Happy Hump Day! Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

So this isn’t really ALL about what I ate today but it is a good day in the life food post! 

Monday was some PT at home leg work and back & biceps. I had a presentation to give at work Monday night, so I stopped at my parents before it to have some dinner and get ready.

They were over the whole St. Patrick’s day corned beef & cabbage so we celebrated St. Joseph’s Day:



Pasta con sardi (pasta with a fennel sauce and sardines). My dad is the best cook! Although it sounds nasty, it’s awesome, I grew up on this stuff! So it is official, didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day once, not one sip of beer, nothing. And I am OK with that 😉 

Tuesday I had a workshop so the place provides us with lunch:



Grilled chicken, olives, roasted pepers, artichoke hearts and mozz salad with a yummy balsamic dressing. 

Then a fabulous 4 mile run in the brisk sun!



Then chest and triceps at the gym, followed by core, stretching and foam rolling at home. 

For dinner:



This is what I prepped on Saturday over a sweet potato and some avocado. 

After dinner I had to run to Shop Rite to get some baking decorations for the cookies I am making this weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party. I never go to Shop Rite anymore but there are some things TJs just doesn’t have. Shop Rite it SO freaking expensive its annoying. The one in Hoboken has a lot of cool things though, an amazing gluten free section, a whole protein bar section, so many nut butters, and even this natural granola bar section. 

So I tried to stick to the bachelorette stuff but I did get myself some watermelon for dessert:



And I saw this yogurt on Instagram so I bought one:



Siggi’s yogurt, very natural ingredients which made me look further and then 14 grams of protein! It tasted like plain greek yogurt with a tiny bit of peach, but I liked it. It kept me full all morning!

Oh I of course didn’t have only yogurt though:



Almond butter and jelly on whole wheat bread and a banana. I could eat this breakfast forever. 

Tonight was PT- so I count that as leg day. I would have done core work at home but I got home kinda late and was super starving because I HAD to get a mani/pedi before heading home from PT:



(I needed this plus an eyebrow waxing like it was my job 🙂 )

This of course isn’t a whole day or even one day of eats but it’s a good snapshot! 

I am SO excited for my long run on Saturday, I hope the weather holds up and I am SO excited to bake and decorate the sugar cookies on Saturday. Pics are sure to follow!

Enjoy the week everyone!



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