The week after the half + a lot of almond butter consumption

Happy Friday Friends!

I am up at my parent’s for Easter tonight so it’s a wild Friday night blogging 😉

It’s been Sunday since I blogged, so here is an update of the week!


This was after the half 🙂 Red Mango is def not my fav fro-yo. I am a 16 Handles girl all the way. 

My right foot has been killing me ALL week. So I haven’t run since Sunday. 😦 

Monday was stretching, foam rolling, core, back and biceps at home. 

Here was my meal for the week:


This parsnip, pear, turkey, quinoa mix was awesome!

Tuesday was Chest, Tris, Legs and Core at my new fav place: NYSC. 

Afterwards I went out and bought these new beauties at a local running shop in Hoboken:


Brooks Glycerin! I tried on a bunch of different brands but knew immediately when I put these on that I loved these. Maybe because I did all my training in my Ghosts but I just liked the thick sole. Plus how fun is the color? 

Look what I also bought 😉


I’m proud, what can I say 🙂

Wednesday was a fun random mix of exercises at my fav place. 30 minutes on the elliptical. They have this fun “rope climbing” machine that I did for about 5 minutes. I did some kettle bells with squats. And a lot of core work. I am actually starting to see a tiny bit of definition in my stomach! Slowww progress 🙂 Oh, and then I had a kickball game in the freezing cold. WTF April, can we get last weekend’s weather back? 

Here are some fun eats from this week:


Almond butter and jelly oats.


Fav breakfast- eggs, banana with almond butter and butternut squash. 


Yogurt, raisins, and almond butter. 

Thursday I decided to finally head to the doctor because my foot was still killing me. I had been googling pain in the foot and everything was saying stress fracture. The doctor went through all the “metatarsal bones” and there was no pain. I just have like a sore acheeeee that is annoying to walk on. He said that it doesn’t seem like a stress fracture. It seems more like some sore tendons and the muscles just got kinda mingled up. (haha love my doctor terms?) He said that I should ice it, gave me a foot exercise and when I feel ready to run, just ease back into it. He said cross-training is fine. IF it doesn’t get better I would have to get an MRI which would tell if it really is a stress fracture. It’s still bugging me today but I feel like I just need to get the muscles all “un-tangled” so I am trying not to baby it by limping on it and just walking with some pain. I want to try and get out there for a run sometime this weekend- fingers crossed that I am healing! 

After the doctor I headed to the gym to try out a class for the first time since joining! I took a 55 Shredder Class which combined weights, body bar, and a step for a total body workout! I am feeling sore today- so this was a keeper! 

Today I had off for Good Friday so I woke up early to head to the Uptown Ritz Carlton. It’s a good 25-30 minute walk- but I just love it there! 45 minutes on the elliptical (thank God for the Sex and the City Marathon on), Squats, and some good core work.


My post-workout meal was so good. I sauteed a can of diced tomatoes, black beans, carrots, and broccoli together and put two eggs on top. With a sweet potato and almond butter on the side. Delish! 

I then spent the afternoon visiting my godson- I LOVE HIM!!!!!! He is getting so big and I just love all the faces he makes.


Before heading to visit, I was kind of in a rush I needed something on the go. So I took a greek yogurt, poured in some milk and some almond butter and stirred up with my spoon and made a quick, delicious and easy “smoothie.” 

Tonight I took my parents for their first fro-yo experience, they were so funny!


Tomorrow is going to be a busy day filled with errands and cooking and baking for Easter! I am hoping to try to run or get to a gym by my parents. (Another great thing about this NYSC passport membership!!) 

I have off M-Weds. (we have to go back Th-Fri because of the stupid Snow Days) so my days off are going to be spent Spring Cleaning! I am actually looking forward to re-organize my closet and scrub down my apartment.

I will give a full report of how it all goes!

Ok- I leave you with some “almond butter porn” from the week:



Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrate!! 


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