Spring has sprung!

 Happy Spring friends!

I celebrated with a 4 miler and a yummy dinner:



New discovery: Almond butter with strawberry jelly in oatmeal- amazingggg




Long Run Saturday:



I planned to go 8 miles but went 9 instead! I felt great the whole time, really felt my booty and quads working and I was a good sore afterwards. After my run, I enjoyed overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar along with an egg and a banana. 

Have you heard of this new app called Fitsnap? That’s how I got the mileage, etc. on my picstich! I like it!

After I stretched, foam rolled and re-fuled I made cookies for my friend’s bachelorette party in the city last night. I made healthy sugar cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog. I put pink funfetti pillsbury icing along with M&Ms and fun sprinkles on them. There were some fun shapes 😉 and “K” cookies for the bride’s name. 




They were a hit! All the girls loved them and I brought the leftovers (nootttt the fun shaped ones haha those were all consumed) to my family today and they enjoyed them as well!




Today was a rest day because of the late night and I think my body just needs it after 9 miles. So I went to TJs and did some awesome meal prepping. For my main meal this week I roasted an eggplant then in a separate pan cooked ground turkey and and an onion, then added the eggplant, baby zucchini, mushrooms and tomato sauce! It is delicious and I made some quinoa to go with it. I also prepped some sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs and butternut squash for the week as well!

Hope I can get some running in this week, I have two weeks of PT left 😦 (haha I’m actually getting sad, I will miss the guys at the PT place), and Sunday I am doing the 15k Spring Meltdown for NYRR. It’s perfect in terms of my half training so I am looking forward to it! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


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