Melting the Spring!

Hello friends!

Let’s see where did I last leave off?

Thursday was a nice 4 miler-


Do you ever run back and forth in front of your apartment or where you are ending your run so you get those exact miles in? Haha I ran around the block by CVS to get to 4 miles before I went in haha.

Friday was PT followed by a yummy quesadilla at a Mexican place by my parents house:


Shredded chicken, tomato, spinach and cheese on whole wheat wrap, oh and lots of guac and chips 😉

Rainy day Saturday was super busy. I had a dress fitting for my friends wedding, needed a new head light for my car and my weekly haul from TJs.

Before I headed out for the morning I decided to cook real rolled oats and added almond butter, banana and raisins. I usually have instant in the morning, but this was way more filling and didn’t feel so sugary. I sometimes think I over do it with my sugar intake so I kinda wanna see if I can make these instead. I just don’t know if they can be made the night before then heated up? Does anyone know? I don’t have soo much time in the morning/no time to sit and stir it. I bought a bag of it at TJs anyway- hopefully I can figure it out! 


I think I was hungry when I was at TJs because I bought a lot of stuff haha. I was going to buy Whey Protein powder because I am really interested in using it for making fun baked goods. It was 11 bucks and with the haul that I picked up I couldn’t justify buying it. 

After that I did a lot of food prep. I made these turkey, zucchini, onion “meat muffins.” Super easy recipe adapted from In a bowl combine turkey, chopped baby zucchini, cooked onions, half a cup of applesauce, 2 tbsps of flour, dash of cinnamon, and one egg. I baked at 375 for about 45 minutes. 

I also prepped sweet potatoes for my lunch. I have been eating them instead of my slice of bread alongside my salad and I feel like it’s just a healthier and more fulling carb than a slice of bread. I cooked up butternut squash with coconut oil and cinnamon for breakfast and hard boiled some eggs. Made quinoa, roasted eggplant, and roasted brussel sprouts. Told ya I over bought stuff. 😉



I had actually bought mushrooms too to put in the meat muffins but I realized they wouldn’t fit in it. So my sister and I made a yummy omelette for the fam.



When I got back to my apt. I did all my leg and core PT work and a tiny bit of weights. I have to do core work before a long run other wise I am super sloppy. 

So to my title. This morning I headed to Central Park for the Spring Meltdown 15k. I wasn’t super excited for it for some reason, I honestly think it had to do with some of those things I mentioned in my last blog and those thoughts from “people” were getting in my head. It was hard to decided how to dress because it said 48 so I figured to dress for 58. But it was a little rainy and dreary. I ended up wearing shorts, a jacket and my fun tall socks and was good for the run, just super cold commuting home. Luckily I did bring a long sleeved shirt, sweats and gloves to throw on but I was still chilly. 


Official NYRR time- 1:39:41! My pace was def quicker than I have been running on my own because I guess with all the people around you naturally get that competitive vibe to run a little faster. 🙂

I had a little pain here and there but when I felt the pain I tightened my core more and fixed up my form. When I get tired and sloppy I start to feel pain. Running is a lot more intense now because of keeping my core tight and using my quads and booty more to push me forward. 

I felt like I really raced today! It was awesome. I can’t believe my first half is coming so soon!

On the way back my body was like feeeeeeeddddd meeeeee. I ate an apple and gatorade at the finish line but I needed ALL the food ;). On my commute back I dreamed up a sweet potato hash so I stopped at a little market on the way home to get an onion. I also bought an over priced hot chocolate at starbucks because I didn’t think I would make it back to my apartment without something. haha


Sweet potato hash with two runny eggs. YUM. Love that I dreamed that up. Food just tastes better after a run!

After I ate, I somehow motivated myself to stretch and foam roll. Now I am icing my knee. PT has taught me so much in how to run, train and recover my body. 

Tomorrow is my last day of PT 😦 I am so sad. I have learned so much and met some cool people. I hope I can see them outside of PT! My plan is to bake some cookies or something for them today, I can’t leave without giving them some sort of “gift.”

I am craving 16 handles right now but it is very far. Why can’t they deliver? hahaha 



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