Enjoying every minute of this rest day

Happy Sunday!

Before I get into my “rest day” let me recap on the rest of the week!

I forgot to share this picture in my last post:


Idk why but I truly LOVE Quick Chek iced coffee. This was with soy milk and it was ah-mazing.

Thursday-ย Awesome PT session and core work.

Friday- 20 minute HIIT, shoulders, forearms, core, and leg workouts from PT.


Who am I? All my fitness gear that I carry around with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saturday- 7 MILE RUN!!

photo 4

A little pain in the beginning but every time I made myself more aware of my core, the pain went away. My PT said I am the classic case of under utilization of the right muscles and over utilization of the wrong muscles. My knee was a little swollen that night so I made sure to ice, but I didn’t have any pain.

After long run food is always the best:


After my long run I headed to TJs for my weekly haul.

This week’s meal was completely thought up while taking a shower ๐Ÿ™‚ haha best place to think


Shredded chicken with a vegetable medley on top. To make the chicken just put chicken breasts in water with salt, pepper, a whole carrot ( you can cut it in half) and half a large onion (no need to peel or anything). After it is cooked through let it cool a little then with your hands or a fork just shred! Super easy, moist, and delicious. The veggie medley has, the other half of the onion, mushrooms, corn, mini zucchini, black beans, a pepper, and crushed tomatoes. Just saute in a pan all together!

I put it on a TJs Middle Eastern Flatbread with laughing cow cheese and some TJs guac hummus- SOOO GOOD!


I also cooked some sweet potatoes- so I plan on putting this on them this week too. My avocado became ripe today, so I cut that up and will def put it on this!

After that I met up at my friend’s family party for a bit but had to leave early. Everyone asked why I was leaving and I was like well I have to go to bed. haha because…

Today was my volunteering opportunity at the NYC Half!


I actually decided to set a 2:50 am alarm too and it was perfect because my roomie accidentally walked into my room at 2:45 am haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ perfect timing!

I went to bed at 7 but probably didn’t fall asleep until 8, which really was not that bad.

I woke right up after the roomie came in so I got in the shower, then coffeed and breakfasted


TJs strawberry greek yogurt, TJs raisin bran, and banana and extra raisins. This was perfect and filling and held me over for hours.

I took the 4:08 Path train so I left my apartment around 3:45. I got my check-in for Course Marshall a half hour early at 5:30.

While waiting around I enjoyed some coffee, I brought my travel mug as they suggested and I met a guy who ended up being a running coach! We stuck together the whole shift! He gave me some tips throughout the day and gave me his card. I plan on contacting him and I am going to really consider getting some coaching even just for a little bit (I know it is probably $$$) but so worth it.

My crew at the 12,000 corral was awesome! We greeted everyone and wished them luck! I saw two guys I went to HS with so random- it is so cool to see how many runners there are. After our corral went off we cleaned up all the pre-race clothes to donate and all the garbage along the corral. A lot of GU wrappers- I need to maybe experiment soon.

By the end of my shift around 9, we headed back to get our shirts and warm up just a tiny bit with some hot chocolate in the Professional Athletes tents. They athletes were gone but their bagels and fruit weren’t. Haha I wanted to grab something but I could not feel my feet or hands. When I headed to the subway it was quite difficult refilling my Metro Card with no feeling in my hands. haha. But the funny thing is I really didn’t care. Meeting the running coach who has run many marathons and two Ironmen, talking with my group who has run the NYC Marathon a few times, seeing ALL the runners- it was just a fun and inspiring day. I really love being surrounded by the energy of runners. It is so inspirational.


I came home made tea and hot oatmeal and then fell asleep until 1:30pm.

I have been in bed ALL day. I have even been snacking in my bed. I think dinner will be in bed as well.

Like I said- enjoying every minute of this rest day!

Congrats to all the NYC Half Marathoners!


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