More/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon Recap!

I DID IT!!! I am a Half-Marathoner!!! Since I need to rest and ice right now I figured I would write my recap now while I hang here.

I woke up promptly at 4:45am- I was SO excited that I was totally good with waking up that early.


Fuel to start my day. I am glad that I found Quest Bars and that I like this flavor- 21 grams of protein helps! I always have an apple too, bananas before a long run hurt my tummy.


All my stuff ready to go!

Pre-race selfie:


I got there a little before 7 and hung out on some benches and chatted with some random people. I love that about races, I just talk to and meet so many random people! 

At about 7:30 I went and did some dynamic stretching then got into my corral (the last one) at 7:45.

The race got started right at 8 which was great.

The beginning of the race was interesting because a. my spi belt was being annoying b. I was surrounded by A LOT of walkers. I was very surprised because I didn’t realize that people were walking it. It was cool but I knew that I had to get ahead. I passed the 2:30 pacer and by mile 2 started to feel more in my groove.

The weather was perfect and it was so amazing to see all the people cheering us on. 

At mile 5 was when I decided to go for my first gatorade. I was sooo happy they had gatorade, I felt like this was the perfect fuel for me. I had swedish fish and raisins in my Spi Belt but never felt like I needed them. The gatorade was just the right amount of fuel. I also never stopped running at the water stations- I made sure to run through them spilling gatorade all over myself hahaha.

At about mile 6, Olympian Deena Kastor ran past me (she was on her second loop hahaha) and I cannot get over the feeling of seeing her run past me just a few feet away. She was so inspiring. At that moment, a huge smile came over my face and adrenaline kicked in! I def started to run faster after I saw her. 

At mile 7 I saw my parents and sister!!!! I was SOOOOO happy they came! They said they had gotten to that spot 2 minutes before so it was perfect! 

The second loop was harder but I ran through it. Every time I saw a hill, I chanted Hills Make Us Stronger to get me up the hill. The women surrounding me were all so supportive, we all got each other up those hills.

I saw my two roommate and friend at about mile 11 which was SO exciting. I LOVED that they came!!!!

I saw my parents right towards the end of the last mile and that kept me going! 

Here are the pics they got of me:




Knees are going forward, core could be tighter 😉 I think I see why my right foot is bothering me right now 🙂

The final mile was just so emotional. I started to tear up as I got to the finish line! I felt so proud and accomplished! 





Wow- SO happy in this picture. I did it. 2:21:04! Definitely beat my time of 2:30!!!

It is so amazing how much happier, healthier (mentally and physically) than I was a year ago. I am proud of my accomplishment and really genuinely like the person I am today. I may sound like I am bragging but it is more of just a look back on me a year ago compared today and feeling really happy about the changes I decided to make in my life. Go me! 😉 

Because this wouldn’t be an Andrea post if there wasn’t a food pic. After the race the fam and I went to brunch in Hoboken:


Eggs Benedict and Chocolate Milk: Perfect after race meal!

Time to relax orrrr maybe venture out for fro-yo if my legs can handle it 😉








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