people have a problem with that, then what can you do?

It’s just tough to always have to defend yourself. I get the comments wow you are withering away to nothing- NO I AM NOT, I am maintaining my weight and gaining muscle! I enjoy eating healthy food and indulging when I want! 

My PT said to me, “you are a really good teacher.” I laughed and said “thank you, but why?” He said, “because you are a really good student.”

That is the support I need and that is what I will hold on to when I get the nasty comments from others or passive aggressive remarks. 

I am working for something that I want and finally putting myself first in my life and I am damn proud of that! 🙂


How do you deal with unsupportive people in your life?

What is something you are doing for yourself?




3 thoughts on “Do what makes you happy

    1. Thank you!!! I am glad it was enlightening 🙂 It’s so funny for me to look back and read it too! I was going through quite a change and people didn’t get it. Now they are more accepting, I guess it just takes time!

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