Two PRs in a week!

Happy Thursday Friends! I was on my A- game with pics this week… be prepared.

Cookies for the PT guys. They are chocolate chip cookies with whole wheat flour, brown sugar, dark chocolate chunks, coconut sugar, and half butter/half applesauce. YUM! 



This week’s meal plated:


I thought it would take me forever to get through all the veggies I made…nope finished them tonight! I LOVE veggies, can’t get enough of them. BTW these meat muffins are amazing.

I’ve been reading a few blogs that have been trying the Whole 30 challenge. I actually have a B&N credit so I think I am going to buy the book to see what it is all about. I really have moved towards more of a whole foods type of life style and I am curious to maybe try the challenge one day. From the blogs I have been reading they have inspired me to make different choices that are more “whole.” I have been eating half a sweet potato instead of whole wheat bread and I had an awesome snack of greek yogurt, raisins and walnuts instead of my Kashi granola bar this week. Now I know the greek yogurt, beans, oatmeal or the almond butter I have is not part of the Whole 30, but I do think the little tweaks here and there are have been awesome. I feel more full and satisfied and just more nutritious with making some better choices when planning out my meals. Maybe I’ll try the Whole 30 over the summer or maybe adapt some of it’s philosophies to my own. We will see. But I do know that nutrient packed meals just make me feel better. It ain’t about counting calories my friends, it’s about nutrients 😉 



This breakfast- mmmmmm. 



Typical Lunch- this dressing is only $1.99 at TJs, it lasts me a week! 


Tuna mixed with guac hummus for tomorrow because I ate all of my TJs grilled chicken. More protein makes me feel better 🙂


Protein + healthy fats also have been great for snacks. 


I figured that I can make rolled oats the night before, just add a little boiling water and microwave for about 2 minutes!


Snapped a pic of this orange because it was SO good. 

Ok so onto my workouts for the week:

Monday- Last day of PT 😦 so leg and core day

Tuesday- 4 mile run 🙂 + core + stretch + foam roll + back + biceps


Wednesday: Gym- Legs + Core + Chest + Triceps + a really rude guy at the gym UGH I HATE LUNKS djdkjdhskjasd 

PLUS my PR….. I got an RBI (?) at my first kickball game of the season Wednesday night. Haha yes I play kickball. It’s more for the social aspect but I got to second base!! The first season I got to 1st base once the whole season….

Today- Another PR! A gorgeous 5 mile run with negative splits for the first time ever in my running life!! 🙂 


So I saw how gorgeous it was out that I decided I was gonna go for 5 miles. I think a little longer is necessary because my half is in 10 days! Now I am not at the point where I am working on speed work, just working on getting the mileage in and not hurting during and after a run. I would like to eventually do speed work but I think that’s best for once I have really strengthened my core and can naturally run without having to think about core tightness and the way I position, etc. Anyway, so the first mile my Spi belt was annoying me because I shoved my phone along with mini wallet and keys in there since I had errands to run after. Miles 1-2 was positioning myself and getting in my running groove form. I now have to actively think about making sure my knees go forward, my core is tight, etc. so the beginning of every run is annoyingly trying to get in my groove. By the end of mile 2 I felt greatttt, my running muscle memory was in tact and I was in my groove. Then there was this woman a few feet a head of me that I was thinking should I pass her, hmm, nah, we are the same pace about, nah. Then I decided to. And this just made me run faster and faster, and voila negative splits. I was sooo excited when I finished my run! I have never ever had negative splits!

After my run I did my core work on the lawn at the pier because it was too gorgeous to go back home and do it in my room. 

Oh and do you notice my Pro compression socks that I am wearing? They came in the mail today so I had to try them out for my run. I’ve never worn them before but I liked them! I got 40% off from a discount from so they were only 30 bucks. If I see another discount soon I think I’m going to get another pair.


A close up 😉 I’m not sure why but I have made the decision to have all purple running gear (my garmin, my spi belt, my iPod shuffle, now my socks). 

Oh and something else exciting came in the mail:




Yes- I caved and bought a box. There was another discount on so I decided why not? These def do not fall into the Whole 30 category but I just love how I feel full and energized and can workout/run after digesting one (about an hour later). I am thinking I may try one out an hour before my long run on Saturday to test out if I should fuel with one of these before my half. I had one at 3:00 today, ran at 4:30 and felt fine? They don’t bother my stomach and I’m wondering if it will give me more energy then a Luna or Kind bar will before the half. We will see this weekend.

Wow! What a post! Pictures and a lot of rambling- thanks for staying 😉

Happy Friday tomorrow. It is get active day at school AKA we get to wear sweat pants and sneaks! HOLLA!







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