The Ritz Carlton + Women’s Half Marathon

Happy Friday Night!

Sunday is the big day so I am taking it easy this weekend! Let’s back track a little. 

So on Wednesday my plan was to head to the gym to do Leg and Core work because I ran on Tuesday. For a few months now I have been thinking about leaving Planet Fitness and joining a new gym. I was talking to a girl at work about how I have been getting annoyed with the lack of equipment and how small and crowded it is. She mentioned that there is a discount for teachers for NYSC, so I decided to give them a call on Wednesday. After a few calls and whatnot, I am a proud new member of NYSC with a passport membership which means I get to use any NYSC anywhere!!! We have two in Hoboken, there are a few by my parents and work, and there are sooo many in the city. 

The first day (Wednesday) I went to the uptown NYSC and as per my title: The Ritz Carlton. First of all I can’t even begin to talk about my excitement to take classes now! (The city has Les Mills Body Pump- sooo trying that soon). Since my plan was to do Legs + Core, I felt like I was back at PT. They had my foam board, calf stretchers, yoga balls, those half yoga balls, foam rollers, areas to actually do my workouts plus SO much more. They give free towels too! Like, hello, what have I been missing. I now go to the Ritz Carlton of gyms OR that is just my perception because I have been going to a ten dolla a month gym for almost 2 years. 



Because you need a picture of another Quest Cookies & Cream. 

Then a 3.7 miler with unexpected negative splits!! (yes I stopped when I got to the gym- didn’t run around the block for 4 😉 ) taperrrrr week!



I am getting back to my faster pace- very exciting! 

Then headed to the downtown NYSC for Core + Shoulders + Forearms. This wasn’t as fabulous looking at uptown NYSC but still had everythingggggg! I’m in love 🙂


Followed by girl talk and 16 Handles with a gorgeous view. Does anyone else feel like picking your fro-yo flavors and toppings is like a life event that is taken very serious with great debate and even some anxiety? Like am I getting the one (or two) flavors I really want? Will one overpower the other? Is my ratio of pretzel M&Ms to peanut butter cups ok? What do I drizzle over the goodness? Fro-yo must be taken VERY VERY seriously. 😉

Today started off with some carbo-loading oatmeal goodness:


After work I headed into the city for the Women’s Half Expo. A girl from work is running it too so we decided to meet up. I had some time to kill before we met up so I went to the 14th & 5th NYSC. 3 different NYSC’s in three days. Obsessed. I went just to do core work and stretching. Taperrrr. (This one has the body pump class- so I have a feeling I will be coming into the city for it- perfect because it is right near the path).

I then met up for the Expo. This was actually my first expo!! It was SO fun looking around at all the running goodies and getting free samples of things!




Front View



Back view with the ruching.

Free Luna Bars:


What a fun afternoon!

Tomorrow’s plan is Leg and Core work + Stretching and Foam Rolling. I know they say rest, rest, but I know my body and it needs those quad, core hip flexor, butt muscles to be worked so I can run mostly pain free during the long run. I’m also planning to do my food shopping/meal prep in the afternoon. 

Right now chilling and blogging with a snack:


WILD Friday night 😉 

Enjoy your weekend all! Can’t wait to update about Sunday!!


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