Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! It has been a PACKED weekend! Today is rest day (along with more cooking and baking) so why not write a blog post!

Yesterday I woke up and ran 8 miles! I know the doctor said to ease into it but the weather was gorgeous, I was loving my new shoes, and it was “Long Run Saturday.” It didn’t hurt during the run butttt my foot is acting up again today so I guess I am paying for it. I self-diagnosed myself with peroneal tendonitis. It needs to go away soon because May 17th is Brooklyn! Let’s move on…. trying not to think about it.


Post-run food is the best:


After that my BUSY day began….

I baked….


Easter Bread! It was actually not that hard- just had to take time to let it rise twice.  So in between the rising I ran errands for my cleaning adventures this week and picked up my dress for my friend’s wedding this upcoming weekend.

I also had a yummy snack of plain greek yogurt, raisins, pecans and strawberries:



Later on dinner with the fam before Easter Mass last night:




Before heading to church my sister styled me in her clothes. Check out her awesome fashion blog 🙂 http://drivingwithoutshoes.wordpress.com/


I don’t normally dress this “fashiony” so it felt awesome! Also because it has been so cold for so long I haven’t shown off all this weight lifting work that I have been doing and when my sister saw me in this dress she couldn’t believe how toned I was! It’s been about 11 weeks since I started my weight-lifting schedule and I really see a difference! I may need to do a transformation pic soon! 🙂 

This morning I woke up when I heard my Dad’s alarm at 5:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep… the worst.

So I began my rest day with some coffee and my pro-compression socks. I realized I haven’t taken a rest day in about two weeks and my body needs it!!



After some coffee we enjoyed my (delicioussssss) Easter Bread and opened our baskets. My mom is co cute for still getting us stuff! We got earrings and iTunes gift card along with some Easter candy- so cute!



I also made some butternut squash to go along with our breakfast- just to make it more of a “meal.” 

Then I got started on my meal prep for the week. I made a chicken stir fry with a peanut soy sauce and some TJs brown rice quinoa pasta to go with it.



Along with the usual brussel sprouts, eggs, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

After that I got to baking! I wanted to try out this gluten free, grain free, coconut chocolate chip cookie recipe from thelittlehoneybee.com. The recipe only made about 12 cookies but it was super easy and they came out great! I would have made more but I realized that my mom for some reason has been on an “apple buying spree.” And probably had close to 20 apples in the house. I think she just bought them at every store she went and then I pointed out… Mom, we have a lot of apples haha. SO I did some googling and made a gluten free apple crisp. We didn’t try it yet but it looks good! I am actually not a huge fan of warm apple but Apple Crisp is OK in my book. I don’t like apple pie or any type of warmed fruit pie. 


After that we have been laying around munching on cheese and crackers and some Easter candy. We also made this brie wrapped in filo dough with a warm apple/raisin compote with roasted garlic. I love days where you just lay around and eat and be lazy. Sometimes you need it! It’s good for the soul! 


On tonight’s menu is the usual- lamb with mint sauce, orzo, asparagus and stuffed artichokes. We do a pretty Greek Easter even though we are Italian/Irish. It’s a yummy tradition! I’m sure I will have updated pics of my meal and let you know how the dessert tasted this week!

I have off Mon-Weds. so I am going to be a busy cleaning bee!! I can’t wait to reorganize my closet! I also have lunch plans with my best friend, who I am so excited to catch up with! I also am hoping to get some running in (we will see how my foot feels tomorrow) and I am going to head into the city for a Les Mills Body Pump class on Tuesday at a NYSC! So excited! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Talk to you all soon!


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