Taper, Carbs, and Half coming up!

Hey friends!

This weekend flew by, I didn’t even get to blog! I have some ideas for my blog/social media that I can’t wait to work on. Probably won’t happen until this summer… something to look forward to!

So Saturday morning was my last long run before my half this Sunday and it was beautiful! A man running near me took off his headphones and goes, “this is gorgeous right?” I love smiling and feeling that great vibe from fellow runners!


I literally had on 50 shades of pink/purple haha.

I mentioned that I was testing out fuel and tried a Quest Bar, Coffee and Apple (I can’t eat bananas before a run for some reason!) and it was great! I had enough stamina for the whole run and only needed to switch out my piece of gum, didn’t need any swedish fish. I will have them, gum and maybe even some raisins in my Spi Belt on Sunday, but I am happy that the Quest bars are working out for me!

After 10 miles I needed some real food:


Sweet potato pancakes (from nutbutterrunner.com) all it is, is a sweet potato cooked and peeled mixed with an egg and cinnamon. Then spray your pan with coconut oil and make pancakes. I topped with some melty almond butter. Then on the side had a broccoli omelette. anddddd chocolate milk which was so delish! Sometimes I crave chocolate milk after a long run.

After that I headed home to get ready for my school’s gala:


Mani and Toms


Watermelon to snack on


Then let me take a selfie 😉

The event was fun! The food was eh, I thought it would be a sit down dinner and it was buffet style that was just eh. Kinda disappointing, but it was fun to get dressed up and go out with the girls from work!

Sunday I was a VERY busy cooking bee.

I got up early and got my haul at TJs.

Then did my meal prep:


My main dish this week is shredded chicken, onions, baby zucchini, and brown rice quinoa pasta with a lemon dill sauce! I made it up in my head. I wanted to have a good balanced meal this week with some more carbs so I am good to go for Sunday!

After that my dad and I did a huge Italian food prep for our spontaneous 4 course dinner:

I learned:

How to make sauce-



photo 14

Pesto Sauce-

photo 15

Stuffed Artichokes-

photo 17


Fresh Mozz and Tomato Salad-



Eggplant parm-

photo 13


Except I forgot to use the Ricotta cheese- ooooopppps. No worries…

We made a Ricotta blended with honey and vanilla topped with balsamic pepper strawberries for dessert 🙂


Oh boy, I was stuffed but the good-homemade-worked-hard-kinda stuffed 🙂

I learned A LOT from my dad on Sunday and it was awesome spending quality time with him 🙂

This week has felt like Christmas at work. Monday my friend brought me all these cans of beans and chicken salad from TJs and two mangoes that she didn’t want because she is on a new diet. Free food? AMEN!

Then I went out to dinner with an old friend and she treated me 😉 sooo nice of her.

Today a friend at work brought me a bunch of nice spring pants that she didn’t want anymore!! I think she is sick of seeing me wear baggy pants that don’t fit haha but it was SO nice of her! 🙂 I live on a tight budget and often spending money on clothes just doesn’t fit. I am going to bake some gluten free treats for her and her family as a thank you!

I decided to put that Mango in my salad:

photo 8

Soooo good with some avocado. YUM!

Snack pic because why not?

photo 6

Then a pic stich of my workout today:

Core + Dynamic Stretching. Then an easy 3 miler (although my legs felt kinda heavy after two days off- boo) then I tried to go to the Gym for Chest and Tris but there were WAY too many meatheads and I couldn’t get on a bench. So I went home and did chest and tris and static stretching and foam rolling.

photo 7

Phew! I need to blog more so my posts aren’t super long!!

I hope you enjoyed anyway!

Can’t wait for Sunday!!!


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