March is a LONG month





Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well. March seems to be veryyy long for some reason. Looking forward to a little break in April, I think I need it.

I always try and change up my food each week. I typically have a salad for lunch but I like to change what I put in it. This salad had arugula, carrots, tomatoes, TJs grilled chicken, chick peas, and some sauteed butternut squash. I did not like the butternut squash in the salad, so I am going to have that for breakfast or dinner the rest of the week. I usually have a slice of whole wheat bread on the side but decided to try and have a sweet potato instead as my “carb.” I could eat sweet potatoes everyday, so good.



There is a little local health food store in Hoboken and I decided go in and see if they had quest bars after my long run on Saturday and they did! I know I had originally said I didn’t like them but the cookies and cream really changed my opinion. So I decided to get 3 of them and 2 of the coconut cashew- I liked this flavor too! I really like how they keep me full for hours. Sometimes with PT and tutoring and my hour long commute it’s hours between my afternoon snack and dinner so I get starving. I don’t want to get into the habit of eating them a lot because they are SUPER expensive. I like the Kashi bars that I buy but they just don’t hold me over like these do.



Yesterday I did a 4.5 miler followed by core, biceps, back, shoulders, and forearms. 🙂 The shorter distance the harder it is for me to get in a groove. I’m still working on my running form and correcting it when I feel pain. This run didn’t feel so fabulous on my knee, I think there was more over thinking on my part too. I also hadn’t done core work in a couple of days and could feel a difference in the lack of tightness of my core. It is so crazy how more in tune I am with my body, I can notice how exercises, food, everything affect it. I guess that is a good thing??



Loved this meal I prepped this week. PS I eat a lot of Kale and Danielle on z100 this morning said you can get kidney stones from eating too much (she heard on Dr. Oz?) I am scared to google this but I feel like I need to. ugh, anyone know anything about this??



Since the butternut squash was a fail in the salad, I had it for breakfast. Two hard boiled eggs, butternut squash, and a banana with almond butter. This was SUPER good filling and a different type of breakfast. I do get into breakfast ruts so I’m glad I tried this! It looks kinda paleo right? haha except for the almond butter?



Tonight I did chest and triceps, core and then went to PT. I am so sad, I have two sessions left 😦 I really have learned a lot and I am so grateful for my time there.

So I have something on my mind that I have alluded to before in my blog and I’m not sure if I should be putting it all out there in the internet world. But this is my blog and maybe others experience the same things?

I have said that running has truly changed my life. Last year was a big transition year and I hung out with many people that were bad for my life. I luckily have been able to move away from them and move forward. With my new healthy and happier lifestyle I am sure my discourse has changed. I talk about running, I write about running, I eat about running and my Social Media revolves around it. I am proud of my new lifestyle and feel so blessed for it. Yes, maybe I am a little obsessed but that’s me. I am passionate about things I do and when I do it, I do it 🙂 I think some people in my life question my new found happiness and it’s frustrating to not have support.  I know I don’t need to explain myself to anyone and do me, but it’s upsetting when there are people who judge you negatively for doing good things.

I know I am speaking in total generalities but I just needed to vent a little 🙂

My plan is to continue doing me and following this awesome journey that I am on. I am meeting cool people and experiencing so many new things. To those who have a problem with that- sorry I’m just not sorry 🙂




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